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regus membership review

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13 de novembro de 2020

regus membership review

It took them 3 months to get the voice message correctly. This review is just the facts. everything else. Work wherever you need to with Membership, with access to over 3000 locations around the world. I am very disappointed and feel robbed by this company! Avoid. !My room wasn't ready for me. The staff are best - always smiling and helpful Review collected by and hosted on I’ve been a Regus member for several years in two countries. Do Not Rent From ThemNO STARS !!!!!!!!! Uhm?A prolongation of our other booked services, which was actually intended to be fixed, is of course impossible for us under these conditions. AND you NEVER get the same person twice. Often the site for some reason is down. Shady fees, leasee beware! Review collected by and hosted on Every renewal is a minimum 10% increase. One of the worst, disorganised companies ever, Avoid Do Not Rent From this rip-off Company, Regus = unethical, unprofessional, bad service. Review collected by and hosted on And so now we pay for 6 months, even though we can't use it that way. Review collected by and hosted on This is my last month with them and have decided to use a lawyer to assist with termination of my contract. The meeting was held at professional level, so we had a possibility to resolve the matters and go by foot to enjoy city centre Review collected by and hosted on Regards, Sandra Melody I will be terminating my accounts, and will be advising others to do the same. The Regus businessworld gold card provides professionals walk-in access to more than 1,000 business lounges in 450 cities worldwide with … Other times it's the office manager. Room quality. Review collected by and hosted on Perhaps you should start paying attention to what customers are saying about your service and business practices. Currently my location is 60-70% occupied. Take a tour and meet the staff - some locations differ in quality than others Review collected by and hosted on As of August VIC is in entire lockdown business is closed. ), staff members hanging up the phone when requesting to speak to a supervisor, and REGUS staff members apologizing and agreeing to correct the issues by a certain date, and to not do anything at all. Review collected by and hosted on Being able to save on retail and office space overhead. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Regus are a mess - too much to go into - but contract breaches are common. NO clear chain of command. Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions. I was double charged the month before so was told that I would get that as a credit for this month and now getting multiple bills sent to my email. This is the Regus company profile. It's a room to work in. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! Best For Business Travelers: Regus Review. Time is of the essence. Review collected by and hosted on Regus rents a floor or building from the building owner, and then re-sells the space to Regus customers, and--this is the key point--Regus customers are neither tenants nor sub-tenants. Sandy hun, there is nothing you can tell me that will make me change my decision. Regus UK have 93% one star reviews from 457 customers over the last 12 months. With office space. Is it good enough to include among the other benefits of top-tier airline status or paying for an American Express Platinum Business Card? I don't even use the office I use a virtual office to not have to advertise my home address only. Regus is not helping us to solve any business problems. Center teams refer to the helpdesk, the helpdesk refers to the respective center team. Office membership Review collected by and hosted on There are no solutions. To a missing deposit that we've been waiting on for 8 months. 10 reviews of Regus California Woodside Office Center "We've been with Regus for almost a year now and can't say enough about the team here. Was always pleased by the experience. Want to invite friends or colleagues to check out They misrepresented their terms in writing and don’t acknowledge it and then demand money after they breach contract? And for all you folk who have been INVITED to put good reviews, don’t expect your deposits back! I apologise if you weren’t aware of this. There is no Sandra Melody in Regus. How do I end my agreement or membership? Mentoring; teaching; research - We help people figure out what tasks to focus on - they give offices for you to be able to do your work without being bother but the interaction is very limited and if you are looking for interaction, this is the WRONG place for you Review collected by and hosted on My membership expired on 7/31/2020, as indicated in the attached screenshot. Ruby Member Very nice experience with Royal Regis, which we have received as Royal Regis gifts. I find a desk 9/10 times, but it really just depends on how busy the local Regus is. Regus facilities are very well maintained, usually nearby no matter where I go, and the staff is almost always on point. Expectation was that membership would lapse, and I would not be charged. My goal was to review the business lounge, since free access is the major benefit of having the Businessworld Gold membership. Their billing is sometimes a bit off and it's quite slow to fix if you find an error on your invoice. STAY AWAY from this company. Review collected by and hosted on I don't understand why Regus doesn't just adjust the services to be happy about a new long-term customer. greeting service and conference rooms were convenient Review collected by and hosted on To charge for a flat rate we didn't book is really the last thing we want.d) Incomprehensible billsThe invoices issued by Regus are by far the most incomprehensible and chaotic I have seen in over 15 years of business. Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on Don't even bother calling. Meeting room space Review collected by and hosted on they apply my check to other accounts and even cashed a check made out to some else in their account. Their website says that they will return your retainer within 30 days after you provide them with your bank info. Stay away. This is ridiculous.I would expect a company their size to work with clients and have thousands of 5 star reviews. I am really very disappointed about Regus. Review collected by and hosted on Now, Regus has teamed up with National Car Rental\'s Emerald Club (thanks for LoyaltyLobby reader for forwarding me the email) for a complimentary Businessworld Preferred membership for 12 months. It also receives a TrustScore of 3.8 out of 5 based on 4,414 reviews and a Facebook rating of 2.7 out of 5 based on 937 ratings. THEY REFUSED TO REFUND THE MONEY I PAID FOR AN OFFICE I COULDN'T USE!I called and emailed and spoke to lower level staff for 8 months before I was finally told that no, Regus wouldn't refund my money. A business should not operate with such malice. Avoid the noise and distractions of traditional public workspaces such as coffee shops or hotel lobbies. I was required to make the first payment or risk being assigned to a collection agent on Day 1 of tenancy! For that reason, a Regus member is probably not expecting that he will not be able to get what he pays for when he decides to sign a contract with Regus for office space. Consumers complaining about Regus most frequently mention customer service, office space and credit card problems. I have joined this company to get their call-center service. If you are looking for a private space to work and have great Wi - Fi, this is the place for you - I have had many productive sessions here!! Pre-paid access to any Regus Business centre. Gets pricy if you have more than three employees Review collected by and hosted on REGUS is Unprofessional = your phone support system, calling your sales line to sign up for service you answer right away, calling to correct the unethical practices above results in long hold times exceeding an hour (Every time!!! We were looking for something reasonable price meeting room near Studio City. Costly, difficult and there are layers of nonsense to try to jump over when something goes wrong (or even if there is a simple problem). Lack of private space at my employers office. Review collected by and hosted on My last call was a 22 minute hold then I got hung up on before I even heard someone's voice. To now suspending our office because they can't find the refund they owe us . Pick your membership based on how many days you need each month and what type of workspace you use most. They are incredibly arrogant and at the same time useless but they are very good at overcharging clients and not returning clients call and emails Outrageous behavior boarding Illegal.. Avoid don't use them once they have you signed up they will use your credit card and bank detail to take money without any authorization and they refuse to refund, they act like the MOB and they think they are Untouchable. Regus has received your membership enquiry and will be in touch with you soon. Get a membership where you can use the lounges in other locations. Nothing grand. Make sure that your invoice is right and according to what was agreed upon Review collected by and hosted on Great office space, Amazing staff, Affordable prices in prime areas, all the amenities and perks, 24/7 access.. The office space had good tea and coffee Review collected by and hosted on Since I missed a email (they send some advertisement everyday) they claim since I did not object they extended my contract to 2020 with no way to cancel! They offer lots of benefits including medical, dental and vision to their full time employees as well as transportation reimbursement but the clients you have to deal with really don't make up for that fact. Review source: Invitation from the seller, We use cookies to enhance the functionality of our site and conduct anonymous analytics. Choose them if you want a good presence, but choose smartly to find the solution which will work best for you - the biggest bang for the buck. !We are still waiting for the return of nearly £14,000 nearly 4 months after we left. With your permission, we may also use cookies to share information about your use of our Site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Not much, just pay special attention the invoice mirrors agreed services. It wasn't handled well, but I understand that mistakes occur. I would like to resolve this, but it won't happen unless she responds. Hi, I canceled the service in May and still getting billed , I saw the invoice after 6months today and surprised that I have to pay huge amount, I canceled service long time back and canceled autopay also, not sure why it’s getting billed and I was on phone for more than 2 hrs and no one helped meRegards PranayConcap Solutions Inc. the worst experience - poor customer service, tons of hidden fees, hard to get deposit back. Review collected by and hosted on It's fine. Often you can't sign in. It took them 4 months to finally refund me the money. My problem is finding the correct web page to enter that information. Regus refused to refund me the money for the two weeks my office wasn't available. Secondly they talk about discounted rates? Then they withheld our security deposit, kept charging us the monthly fee and refused to stop auto payment. A Regus member's ability to benefit from his/her membership is undermined when Regus leases the same space to too many people. Review collected by and hosted on Thank you Regus for making it easy for a small business to focus on our business Review collected by and hosted on Enjoy your experience coworking there, and don't forget to post a review for them afterwards! Costs for services are higher than I would like. Great office space, Amazing staff, Affordable prices in prime areas, all the amenities and perks, 24/7 access.. Regus ranks 4th among Coworking Space sites… This has been ongoing now for 5 months!! That seems a common theme in many reviews.Trustpilot are you looking at what is happening here? Sandra Melody Head of Customer Services. BIG mistake even considering this option. Sandra Melody of Regus responded by asking me to send her (by email to her company email) my account # and Company name. Pay by the day at discounted rates or choose five, ten, or unlimited days' access a month. Regus has allowed us to host events and even recruit individuals away from our HQ due tot he local conference rooms and offices Review collected by and hosted on I have tried other companies and so far they are the best. Review collected by and hosted on The billing system is horrible, full of hidden fees, charges, and policies. Updated on July 21, 2020 Tagged: agreement cancel cancel agreement cancelation cancellation close close agreement contract delete deposit deposit return end end agreement refund retainer return terminate termination. Everything else. Overall, business lounge membership is worth it if you travel a lot, imo. Therefore, let’s review it as well. Did not receive calls so called to check. Price. REGUS is Unethical = Double billing me for several months!! Charged me for services I didn't receive. He manages to bring the whole office together and make it feel like a community. Work from any of our business lounges, reserve a dedicated desk, or hot desk in our sociable, shared open-plan office spaces, or take a private office of your own. convenient location - that's how they hook you in. c) Unauthorized billingWhen signing an Upgrade Agreement, it was explicitly stated that we do not want to book the kitchen flat rate. And their is a pandemic BUT they are determined to increase my monthly lease 17%. Regus is by far, by far, the worse company I have dealt with during the COVID crisis. Found that my line was down and almost 6K of my marketing dollars got wasted. Did not notice that this was not the case, called accounting number to discuss. Helped with hosting meetings, and provided a space in new cities quickly Review collected by and hosted on Or several inquiries. 662 reviews from Regus employees about Regus culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Was told … From the monthly late fees that I need to keep emailing to get reversed. You are welcome to also review your agreement and invoices anytime through your online account, They offer the same services, benefits, and pricing across their locations for consistency. I signed a lease with them paying first months rent and security deposit was 2 months rent so a total of $1,956.00...I was to move in my office on November 1st but i was told on November 5th my office still wasn’t ready then I was told my contract was canceled because the service I provide wasn’t allowed in their building...It is now November 30th and I still have not been refunded my money and unable to work because they have a lot of my money tied up and I can’t afford to lease another office until they refund my money...AND now I’m being told I never paid anything! If you care about your business and sanity, don’t join them. Regus is an awful company to rent from. Having an office anywhere I want, it's great and helps productivity ! Regus is a nightmare. Review collected by and hosted on The ability to work from multiple locations internationally on an adhoc and short notice. I have 3.5 years of experience with Regus. Regus office manager agreed to do a month to month lease with me with the understanding that I will have the flexibility to leave them after a month if the service is unsatisfactory. their back office makes tremendous mistakes. Asked them to just end the contract and refund me themoney for all these months their system was down. They continue to charge me and say that I owe them 600 dollars. It happens. Over the years they have double billed me. Simply log into your online account, go to the Accounts tab and click on End Agreement. Review collected by and hosted on With nearly 3,000 locations in 900 cities and 120 countries, Regus is the largest provider of flexible workspaces in the world. Regus was founded in Brussels in 1989 by an English businessman who was on a company trip and noticed the lack of space available to work while traveling. This is the second month in a row that they have messed up my billing and now I have been on hold for hours for 2 days in a row - can't get a hold of anyone. I can’t recommend. Review collected by and hosted on flexibility of having office space in multiple cities Review collected by and hosted on Avoid REGUS at all costs!!!!! Even in the app we had several memberships with the same services until a few weeks ago. Weird.b) Poor customer serviceCustomer service is an imposition. I want to repeat that. !Sandy, you disagree? But the accounts team are useless. They haven’t got round to inviting reviews on SPACES yet, same group! Working in the Regus offices are so much fun but it is not always the best environment; some offices, the staff is very friendly and willing to help you and in others, they are not. This company is absolutely unethical when it comes to billing. Visit Website. Speaking from experience with Regus through working in the NW area I would say that Regus is an okay company to work for. Review collected by and hosted on Sandy, an opinion is a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge, what I shared with you are just a few examples of what I experienced and lived through as a 8+ year customer. That you can reserve an office space anytime. I started renting my space on November 16th and they sent me a bill for October rental and then argued with me that I was in space in October. I cannot work with any company that exhibits the behaviors above. I have been a Regus member for over two years and needed to terminate my agreement due to a move. After reading the review here, and from my own experience, I can imagine why. If any one knows how to access the web page to enter that info I would love to hear from them. Review collected by and hosted on There is no need to reserve in advance: simply show your Membership number at reception when you arrive. Review collected by and hosted on Haven't found anything I don't dislike yet. Although fixed services were booked, the calculations differ every month. Review collected by and hosted on Also, they seem to have a problem with temperature control (being too hot or too cold) and their kitchens need improvement. Open during business hours in over 2,000 Regus locations, a Regus business lounge is an ideal drop-in workspace. To over charging me on my invoices and then crediting me. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. As my employer didn't have a suitable office for me, I used Regus day office- service when I needed to have privacy, peace and quiet. Avoid this company like the plague, Worst customer service, incompetent they are Worst company and they are a rip-off business. Sometimes you call Texas, sometimes the regional manager of the area your are renting from. Account team. Admin options. It is impossible to get anyone on the phone who can make a decision. Please don’t persist on trying to tell people that you are a good company to do business with … It's now all online, I prefer the old style methods Review collected by and hosted on Sometimes you talk to the help desk. In the end we booked contradictory services. They helped me setup my office and recommended the best solution for phone etc. Regus is unfavorably reviewed across the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trustpilot and Facebook. Regus- awful financial practices and customer service. rented an office space, but wan't able to use because of covid19. Their system is set up to discourage anyone from lodging a complaint. I have the same issue many of you have with Regus---I cannot seem to get my retainer returned. Security Deposit: 1 month: Waived if paid by credit card: 1 month! When I agreed to auto billing it is not so that you can charge my accounts what you wanted, charging for conference rooms that are never requested or used, charging late fees when accounts are current, adding additional fees and more. After I canceled they kept charging my credit card without my authorization. It's all a shamble. price is a little high but the flexibility sort of makes up for it Review collected by and hosted on Regus membership gives you access to workspace in thousands of locations around the world. Over the last 2 months not only will they not negotiate (I even said a 4% increase is acceptable), BUT they won't even acknowledge that I've been trying to cancel my lease for the last 2 months. SO, you have to sit on the phone while they review everything (that's when you can get ahold of someone) and relive the nightmare and problems they are avoiding and not solving.TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE experience. The integrity of this site needs to be considered if such a large batch of “INVITED” reviews suddenly appear.Re ReplyWhat a load of rubbish? They will tell you that you can manage your account on their site -- NOT TRUE. Review collected by and hosted on After receiving two of these Gold cards, I decided to explore whether it’s really worth almost $600 a year. Find someone subleasing space locally, NOT REGUS. Thank you for your understanding. I have had enough. I have never had a problem that they did not fix for me. Buyer Beware! Just as bad as the others if not worse! Regus = unethical, unprofessional, bad customer service, deceptive accounting practices, untrained staff. The ability to use any regus office. It is not obvious why this is so. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it's like to work at Regus, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. Once Regus have your credit card, you will be billed however they please. Pick your membership based on how many days you need each month and what type of workspace you use most. I was a member of We Work for years and never had an issue with billing, I have been a member of Regus for two months and have had nothing BUT problems: overcharges, unauthorized charges to my VISA, hidden fees, strange and arcane billing practices. (Other benefits include a 10% discount on meeting rooms and day offices and access to their discounted purchasing group.) Regus assured as early as March that they would be looking to make changes and support business throughout this time. The home center is Jakarta Menara BCA. This company is the worst. They have never ending fees. Only because I found the error. Regus lagging PAC on Google review ratings by 32%: Yelp Reviews: 5.0 (1 review) 5.0 (5 reviews) Both PAC and Regus have same Yelp review rating, although Regus only has 1 review. Regus has a consumer rating of 1.11 stars from 84 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. They are an absolute shower, worst in the market by far. That is it. The persons claiming to listen and resolve problems from Regus in reply to reviews are all fake. I really wish Regus will go bankrupt soon and will stop misleading customers as now I can see that I … Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on Regus reviews ( Had trouble booking on line. The BBB gives it an F rating for failing to respond to four complaints filed by Regus customers. Review collected by and hosted on Regus helped manage our phone calls and give our company a larger presence. These people are crooks, and you will sorely regret renting an office from them. Stay away from Regus!!! Beware, this company is a bunch of frauds. Review collected by and hosted on This are the worst company to lease an office with! In house staff are great and wonderful.. Review collected by and hosted on I started 'using' Regus a couple of years ago and I had the chance to visit offices in France, Germany and Canada ! Work wherever you need to with Membership, with access to over 3000 locations around the world. I wish I knew what a joke Regus was before I signed with them. Regus operates business centers at more than 1,500 locations in 100+ countries. no benefits since were not able to use the office because of covid19 but was charged full price plus cleaning fees Review collected by and hosted on The bottom line is there is a distinct lack of willingness to 'make it right'. We definitely recommend for small business that need help answering their phones or the occasional conference room. Wonderful in house staff. REMEMBER THEY breached the contract and would not let me use the office. I am being charged a late fee when I was told I was set up for auto pay. Membership. There's a reason they're less expensive than other services. My experience as an 8+ year customer. The lack of relaxed business lounge type space, was a challenge when people came to visit or customers dropped in. After 3 days I canceled because of the parking costs and the WIFI wasnt working so I had to look elsewhere. Review collected by and hosted on You received NO ENCOURAGEMENT to put your own review up. Blue me… Very good continental dinner from Caravan restaurant , I got thrilling experience in Ferrari world Abu Dhabi with accommodation at Yas island Radisson Blu hotel with nice ambience . Messaged them on Facebook. Very difficult to contact. They have bad customer service and their office spaces are way over priced. Nothing so far, the price maybe... Maybe it needs some more plans ! Look elsewhere. Doing so, you will be LYING. Firstly the lady below doesn’t exist. EDIT: Business lounge doesn’t guarantee a desk, but I’ve always been able to find at least a comfy chair to work in—I’ve only seen one location totally filled and that was in NYC. Review collected by and hosted on REGUS provides Bad Service - Spending hours correcting mistakes made by REGUS, unethical and unprofessional business practices, culminates to bad service. I have done that but I have still not heard back from her. I wish I would have read reviews first being their rated poorly with 2 stars! Regus. Abuse of Contract/Poor Ethics. Not great customer service on the backend, which can happy with large organizations dealing with thousands of small business clients like us. The idea was to have an office, I ended up terminating my contract within 1 week of signing up! PAC deposit waived if paid by Credit card or ACH: Meeting Room – 6 seats: $82/hour: $60/hour: 37% We have a variety of problems.a) False advertising promisesThe website clearly communicates that with the co-working plan you can use all centers worldwide. Pre-paid access to any Regus Business centre. After that start sending demands and charged my account without my authorization. This was accepted by the center team in Jakarta.It is not that this service now costs a fortune. Priority Club members will receive a complimentary annual membership to the Regus businessworld gold program. If I could give this company negative stars I definitely would!! During the lock down they charged several hidden fees, when questioned about these cowboys didn't want to give me a clear explanation. An answer from the helpdesk may take a few weeks. They forced us to leave without notice. Do you disagree to the unethical and unprofessional service that your company exhibited to my company's? Review collected by and hosted on I really wish I read these reviews before I signed up for the membership which I am canceling it now after a month of subscription. A point to note this company Regus systematically breaks the contract by raising the payment more than 4% annually without any tenant authorization and they increase the payment at will. Due to the current state of the global pandemic, I could not use my Membership of the Lounge Network as it was located in the central and I couldn't use public transport as my job was not a key work. They have made a mess of this year for multiple companies. Our account number ends with 419. Again. Review collected by and hosted on Turned out it was a scam, I was forced to pay 3 months rent up front and I was forced to sign a predatory contract i.e. Feels like it's ran by children, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this of Regus. Signed up to month to month agreement, and they collected 3 months upfront, which was the deal breaker. Ending your membership is a simple process though: Log into your Regus account, click on “Accounts” followed by “End Agreement.” Your termination will be confirmed shortly after by email. The center team in Kuala Lumpur (Menara Darussalam), which is not our home center, does a good job on site and is very friendly. Although Airbnb is not a co-working company, it does provide co-working and co-living opportunities. MAJOR disruption in my business. Review collected by and hosted on Funny!e) PositiveTo be fair I don't want to hide the only positive thing. If you are looking for training or a head start in the commercial real estate world, Regus is a great start.

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