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things to do in finland in summer

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things to do in finland in summer

Kiitti Varpu! Finland is probably not what your thinking when planning your trip to Europe. You can choose a 4-hour option or an overnight option. Every year in May there is a bird counting day. Make a library visit because summer and reading are a perfect match. And not just any sand dunes mind you, but the highest ones in all of Finland. I didn’t actually spot one during my trip but I had a great time anyway. If you are buying the Helsinki Card, upgrade it to include regional transport. If you come to an empty beach on a hot day, first look for a message board. If you are looking for more information about Finland, check out some of my other posts: ...feel connected with the Finnish culture (even if you aren’t in Finland), ...be confident with the Finnish communication style (even when it’s filled with silence), ...be prepared to meet and get to know Finns. World Village Festival is an ethnic event at the end of May with over 20 free concerts and … This phenomenon, known as the Midnight Sun, means you can do all … Continue reading "Things To Do in Summer" Hop off at the Haltia stop. This is probably the most adventurous thing I have ever done. 4. Including the unique experience of seeing wolverines in the wild, I also spent a night in a hide. He’s won the Finnish Wildlife Photographer award multiple times. The Iron Curtain was the ideological divide that separated Europe for almost 50 years. You can visit Finland’s smallest parsonage, and walk around the 40 fishing huts. Follow me on Instagram and add more Finland to your life instantly! Tap water is always drinkable in Finland so can fill your water bottle in Suomenlinna. They have a fantastic interactive exhibition about birds in the area. The lovely staff will help you with routes and you can even rent gear there. Cycling in Finland solo was a learning experience and took a lot of advance planning and training of course. This is when Finns start heading out to their summer cottages – to either party around a bonfire or simply relax. Here is a summary of all the tips above. Dine at Restaurant Aanaar. Searching for the Saimaa ringed seal was a great way to do that. Although I am Canadian and have spent more weekends in the mountains than not, I had never seen a wolverine. The cute Cafe Regatta near Sibelius monument doesn’t only have delicious Finnish traditional treats but also sup boards and kayaks to rent. 50 Things that Help You Understand a Finn, Toe-Curling Finnish Small talk + Gifting Habits. Summer in Finland is the most waited time of the year. Here, you’ll get further geological information about the area and see which animals and birds you might be able to see on your visit. I’m admittedly not a war history buff. You won’t stay longer than an hour or two on the island and you can get in a good hike. One blonde, Finland is a land of stark contrasts. Although I’ve seen plenty of bears in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, I had never seen a bear in Europe, and being that the brown bear is Finland’s national animal, made it extra special. This post tells you 20 practical and cultural tips about the summertime in Finland. 25 Best Things To Do In Finland. All official beaches have one. For most Finns, Finnish summer starts in June and ends in August. I visited in late August, which this far north the Finns consider being autumn. Do outdoor painting which you estimate to take “some two hours.” Finally, finish exhausted and with severe back pain after seven hours. And with over 188,000 lakes to … The amount of sunlight is the biggest around Midsummer. The sun is very strong. Admire the majestic spruces and pines, the green moss carpet covering the forest and the never-ending wilderness landscape view when you have reached, possibly a bit sweaty, the top of a hill. We went with Kaisa-Leena a very knowledgeable guide. However, we got distracted and lost count somewhere around eleven. Here are my suggestions when it comes to enjoying summertime in Helsinki! The most famous of Helsinki outdoor flea markets is  Hietsu (address: Lönnrotinkatu 34), just next to Hietalahti market hall, which is one of my favorite places to grab a bite in Helsinki. This is why visiting festival is one of my must to do things in Finland during summer. Enjoying the sauna, going for walks, reading books, swimming in the lake and … My monthly Finland weather guide offers you details about each summer month weatherwise. Are you going to visit Finland in the summer? In that case, swimming is not good for your health. Remote can be difficult to find in our ever-connected world – especially in Europe but that’s what I found in Maakalla. I couldn’t think of a better stop than the chance to see a wolverine in the wild. Make sure there isn’t a note that blue-green algae have conquered the lake. Finns like to be outdoors in the summer in general, and that’s very understandable, considering their great weather, very long daylight hours, and the fact 70% of the country is beautiful forest. Its namesake trail is a 10,000 km long cycling route that follows this divide. It’s worth renting a bike and checking them out. Most Finns are good swimmers. I had a great experiencing bird watching in Liminka Bay with our guide Jari Peltomäki, one of Finland’s top wildlife photographers. Take a look at our interactive map and highlights to help you choose where to go in Finland during summer, when the days are long and the landscapes no longer draped in snow. Grill and eat new potatoes.7. Most Finland summer visitors spend at least a day or two in Helsinki. See more ideas about Finland summer, Finland, Finland travel. Mar 7, 2020 - Visiting Finland in the summer? for making BBQ… I chose the wolverine and bear overnight safari with Taiga Spirit in Lentiira. There’s also a restaurant and hostel-style accommodation in large, clean rooms. Stay up late to see the softly eerie light of summer nights.19. If you’re in Kalajoki, then you’ll definitely want to visit the historic island of Maakalla. Just search a sign with the word “Uimaranta” (swimming beach, in Finnish) or a sign with a swimmer’s picture and follow it to the shore. Required fields are marked *. It was my favorite summer treat in Finland. None. Here are some Finnish things to do in summer Finland: Typical summer weather can be anything from 60 to 80°F (15 -30°C) in Finland. Is there something you’d like to know but didn’t find in this post? There are activities here include bird watching, hiking, and cycling. I really enjoyed my time in both places. You’ll have to make sure to have a fishing license though, which is easy to get. Food allergies can be accommodated, but notify Sabrina in advance. Summer Summer in Finland is a spectacular time of the year, but north of the Arctic Circle it’s even more special as the sun does not set at all for a couple of months, staying above the horizon for over 70 consecutive days. They have changing rooms and trash bins. When it comes to clothes, Finland is super casual. Feel free to click any heading to jump to read that section! Finns love an outdoor sale! Bed and breakfast accommodation is also available on-site. Not only that, but it’s also one of the best places in the world to witness land uplift! The northern you go, the longer and brighter the nights are. Meet Mr. and Mrs. Claus at SantaPark. From there you’ll cross over the Replot Bridge, the longest bridge in Finland and you’ll visit Björköby, a harbor where boat rides to the other islands start. As the soft summer wind blows your hair, your mind is effortlessly calm and happy. Visit a summer festival.11. You’ll see plenty of locals filling their bottles in the restroom after washing their hands. Find what to do today, this weekend or in December. You will need to drive as this area is minimally developed for tourism (yeah!!!). You wouldn’t believe how many things there are to do in Finland during the summer. It’s usually a Finnish classic including romance, misunderstandings, bad humor and accordion music. But still, how many wolverine attacks on people have you heard of? Visit a small town summer market fair.10. Few things make me giddier than the chance to catch a glimpse at an endangered species! This activity was all about making people more aware of remote places to visit and sustainable tourism which is a big part of travel culture in Europe these days. It’s my mission to uncover the best of what eastern Finland has to offer and to promote sustainable tourism in the region. Considering that there are so few left, their future is uncertain. Note that Finnish seaside destinations almost always have a cold sea breeze, even during the warmest summertime. There are three options: Most hotels have great blocking curtains, especially in big towns. There are also an whopping 5600 islands to explore. Book 3-4 hours if you want to walk the whole island circle. Click “OK” to continue or “No” to opt out of data collection. Summer 2020 will be known for small and relaxed music festivals and outdoor gigs. Be prepared for cold and hot weather if you are staying more than a couple of days in Finland.12. Otherwise, you could stay in Oulu, approximately 30km north of Liminka Bay. Finnish engineer driving this site. Most people tend to avoid Northern Europe during the winter and head to sunnier and warmer destinations, but there are so many reasons to travel to Finland … Visit Suomenlinna island if in Helsinki.17. Go hiking in Finland. Have a picnic … You never knew that potatoes could be so addictive.). When there is a lake, there is almost always a loon. The biggest beaches have a kiosk which sells at least ice cream. On Lake Saimaa, the largest lake in Finland, and the fourth largest natural lake in Europe, it would be the elusive Saimaa ringed seal. In the summer and autumn time, Nuuksio has a wide range of daily activities from visiting a reindeer park to enjoying a forest wine tasting. However, it’s not the best baby destination, as there are many cobblestones and stairs. In no hurry, eat your berries and peas, possibly, enjoy a morning coffee at the market too. I had the opportunity to meet locals in the region of Värtsilä, visit the outdoor museum of Parppeinvaara Bardic Village in Ilomantsi and the Winter War museum Raatteen Portti near Suomussalmi. Like, what do the locals do during the summer? hyvin hyvää listi, meidän matka Suomeen ensi vuonna varten. The sun doesn’t set at all in Lapland during the summer months. Nature is a huge part of any visit to Finland; visiting in summer … 1. Midsummer. Go to a summer festival to listen to music and hang out. © Copyright 2020 Monkeys and Mountains Adventure Travel | All Rights Reserved | This site contains affiliates in which I earn a commission at no extra cost to you, © 2020 Monkeys and Mountains | Adventure Travel. After two visits and spending several weeks in Finland in winter, Laurence and I decided to write a guide to things to do in Finland during winter. Helsinki hosts quite a few concerts and festivals in the summertime and some of the best events are free of charge! I vacationed in Finland a few times over the years and had some epic adventures. It’s quite normal to see some 10-year old children on their own enjoying the sun and swimming. Check out Vaasa, a nearby seaside city known for its sun and 7 beaches within 3km! 5. Nobody will judge you for what you wear. Relax.2. Types of things to do in Mikkeli Nature & Parks (16) Sights & Landmarks (13) Museums (9) Shopping (9) Outdoor Activities (4) Tours (4) Boat Tours & Water Sports (2) Fun & Games (2) Water & Amusement … Lists , Tips May 2, 2019 Two Days in Rovaniemi – 10 Things … You can book your trip with her. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. That’s a special time for Finns. I have had the great opportunity to experience Finland in summer and winter. 1. Among the best are Urho Kekkonen, Lemmonjoki, and on my … I loved having the opportunity to see and experience the nature and wildlife of Finland. travel-loving, There’s also a viewing tower which is worth climbing which gives you a great overview of part of the area. It is one of only 46 marine World Heritage Sites! summer Endless summer days and white nights. Finland’s coast has the largest … Get inspired by these ideas!. Finland has a superb system of national parks that are perfect for trekking during the summer months. If you want the ultimate Finnish experience, spend the same time as in the woods preparing the berries for the freezer cleaning them from twigs and moss. Learn some history at Siida Museum. Here there are well marked trails for hiking, lakes for swimming in, huts (and wood!) Hike to see the Finnish nature.5. Wear sunscreen.18. This is probably the most adventurous thing I have ever done. Afterward, sit listening to the nature surrounding you, possibly, with a sauna beer. Remember to put on sunscreen even though you might think that Finland is such a northern place that you don’t need to. We require consent to use cookies and collect data such as IP addresses that allow us, and our third party ad partners, to provide the personalized content and ads which support this site. I hope these local’s tips give you ideas and help your travel planning! In the summer you can arrive at the museum via a ferry through the archipelago! It’s meaningful! Visit a small town summer market fair. Here are the nice-to-know things before you go: When it’s a sunny and warm summer day in Finland, locals head to the beach if not already at their summer cabin. And in the battle of unarmed you versus the wolverine, the wolverine would win! What are the best things to do and see? Summer is such a special time that Finns do their very best to relax as much as they can. Three months of summer bliss no matter what’s the amount of sunny days (and mosquitos). The short-term weather forecast is usually reliable in Finland, so be sure to glance it through just before you travel. Blue Villa’s Cafe (Sinisen huvilan kahvila in Finnish) is a dreamy summer cafe offering a beautiful view over Töölö bay. Confession. For Finns, that is usually the market fair of the town where the summer cottage is. The Helsinki Cathedral stands in the middle of … The shades of pink, red and orange are breathtaking. Not jealous, not … I cycled 1300km of it. In case cycling and kayaking weren’t enough, we also did a bit of hiking in the Nuuskio National Park, which is only an hour from Helsinki by public bus. If you’re there in July, be sure to check out the month-long famous Opera Festival! 12 Things to do in Helsinki, Finland travel guide What a difference a year can make. Visit Helsinki Cathedral and Senate Square. It’s an overnight safari so between the 5 guests and 3 cabins there are shifts during the night to make sure that wildlife spotting isn’t missed. A loon. Admittedly, I hadn’t heard of them either until recently, but that’s what draws me in. If you are surrounded by nature, you are most likely to hear some of these voices: On the other hand, if you are staying at the center of a small city or town, a pack of 15-year old youngsters may be cruising with their mopeds enjoying the summer night. Here are some Finnish things to do in summer Finland: Go to the summer cottage. Experience the heart of the Arctic… Summer in Lapland: 5 ways to enjoy northern Finland - Lonely Planet Here are a selection of different programs to choose from for a short city break. Finnish families head to outdoor theme parks. While the area is known for its sunshine, it can get windy. Visit or rent a summer cottage.6. Finland has many superb National Parks with miles and miles of marked and maintained trails, fireplaces and overnight cabins. Eat new potatoes (Tiny and super delicious. 1. Admittedly, there’s not much to do there. Historic Sites in Helsinki. I discovered wolverine and bear watching safaris in Lentiira, Finland. I want you to have the best time in summer Finland! Lists , Tips May 2, 2019 Two Days in Rovaniemi – 10 Things … Maakalla hits the spot, when it comes to remote places – without being too far  – they’re just 17km away! It’s only found in Lake Saimaa and is a protected species. You need to drive to get between them, so I highly recommend renting a car. We have reviews of the best places to see in Finland… If you are staying in a small village hotel, Airbnb, B&B or cabin, I would definitely bring a sleep mask. Download here my free Finland Starter Kit to get a detailed packing checklist for your trip (and a ton of other helpful tips). Highlights of the Iron Curtain Trail… To reach Haltia from Helsinki railway station, you should the train U, E or X to Espoo train station. He knows all the best places to spot the Saimaa ringed seal and has eyes sharper than knives. It really depends on what activities you want to do and how long you want to spend doing them, but I would recommend. There are only 310 remaining in the world. You could either drive from Helsinki to Vaasa, it’s just over 400km, or fly as I did. However, with sprawling rocky forests, quiet seasides, beautiful architecture, and amazing saunas, there are lots of things to do in Finland. Kalajoki is located just under 200km north from Vaasa, where I had spent the previous day exploring the Kvarken Archipelago, Finland’s only natural UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s one of those places that you go to experience. I took a seal safari with Captain Janne Leinonen. Make sure to have protective and waterproof clothing. The Iron Curtain Trail takes you through many of the important landmarks. Go hiking. On a fine summer day, Finns have an overwhelming urge to get outside and get out of town. Hiking Along The Siiponjoki, near Kalajoki was one of the highlights of this trip. There are plenty things to do during the summer in Rovaniemi, in Lapland, Finland. Kalajoki is on the mainland and is famous for its sand dunes! Just don’t tell anyone else about it! Rates at the time of writing were €12 and up, depending on the cruise. Maakalla has been a base for fishermen since the 1400s where at its peak, 200 fishermen lived here during the summer months catching herring and hunting seals. Finnish beaches are maintained nicely. Personally? Here are a selection of different programs to choose from for a short city break. ), Learn more about this magical holiday by checking out my Midsummer post. The trails are well-marked, but you’ll either need a guide or a helpful local to point you in the right direction. That’s why the busiest holiday season for locals is from the end of June to the middle of August. The bear hides at Taiga Spirit runs from April to October. Cycling Eurovelo 13. You don’t want to miss this, its one of the great things to do in Finland. Prepare yourself correctly for bright nights.20. 2. Cool off by taking a dip in a lake. 10 Best Things to do in Finland Sleep in a glass igloo. These five simple steps help you make a Finnish beach day. In most cases, the beach has a marked children’s area with shallow water and toilets of some sort. While you don’t need a car within Vaasa, it’s definitely worth renting a car to get between Vaasa and Björköby and some of the other places you’ll likely want to explore. The parents naturally accompany young kids. Not to worry though, it was really a log cabin with large windows, bunk beds, a heater and even a separate room with a toilet. Things to do in Finnish summer June 4, 2020 Posted by Nemventurer In Finland , Life in Finland No Comments Finnish summer can vary from cold and rainy and even occasional snowfalls to … 7 Things To Do In Finland: Summer Activities For Everyone The Best Things To Do in Finland. This will be the highlight of summer 2021 because 2020 most shows had to be canceled. The wolverine hide at Taiga Spirit in Lentiira (43km north of Kuhmo) runs from March to October each year. Before visiting the Kvarken Archipelago, the best place to start is the Terranova Nature Centre located in nearby Vaasa. By clicking “OK” you consent to our collection of this non-sensitive data. I cycled the Eurovelo 13 trail in Finland solo and loved every second of it. Explore Olavinlinna. I know the bird count had we continued it, would have been much higher. Avoid the night sounds with earplugs. Lentiira is one of the best places to observe wolverines and bears in Finland. Things to Do in Finland, Europe: See Tripadvisor's 161,537 traveller reviews and photos of Finland tourist attractions. Check out St. Olaf’s Castle. I recommend starting your self-guided walk from Haltia, the Finnish Nature Center. If anything is missing, ask it on the comments section and you’ll get a fast reply. It’s worth checking out before you start your actual bird watching. Senate Square – Helsinki Finland. The nearest airport, if you’re flying in, is in Oulu, which is ~130km to the north. When we first visited Helsinki one summer ago, we only had a few days to explore the capital city of Finland. I had many more stops on my way through the Iron Curtain trail and I can say with confidence that traveling the trail or even a portion is one of the best things to do in Finland. How to sleep when Finland’s summer nights are so bright? Your email address will not be published. Oulu is the nearest airport. July is the most preferred holiday time in Finland. Thanks to the sunlight that lasts for most of the day, the temperature of the water in Finland’s abundant lakes is perfect for swimming and every other kind of water activity. You can also try fishing from a kayak. While you’re there make sure to get some licorice ice cream. I’d be happy to help you out. Book your own seal safari. Go to pick berries in the forest. Many are open to the public, and whether you’re visiting in winter or summer, it’s just one of those things you have to try in Finland. Visit a local market and buy fresh Finnish strawberries and garden peas. Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone Savonlinna. Yep, you read that right, sand dunes in Finland. Plus, there are five watchtowers around Liminka Bay. If there is no toilet, adult Finns go behind the bush, never in the water. Source: nordicvisitor Santa Claus Village. He offers multiple seal safaris daily aboard his original Finnish handmade steamships, a tribute to the days when waterways were the main roadways. An impressive number of bird species nest in the brackish waters. My birding group had planned to keep track of the number of different species. Remember to take your trash with you and don’t feed the birds. I’m told that it’s a good thing since they’re known for their fierceness. The summer isn’t endless in Finland, but there are almost endless summer days and... step outside. For public saunas try the districts of Kotiharju, Merihaka, … Download my helpful packing checklist to make sure you have everything.14. Located along the west coast of Finland near the city of Vaasa, the Kvarken Archipelago, together with the High Coast of Sweden forms a transboundary site. In fall, you can witness up to 10,000 common cranes migrating! I also mean summer nights. There’s a beautiful national park called Nuuksio near Helsinki. Be sure to check out my adventure cycling post for the answers to all the most commonly asked questions about this particular trip. The area is huge! Know Before You Go a Wolverine and Bear Watching in Finland, Liminka Bay: Finland’s Best Bird Spotting. Make a road trip to the Finnish countryside and visit Finnish farms with adorable cafes, restaurants and shops. You can read about all the best places that I visited here. For many Finns, that is all it takes to have a perfect summer morning. I was surprised I hadn’t heard of Kvarken since I love UNESCO World Heritage Sites, especially natural ones, but then again, I find that some of my favorite places on earth are ones that I haven’t heard of. The land is rising so fast, that you’ll be able to walk to Sweden….well in 2000 years that is! I’m Varpu. Your email address will not be published. The places are interesting and breathtaking at the same time. You can read a detailed account of my trip here. It is like Christmas, but better, because it usually lasts more than one day. Enjoy a sauna and try the age-old tradition of beating your skin gently with a birch whisk to improve circulation. It is very, very bright in Finland during the summer. What are your plans? The capital city Helsinki provides a great introduction to the country … Midsummer … In southern Finland, the sun sets but only for a short time. Henkilön Finnish Language Finland Blog (@her_finland) jakama julkaisu Touko 15, 2019 kello 5.20 PDT. In just over an hour, I saw a flock of 200 geese, 500 starlings, and a Caspian tern, the largest tern in the world. Birds had already started migrating south trying to beat the cold. Here are our top things to do in Helsinki, summer or winter. Download my helpful packing checklist to make sure you have everything. Try a private boat tour and make sure to book in advance to ensure they arent full when you get there. Check out a local flea market.16. When summer finally arrives in Finnish Lapland, the endless forests and mirror-like lakes take on a new lease of life. They’re elusive creatures with only 130 to 200 remaining in Finland! Okay, so now you might be thinking… Besides sauna, strawberries and hiking, there must be other summery things to do too? It is unique in several ways; it’s one of the few freshwater seals found on the entire planet for starters. Finland is a place where you can get away from it all. The EV13 trail is anywhere between 1550km and 1742km depending on the trail that you decide on. The overnight option is the only choice since the bears often make an early morning appearance. And get top tips from our Finland … Enjoy the Finnish summer sauna experience.3. The biggest beaches have lifeguards for the busiest day hours. Let me know in the comments! I would recommend making this a priority when visiting Finland. I personally love Finland as a vacation spot. While hiking you’ll find berries near the trail, we had fun picking and eating them as we walked. For the above-mentioned train and bus combo, you’ll need to buy a public transport ticket with the zones ABC. Know Before You Go to Kalajoki and Maakalla: Know Before You Go to Kvarken Archipelago: I loved all my trips to Finland and I will probably be back many more times to explore new things to do in Finland. Make sure the place where you are staying has a blocking curtain. Visit a local market to buy strawberries and garden peas.4. Children are taught to swim from an early age. The highlight of the day was spotting a white-tailed eagle! The flea market is open every day in the summer. There are amazingly 26 beaches in Helsinki and even the smallest village in Finland has a lake beach, most likely a couple. And you’ll definitely want to include it in your travel plans to Finland! My favorites near Kaivopuisto area include Mattolaituri, Cafe Birgitta, and Löyly. If you’re looking for one of the more unique things to do in Finland then I guarantee this is probably a good choice. While I cycled 1350 km of the Iron Curtain Trail, which runs 1700 km long in Finland, it would also make for an excellent road trip during the summer. I was also thrilled to see there was a  frisbee golf course there as well. There is no wrong time for birding in Liminka Bay between April and October. 3. Along the way, I stopped to visit war museums, memorials, old wooden churches, and even had a few wildlife encounters including a seal safari, and a bear and wolverine hide! Things to do in Finland in summer... Helsinki is handsome, for sure, and Oulu is unique, but step away from the city streets and discover Finland's fens and taiga forests, which almost completely cover the … For many Finns, that is all it takes to have a perfect summer evening. Finland is a dream vacation destination for outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs, art and architecture lovers and foodies. I didn’t have time to play, but I can’t think of a more serene setting. In the summer months, the sun does not set at all in the... visit a lighthouse island. Many of the parks offer camping areas or huts where you can sleep overnight making it easy to make it a multi day trek. The Saimaa ringed seal is one of the most endangered seals in the world. The summer exhibition 2018 at the Didrichsen Art Museum presents the work and history of the classic Swedish interior design company Svenskt Tenn… It’s closeness to the Russian border and remoteness makes it an ideal location. If you are feeling very adventurous, you can spend a night there in a tentsile, a tree tent at the Tentsile Experience EcoCamp! There are so many things to do in Finland in any season. On the other hand, walking with a pram in Suomenlinna is a great full-body exercise! Learn how your comment data is processed. Pick berries in the forest.9. If you’re an outdoors or nature lover, you’ll soon realize that its obscurity is part of what makes Kvarken Archipelago so special! A mask is small and convenient on the flight too. See a play at a local summer theatre.8. Remember that tap water is delicious everywhere in Finland. We have everything from music festivals with world class names to small village happenings with local … There, find the platform 32 and take the bus 245 to Nuuksionpää. Art Galleries in HelsinkiArt Museums in HelsinkiChildren's Museums in HelsinkiHistory Museums in HelsinkiMilitary Museums in HelsinkiNatural History Museums in …

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