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quality of salesperson

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13 de novembro de 2020

quality of salesperson

(iv) Manufacturing process and the technology sued. The salesman should take necessary steps in creating lasting relationship in order to secure customer support always. That’s why the most successful salespeople are the best  cheerleaders for their small businesses at the same time. Prompt. Knowledge of the product and the company – A salesman should have full knowledge of the product and the company he is representing. Charming sales representatives create a good first impressions and open the door to sales. Now to be a success in sales you need to know how to train yourself to be a great salesperson. He should possess the following physical, mental, social and character related personality features – sound health, good posture, pleasant voice, good appearance, cheerfulness, imagination, alertness, resourcefulness, initiative, observation, self-confidence, memory, sociability, enthusiasm, tact, co-operation, courtesy, patience and tolerance, effective speech, integrity, honesty, loyalty, industriousness, reliability, courage, sincerity, maturity and determination. He will be able to justify the customers on the basis of such experience. (iii) Repetition of words spoken should be avoided – Salesman should not repeat the spoken words again while discussing any material fact with customers. The salesman should take care of such irregularities on the part of the seller and ensure that such things shall not be repeated in future. (ii) Control – The subject matter of discussion and direction requires control by the salesman. Further, the salesmen must have high moral character to win over the will of people. Personality or physical qualities attract the prospective customers by making favourable first impression. (v) Ensuring Satisfactorily Meeting Objections: The buyers are always anxious to collect detailed information about the product in respect of quality, technical nature, size, method of operation, upkeep, maintenance, price, etc. Sharp memory is necessary to recognise the customer and to recollect his needs and wants. However there are certain basic qualities among sales people that are looked for in and every organization. (e) Extend short-term credit for purchasing goods. – A salesman should have sound general education and have the specialized knowledge of selling techniques. Prospecting takes up a lot of their time.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'smallbiztrends_com-leader-3','ezslot_7',146,'0','0'])); Sales representatives that position themselves at the top stay in touch with their clients. Determination and Quality of Developing Relations with Customers. Selling. As obvious as that might seem, it is... 2-An ideology like that of your … I thought your readers might find this article to be of interest. 7. He should have the quality of adjusting with customers of different nature. They don’t get discouraged when the sales numbers are down. He should have ambitions and enthusiasm to become a good salesman. 5. He should also have complete knowledge of competitive products, customers and various selling techniques. High concern for sale and low concern for customer gives rise to Order orientation of selling. If a salesman has made a sale by stating wrong facts, by cheating customers then in the long run, he creates bad image for himself and also for his organization. Success in salesmanship requires sound education, wide knowledge and specialised training. To be successful, a salesperson must possess several qualities of head and heart. Top earners know how to bounce back from a dry spell. In many occasions, the customers are compelled to cancel the supply orders placed with the firm or the goods sent to them are returned to the seller by refusing to accept the goods. Qualities of a Salesperson – Physical, Mental, Social and Vocational Attributes, There are certain qualities that can be developed among sales people. Allow yourself to fail, and when you fail, seek out the lesson learned and grow from the experience. The first one is empathy, which may be defined as the important central ability to feel as the other fellow does in order to be … Set S.M.A.R.T., Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Tractable goals and a supporting plan of action. A quality sales professional is also determined to stay up to date on all product information and committed to learning new sales methodologies. A salesman has to remain courteous in every case. Also if proper listening skills are not developed among sales people they will fail to understand customers actually require. Ability to create and maintain sound customer relations. 2. A good salesman must be a keen observer. Buyers now have an alternative as they can buy anything they want off of the internet, and not have their time wasted by sales people. So that he can put across the superiority of his own products. Qualities of a Good Salesman in Rural Market or Essentials of Effective Personal Selling: An effective salesman must possess certain physical, mental, social and vocational qualities. Such problems can be attended promptly and besides, their suggestions may be collected and passed on to the producer for consideration by the producer. Good personality consists of several attributes such as neat appearance, refined tastes, good habits, clear voice, etc. And don’t forget that a salesperson should be Friendly and Helpful. (xiii) Speak in language in which one has good command. The customers can certify their satisfaction of using the product and the producer image at the same time. The real superstars in this line of work understand that selling isn’t just about price. (vi) Voice should not be loud when speaking face to face. Having a strong imagination is a valuable characteristic. He gives proper advice to the customer in their buying decisions by influencing their buying preference and pattern. 7. A good salesman should possess a good personality. which will be useful source for the salesmen to up-to-date their knowledge about products and services. It is based on some of our most recent research and strongly reinforces the points in your article. (vii) Seriousness – During talks with customers, the salesman should adopt seriousness throughout his talks. Only a well-groomed and cheerful salesman can create good impression on the customers. Therefore, he should possess a thorough knowledge about the competition and its products. He should possess sound health. Such things will give him a lesson to improve his selling efforts in the future. The company policies on refunds, rejections and defective goods should be properly understood by the sales executives. A good salesman stands like a soldier in the world of selling and keeps diversified knowledge about the product so as to divert the attention of buyers to his own product, than of his competitors. The salesman will be able to compare his product better in quality, users and durability, than that of the competitors. Physical qualities – A salesman must have good health and a good personality. This is because that he will be able to satisfy the customers. Sales personality types aren't just important for knowing whether you'd make a good salesperson – you'll also want to change your selling methods based on the personality type of the … The current environment requires reprogramming a large part of the sales … He should ensure that his own ideas and views are matching with that of the customers. Product Knowledge – A good salesman must have knowledge about the company’s product. He should have knowledge about customer’s taste, buying behaviour, income level, buying motives etc. The ability to lead a quality sales conversation as a salesperson is more difficult than it seems. Located in Fairbanks, Alaska, Quality Sales Food Service is the number one food supplier for the interior. Yes a good sales person having friendly natureAnd helpful to everyone, Your email address will not be published. A salesman must be in a position to project the products of his company as a superior and cost effective one as compared with the products of the competition. As such, the copies of advertisements can be an important source for the salesman to have product knowledge, by studying these copies very carefully. A Successful Sales Person Is. Welcome to! Nevertheless, the qualities which are commonly found among effective salesmen are described under the following heads: A successful salesman must have sound health and pleasing personality. He needs to be intelligent and imaginative enough to understand the customer quickly and to read his mind accurately. (b) Providing with useful knowledge about handling and maintenance of goods. A salesman has to deal with different types of customers and should, therefore, have the ability to get along with people of all types. (v) By Dealing Timely with Customer Complaints: By taking steps and attending the customer problem in time, good relationship can be created and maintained with them. Flexibility of approach – He should interact with customers with a flexible approach, i.e., try to persuade different types of customers with different reasons. Physical qualities refer to physical... 2. These folks also have a need to sell that goes beyond the money. Prof. Hawkins has written that a person of high moral character keeps him reflected in the minds of the people by his effective speech, good behaviour and by presentation of facts. It also includes good posture, sweet voice, pleasing appearance etc. His employer too should have faith in him. 8. They will provide better opportunity for the salesmen to improve the knowledge about the product. Hard working. 6. Moral and ethical values that should be possessed by a good salesman include honesty, integrity, loyalty and high moral “Honesty is the best policy.” Therefore, he should be very honest in his practical way of life. He should possess sufficient and specialised knowledge about the product he is selling and the company he is representing. Sound health – A salesman has to work hard. Being a salesperson can be a difficult job at times. 4. So, he must have social qualities like he should be polite, cooperative, courteous, extrovert etc. Marketing, Products, Selling, Salesperson, Qualities of a Salesperson. Make sure you've got these characteristics--or else learn to develop them. Setting goals and achieving them is important in every small business. He should try to avoid over emphasizing of any material facts. A good sales representative knows this and takes all the time needed. Physical Attributes 2. G. S. Sudha has given certain such measures, as stated below: (i) Scheduling Calls on Established Customers: The salesman can schedule their customers contact programme in such a manner so as to call on established customers regularly. Customers will be prepared to pay increased prices when they are fully satisfied with the quality/standard/improvements in the products. The fundamental duty of a salesman is selling. Usually, newly appointed salesman use this source by consulting with the sales managers, sales supervisors and fellow salesmen who have wide knowledge about the product. He should be cooperative and helpful enough to assist customers in the selection of goods. In case of direct selling, a good salesperson must have two basic qualities. They send birthday, anniversary and thank you cards. He is to travel a lot. together with words spoken to make the customers understood his ideas and views. Salespeople who succeed enjoy measuring their skills against their peers. Share Your Word File An outstanding sales representative can go with the flow. Thus, commitment to the job is a great quality to have. In such a situation he can only create confusion among the customers by his inaccurate presentation of facts or with unfair information. Salesmanship is a highly skilled vocation and requires ambition, aptitude and enthusiasm. Now a day, personal selling process has become professionalized, so professional skills like knowledge about product, market conditions; command over language etc. A business enterprise can develop effective salesman to promote its sales. He should have attractive, cheerful and smart appearance. He must be having suitable and complete product knowledge so that he is well equipped to handle any sort of customer query or complaint. In other words, he should always pay attention to the interest and needs of customers. More than that, the bar for a quality sales conversation today is very different from what it was five or 10 years ago. (ix) Consulting with Technical Specialists: Technical specialists appointed by the organization to advise the management on technical matters relating to production, marketing etc. A good salesperson needs to satisfy a client’s needs. The effective sales of a product depend a lot on the competition. Ability to Listen. That’s especially true for the quotas that salespeople work towards. They like to set the bar high and are continually try to meet new goals. The Top Qualities of a Good Salesperson 1. The best of these folks are also on the lookout for changes in the industry and what’s offered by the competition. The salesman acts as problem solver and advisor for customers, by his good behaviour and decent manners. : Trade fairs, seminars and conferences, etc. A salesman has to present his company in a very positive way. The best salespeople aren’t always talking. Read newspapers, journals, company profile, books on non-traditional sales, motivation and personal leadership. Sales people need to be trained suitably on how to apply six sigma to the selling process since this will facilitate them in removing unqualified prospects, boost excellent listening skills among sales people, foster optimal product knowledge in them and allow them to plan well and make effective sales presentations. In a word, they’re competitive. In short, their egos need to be fed with good sales numbers. (iii) Ingredients/compositions of the product-knowledge about the proportion of raw material used, etc. Our mission is to bring you "Small business success... delivered daily.". If your funnel is behaving as it should, it’ll send a … A salesman should know the following authentic details about the product-the raw materials, the manufacturing process, technological details, the durability, the content, the uses, tips for using, features, disposability after use etc. A brief description in each case is given below: It is essential for a good salesman to possess certain physical qualities so as to impress upon the customers and other. Physical qualities refer to physical appearance, health, dress, stamina etc. He should be able to speak freely, clearly and in a well-pitched voice. 4. 2. It takes a person who has encountered rejection multiple times and doesn’t give up. Here’s a list of qualities any candidate for your small business sales team should possess. Therefore, it is essential that he should be a good communicator/speaker. Dedicate one hour of your most productive time of the day to yourself, the most important person in the world. As a recognized thought leader in customer engagement strategies, Paul Cherry has been featured in more than 250 publications, including Investor’s Business Daily, Selling Power, Inc., Sales … Sales people should also have proper knowledge of the company policies on sales compensation, incentives, trade promotions and business promotions along with the competition. Mental Attributes 3. Sales person must be aware of the packing materials being used and pack sizes in which the product is sold. These people like to set high expectations for themselves and work hard to meet them. Creative silence, sometime, may change the course of discussion and makes the talks more purposeful. 1. (vii) To Present Accurate Information about the Product: Once cannot present a product to the satisfaction of customers unless he possesses the factual and accurate information about the characteristics of the product. Sufficient opportunity and freedom may be given to customers to ask questions, express objections and to present their ideas and suggestions. He should also have knowledge of products of rival companies. He should be able to convince him and create the desire in his mind to possess the commodity. 2. (v) Ability to communicate – If a salesperson can communicate properly and effectively then he/she will be able to clear the biggest hurdle of making the prospective customer listen to him/her. He should have capacity for hard work, a good stamina and sufficient tolerance. They know that shady deals lead to burned bridges that can multiply and cost a lot more than one client. which the orientation of the salesperson is observed. Without being rude or pushy, good salespeople know how to get the job done. Sure, being able to build a sales process to … 2. Trade journals are regularly published by trade and industry, and also by the big business houses, containing detailed information about various products, use of technology and collaborative agreements, marketing opportunity for specific products in different regions of the country and overseas, justification for increase in the price of products, etc. He needs to be man of sound character, honest, loyal and dependable. (ix) To Justify the Higher Price Strategy: Better quality and standard, and improvement in product suggest for higher prices because of higher production costs. 3. He should be able to speak freely, clearly and in a well-pitched voice. A well-known American Managing Director once said, “Never forget a customer and never let a customer forget you.” According to a management thought “business exists only for creating customers, more customers and many, many customers.”, Kirkpatric writes, sound customer relationship is established when the customer accepts the salesman as his merchandise advisor. Balanced judgement, self-confidence, poise, tact and patience are needed to handle the customer according to the requirements of the situation. He should be able to identify the following about his customers-wants and desires, expectations, buying motives, buying habits, buying behaviour, purchasing power etc. Self-Motivation 5. He should have the quality of adjusting with customers of different nature. He should be capable of giving a comparative analysis of his company’s and the competitors’ products. There are some qualities which make a salesman more effective. He should be tactful. The effective sales of a product depend a lot on the competition. What are the 5 Qualities of a Good Salesman 1-Honesty and ethical conduct on every level. Developing good relation creates satisfied customers which will help the organization in getting repeat orders. Excessive discussion may cause hesitation from customers. A successful salesperson is always motivated. Every sales person need to be aware of the attributes related to the goods or services being sold. As soon as a salesman comes into contact with a potential customers, the latter will be impressed by the salesman’s pleasing personality. He should be able to understand the needs and preference of customer. He should be well cautious about his physical appearance and to maintain it throughout his selling career. However, it is difficult to give a universal or exhaustive list of such qualities or traits because different situations require different qualities. We’re going to take a look at great KPI examples you can use in optimizing sales funnel quality.Sales funnels are the be-all and end-all of sales processes. A good salesman must have a high degree of intelligence, initiative and foresight. The Chinese proverb— “one who runs a store must have a smiling face” indicates the significance of personality for a successful salesman. He should try to communicate his ideas clearly in limited words. (c) Assist in plant location and packaging of goods, (d) Provide home delivery facility on free of charge, and. The selling terms and conditions should be well known to the sales executives. A successful salesman must posses the mental qualities like mental alertness, far-sightedness and imagination, tactfulness, ability to observe and judge, capacity to make decisions, self-confidence, initiative, ambitious, tolerance, courtesy, sharp memory, maturity, determination, enthusiasm, sincerity and dependability. can be a reliable source of information to salesmen to know about the technical aspect of the product. (vi) Durability of the product, services and warranty offered by the producer. He should avoid using debatable language. Vocational qualities – A salesman should have adequate educational and professional qualifications. Mental Qualities – An effective salesman must possess certain mental qualities like imagination, strong memory power, presence of mind, initiative etc. Laziness! Paul Cherry. vii. He … In order to achieve effective personal selling, the following qualities of salesmen are required: 1. This knowledge helps in better presentation and demonstration of the product, in clearing the doubts and queries of prospective customers satisfactorily. 1. Extension of such free services also helps to create and maintain good relationship with customers. Qualities of a Salesperson – General and Vocational Qualities, Qualities of a Salesperson – 5 Main Qualities, Qualities of a Salesperson – 8 Important Qualities to Achieve Effective Personal Selling. Here are 10 attributes of a great sales manager: 1) Passion. can be gained through education. He should develop certain personal qualities which are essential for effective salesmanship. Networking is not so much a part of the job to them but the way they like to spend their time. They know how to use a value proposition to full advantage. (vi) Trade Fairs, Seminars, Conferences, etc. Personality of a salesperson should be such that the moment he/she comes in contact with the customer, he becomes familiar with the customer. The essential qualities are explained below: 1. It’s all about looking for new ways to stay in a client’s mind. Thanks for the article about the attributes of successful sales people. It helps the salesman to explain various aspects of the product. He should be able to explain each and every aspect of the product i.e. Amazing salespeople are lazy… His views, ideas and communication skills bring improvement to customer relations. Privacy Policy3. Some of the personality traits among sales people that are essential ingredients for effective selling are physical traits, mental traits, soci, Concern for sale and concern for customers are the two important parameters based on. Share Your PPT File, Qualities of a Salesperson: Physical, Mental, Social, Vocational and General Qualities, Qualities of a Salesperson – 8 Qualities that Make a Salesman more Effective, Qualities of a Salesperson – 6 Important Qualities. Vocational Attributes 5. Ethical. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Economics. The product and producer image are increased by way of brand loyalty among the customers. In order to give sufficient product knowledge to the customers, the salesman must posses adequate knowledge about the product that he deals with. This requires the salesman to have full knowledge about the product and the services offered by the seller. 13 Traits of an Outstanding Salesperson 1. His sales strategy is effectively executed by discussion and sales presentation. A person may make a good salesperson in one line of business and may fail in another line. (x) Doubtful matters/sentence spoken should be repeated. He may assist in giving a new name to the product, and improvement or modification, etc. – The salesman should have full knowledge about the customers. This is also one of the top qualities of a master closer and the only one that can’t be taught. The affected customers may suitably by compensate. Top 6 Qualities of a Good Salesman | Salesmanship (1) Personality:. For over two decades, sales expert and author PAUL CHERRY has helped B2B sales professionals close more deals in all major industries. Sales 5 Traits of Highly Successful Salespeople Are you cut out to make the sale? There can be an error in identifying the prospective customers. There are five qualities among sales people that contribute to their effectiveness irrespective of the company they work for: (i) Ability to define the exact function of a position and duties in relation to the goals to be attained by the company, (ii) Ability to select and train capable subordinates and willingness to delegate sufficient authority, (iii) Ability to utilize time effectively, (iv) Ability to allocate time for thinking and planning, (v) Ability to execute skilled leadership. Top 5 Characteristics of a Sales Hunters, Sales Closers, and Sales Farmers Identify sales hunter and sales farmer traits to build a better performing team Successful sales people generally have thick skin … The buyers often raise objections/doubts about these aspects because of their having no proper knowledge about the product. A person, who does not possess the communication ability and skill, cannot become a good salesman. The regular users of customers of the particular product can give the knowledge of the product, from their experience in using it. Mental qualities – A salesman should be intelligent. The problem was I didn’t have so much potential,others says that I have a bright smile but I personal don’t feel supportive neither feel that way…. A good salesperson needs to satisfy a client’s needs. Social Attributes 4. Adaptability 4. Some of the personality traits among sales people that are essential ingredients for effective selling are physical traits, mental traits, social traits and character traits. Salesman is required to move in different areas to meet different persons. Sales is the oldest profession in history and a great profession, it must remain buyer focused. (i) For Better Presentation of the Product: Without having sufficient knowledge of the product, its quality, advantage of having the product, its main features, uses, etc., a salesman cannot be able to present his product or services in a good manner before the customers. Taking matters into their own hands is the mark of the real pro here. What fragrance is to a flower is personality to an... (2) Cheerful Disposition:. The salesman can seek their opinion about the product from time to time. iv. Therefore company’s reputation is a very important factor for effective salesmanship. (vi) Should speak; not to orate, or to make speeches – The salesman, while delivering his sale talks, should speak to the customers in a limited way; but do not convert the speaking into speeches or not to convert him as an orator. On the basis of personal experience, the salesman will be able to know the specific quality and standard of the product. He should not feel irritated if the buyer puts up many questions even if the questions are irrelevant. Being self motivated and working on a commission make the best salespeople  really good at working on their own. He is to gain the confidence of the customers. Fortunately for me I did. The people who really succeed don’t wait for customers to come to them. A salesperson who is strong in other sales management skills will have a better chance than one who is already struggling in other areas. This requires that he knows the following facts about his own company-the origin, the present status, the technology, reputation, philosophy, capital, location of the factories, the facilities available etc. He should not be shy or reserved but an extrovert and a good listener. (iii) Consulting with Seniors and Fellow Salesmen: This is another important source to acquire additional knowledge about the product. Knowledge about social etiquettes along with suitable knowledge of the local language in the area of operation are some of the other important ingredients as far as qualities of sale people are concerned. ii. 5. A Japanese businessman has said once, “our aim is more above the customer satisfaction; our aim is to entertain the customer and establish a long-term relationship with him.”. Understanding of Industry … The qualities of a salesperson can be studied under the following heads:-. For rural market, it is better if he has knowledge of local language along with Hindi. You are intent to know everything there is to know …

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