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jones beach fishing report

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jones beach fishing report

I Hope you enjoy spending the day with me and thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it. Most likely in the field your tear will be uneven. A good buddy of mine nailed a beauty 16+ pounds on the scale! A section to post and share your favorite fishing photos, lets see those trophy, beautiful scenery and smiling faces! By browsing Magicseaweed, you agree to our use of cookies. Every year a yearly snapper derby is run by the bait shop with prizes and give always for the kids. If you wish to jump to a specific repair you can click on or go to the time in the list below.PIN HOLE REPAIR with AQUASEAL - 04:10Get a general idea where the water is coming through. There is some fun good stuff in there with crossed lines, triple hooks ups, topwaters being smashed, tossed plugs, yells, laughs and even some of the fish were aerialist. 155 featured in many of my videos along with the Jigmaster 500 and Squidder 140 and the rest was history! If your looking to catch fluke, bluefish, striped bass, blackfish, weakfish or anything else which inhabits its water's there’s a time and place at Jones Beach to spike up your rod and reel them in. You can use a brush or cardboard strips like me and just paint portions up the seams to the crotch. Non Stop Bluefish Action - WILD CRAZY FAST - Surf Fishing Fun. What type of set up do you use and for what conditions, want to know what other people are using or if you have any questions about that custom rod or repairing that busted reel just ask here. Otto made his fortune on these fishing reels during and after the great depression. North Shore Fishing Reports. I think it is pretty cool and I hope a few of you do too! Jones Beach State Park and Jones Island which stretches east of the park were the creation of master builder Robert Moses in the 1920s. As the summer heats up interesting things can happen at the Jones Beach Filed 10 Fishing Piers. I just did a small portion to show how I do it and when I do seams I do all of them. A section dedicated to the bait angler, let hear about your favorite live & cut baits and ask us about the most effective hook, line and sinker. Jones island stretches close to 20 miles long from the Captree piers to the West End 2 jetty. On the dropping tide the chopper blues dispersed or did they. The chopper bluefish were on the bait of the jump! A week later I got a PENN Sea-Boy No. Our files contain artificial and natural reefs, buoys, ledges, rocks, shipwrecks, and many other types of structures that hold fish, in a 100 miles radius of Jones Beach… We use cookies to deliver a reliable and personalised Magicseaweed experience. About Fishing Reports for Jones Beach near Point Lookout A detailed fishing report for the Jones Beach will make the difference between a good fishing here and a bad one. Had a fair bite but the new moon seemed to turn off the fishing. Tide tables and solunar charts for Jones Inlet (point Lookout): high tides and low tides, surf reports, sun and moon rising and setting times, lunar phase, fish activity and weather conditions in Jones Inlet (point Lookout). The Jones River is the largest river draining to Cape Cod Bay. Watch Queue Queue. Jones Beach Pier Flatties� By Rich Johnson With the arrival of the Irish and St. Patty’s Day this year, along with it’s splendor of emerald green, will see the flounder season open in New York. Come visit our store & new management. And of course they can be ravenous voracious feeders just like striped bass on the bite. Let's face it, there's a lot we can learn and share from one another like what bait or lure is generating the best results. Let dry over night.WADER FABRIC TEAR - 14:00This repair was fun! Your patches can never be too big, however a patch can be too small. Suite 3100 Jacksonville, Florida 32250 You can make a patch from about any fabric as the Aquaseal with permeate it. Contrary to popular belief bluefish can be very picky, finicky and lock jawed at times. When I went back in later I saw a 30 to 40 pounder wallowing in the area! 85. Anything about fly fishing. South Shore Fishing Reports By Rich Johnson & Charlie Sciara E-mail your reports … The Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) classifies areas for shellfish harvest. I will be doing a new series of videos featuring bare bones turn of the century reels made for serious surf fishing. This is RAW fun fishing at its best! I love these PENN reels. Between the three of us there is well over a century of fishing stories and of course with Gregory the jokes were flowing. That is about as rewarding as fishing gets! Blackfish activity slowed down for both party boat and private boaters. Graphical Marine … In that case you can over lap your fabric a little when you tape it. Plan was to fish a depressed tongue I haven't seen in a long time but I started fishing by stretching the line in a known area to me close by. It looked good was holding some crappie but it was getting late and wanted to see if some fish moved in where I started. The Long Island fall run continues with stripers to 41-pounds, black sea bass to 6-pounds, tautog to 10-pounds, bluefish, and more. That's just how I do things. They are awesome fun reels to use and a degree of skill and dexterous is required. South Shore Fishing Reports. The day started with a bang! Most of the bluefish were on poppers and needlefish and a few on jigs. I like to use old wader strips. Please respect folks who offer info as well as those who choose not too. Believe it or not you can tape over the pinhole and go about fishing and if you wish you can apply the Aquaseal and repair the wader on the outside but for purposes of this video I did the fix proper.BOOT TEAR REPAIR with AQUASEAL - 09:00For this your gonna have to size up a patch. Some of our favourite, and not so favourite videos of the past to view again. Fishing reports dedicated to Jones Beach surf fisherman. On behalf of the entire staff here at The Fisherman, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our loyal readers and your families a happy and healthy Holiday Season. Then the bite subsided and back to bait. Literately, as the handle spins on cast! I actually prefer the outside but normal people do the inside as I did in this video as it looks neater.Sealing Seams - 18:20This is probably the easiest but most time consuming wader repair on the list. Had a nice little hike through the woods, passed my favorite frog pond and finally made it to my spot. They liked my micro craw. Report Long Island – New York Fishing Report – November 19, 2020. The fun Long Island fishing has been in full swing this week so I met up with Gregory and Dennis 2 great fisherman for some fast surf fishing action. The Fleet Fishing Boats Pet Friendly Boats ... 14603 Beach Blvd. Coastal Marine Zone Forecasts by the Boston, MA Forecast Office - click on the area of interest. Something to keep to mind. View fishing reports for the 8 lakes, reservoirs and streams near Burlington (Massachusetts) complete with Burlington bait shops, Burlington tackle shops, fishing charters and fishing guides, and inside information on fishing spots. There are also opportunities close by Jones Beach, to the east sits Fire Island and to the west is Long Beach. November 23, 2020 - 09:35:57. I can remember countless nights in summer trying to raise a bite finding that one right lure then success! The best time of year for surfing Jones Beach State Park with consistent clean waves (rideable swell with light / offshore winds) is during Autumn and most often the month of September. Jones Beach offers a wide array of saltwater surf fishing opportunities. The bass appear to be thinning out, but on the other hand, there are loads of bass in Montauk. In this video I go down the list. Fun Fishing for FENCE RIDER Largemouth Bass - Crappie & Perch. 77 Sea Hawk did the job today. A place to sell your old tackle, buy your new tackle, jobs, education, and everything else. Download GPS Files Download over 9430+ fishing spots in Jones Beach, New York, US.We have the best Jones Beach fishing spots. I poked a few, dropped a few, and picked up a fair sized largemouth bass. It is a old time back to the roots as basic as you can get casting reel. We have some weather coming in … Fishing Jones Beach, is a site dedicated to anglers who fish Jones Beach and Long Island area with fish reports for Fluke, Stripped Bass Bluefish, Weakfish and more Clean surfable waves are typically found 33% of the time in September while 60% of the time it tends to be blown out. It was a fine week of mixed bag activity along the piers and nearby areas. Yes, a blast with sea robins, skates and sand sharks! Was fishing with Gregory "The Herring King" and expert fluke'r "inmyspot" Bob. I would not pack it in just yet as those fish will surely be coming down the beach in the coming days/weeks. I would like to note you could work either side of the wader with Aquaseal. As many of our readers are aware, the DEC has instituted a winter flounder season of March 17 to June 30 and September 15 to November 30. Seam leaks are generally slow and occur after a couple of seasons. Its kinda fun using new old things. I was reluctant to slap one on the the bite turned off. In very rough & windy conditions Capt Matt found the Bass early in 50ft SE of Jones Inlet & put the crew on 13 bass to 38” with many in the slot size all on jigs & top water plugs. Just spread it around and let dry. It was a wild and crazy day. A place to share all things not related to fishing but find ourselves talking about when the fish are on break! I fished it hard for several days in all different was but it did not happen. You are sitting on the fence. If your not familiar with term "Fence Rider" it's a term for the size baits you use to get a mix of fish. Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it. Cut your patch, use Aquaseal on the patch and lay in place. Had a blast the past several days bait fishing on the beach. I guarantee after a day of surf casting you can get the hang of it. Its a great time to introduce a kid to fishing. It does feature the luxury of a bait clicker. Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.SUBSCRIBE to our Channel: Wader Repair w. AQUASEAL How to Fix LEAKY Pinholes Tears Seams & Boot, The LOST ART of Surf Fishing - PENN No.77 SEA HAWK a Vintage Fishing Reel, Non Stop Bluefish Action - WILD CRAZY FAST - Surf Fishing Fun, FINICKY Tailor Chopper Bluefish DOUBLE AXIOM Surf Fishing. Please, DO NOT attack the person disagreeing with you but rather attack the topic on hand and keep it clean. The Jones Beach surf offers fishing all year round with the peak season starting in early spring to early winter. With time on peoples hands and mouths to feed folks spent there last dollars on these reels with hopes to feed there families and this No. The fight is all you! Then anchored in 60ft on the Atlantic Beach Reef for Blackfish & had decent action with some good size keepers. For a great day fishing or to veiw the best Sunset on the beach: Take the Meadowbrook parkway south, the Wantagh parkway, South or Ocean Parkway: Follow the signs to Jones Beach Field #10 Fishing Station/Bait Station. I decided to check out and took another long walk to see hopw an area was doing. The biggest fish must have been well over 12 pounds and close to 4 feet long and it was no problem bringing him in. Please be as neat and tidy as you wish. Fishing report by area including Jones Island, Robert Moses, Long Beach and More, A place for all your tips and tricks, questions and answers. Heavy insane herring bite today for a solid bunch of hours. Have some other reels lined up starting with the Sea Scamp and I may even take out a Vom Hofe but well see! After you inside out your waders use a generous portion of Aquaseal right on the wader. Everything you need to know or want to know aout the business end of the line! Your baits are not too big, not too small, (like Goldie Locks) so anything can happen and you keep the fishing open. The pin hole will look like a bright star under the light. The Massachusetts Saltwater Recreational Fishing Guide keeps you informed about fishing events, and fishing rules and regulations. Everything else we talk about when the fish just ain't cooperating! You really do not need to shine right under the hole. Tape the outside of the wader together. Green and Asian crabs on jigs and high/low rigs are still the way to go and it seems that it s best to work your baits at the 50 to 60-ft. … TV Show On On All Systems. Earlier in the week Station Chef Vic bagged a 5.7-pound chopper. This is a friendly site, we welcome an exchange of information. May 04, 2015 - Jones Beach Fishing Pier Details: Blue Fish with a 1/8ounce buck tail with a white grub trailer Did some fishing at Point Lookout Jetty today and found a nice school of blues. Basically, just use a generous amount of Aqua seal on the puncture area of the boot. Saltwater, freshwater any questions tips or trick post here, YOU NOW NEED TO LOG IN OR BECOME A REGISTERED MEMBER TO VIEW. Coastal Waters Forecast which includes the synopsis and all these zones. Dolphin fishing has been pretty good in 200' of water out of Palm Beach Inlet. The river historically supported prolific runs of diadromous fish, which spawned in Silver Lake, at the river’s headwaters. The keeper ratio saw no improvement. Prize Winning Web Site by P ress C lub LI . Make sure your Aquaseal extends at least 1/4" beyond the patch. Report by Jones Beach Bait and Tackle November 02, 2020 - 15:59:40 Brendan from Jones Beach Bait and Tackle at Field 10 reported bass action was red hot along the beach with fish to 35-pounds. We had a blast and lots of laughs. I sometimes use duct tape during the season but Aquaseal is a more permanent fixture. This video is unavailable. ***YOU MUST NOW  CREATE A USERNAME TO LOG IN TO VIEW REPORTS***. The tailors were stubborn and not taken any lures but after a slow shift in tide and the blues grew a taste for poppers. Any guesses? Thank you for visiting and please enjoy all the forums and editor articles! Fun Fishing for FENCE RIDER Largemouth Bass - Crappie & Perch. I Hope you enjoy spending the day with me and thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it. It is a different world we live in now as Gregory says and I hope the younger folks have this much fun when they are fishing too. Just apply the Aquaseal so it overlaps at least 1/4" past the seam.I did these wader repairs quick and ruff. Its almost gonna be the same repair as fixing up your boot with Aquaseal. We understand and welcome surf anglers who are willing to share knowledge and experience with us and of course we are happy to have you! Strange happenings, things seen too unreal, or that monster fish that got away? Just ask! A detailed fishing report for the Jones Inlet will make the difference between a good fishing here and a bad one. I found this reel very enjoyable to use and very engaging when playing the fish. Fishing Clubs Fishing Line Reef Fishing Reg's Fishing Rigs Guides/Seminars Marine Insurance Marine Services NY Party Boats Maps / Charts Metro Area Fish Organizations Recipes. You can let dry or do as I did and apply more aquaseal on top. Surf Zone Forecast. The platform is on the north side of River Road, near house number 100. Posting any malicious activity you will be responsible for as your IP number is recorded and Google may collect cookies as with any website. Seafood guide to cook your catch; Recreational lobstering and crabbing; Species native to Massachusetts marine … IF YOUR WADER BOOT DOES NOT HAVE A LINING MAKE SURE TO TAPE A SMALL RESERVOIR INSIDE. The reel seems to come alive when a fish takes. Scusset Beach State Reservation, Sandwich: An accessible saltwater fishing pier is located on the Cape Cod Canal. Hooked up with a fair bass and followed with a mini and soon took my long walk. Geoff Lawrence-North Shore. Soon after I received the Beachmaster No. On the same day Construction Eddie bagged a 14-inch flounder, Bobby Feather had a huge blowfish and Pete worked the Construction … Jones Beach Theater ♬ Northwell Health ♪ Nikon ♪ Concert Series, Tickets, Jones Beach State Park events and info. Bookmark us to come back soon! Low flow in the Jones River downstream of the Lake St. dam, August 2014. Wachusett Reservoir, West Boylston: An accessible fishing platform was added in 2017 on the Quinapoxet River, downstream of the dam. Before I start the spring I fix all my waders. It was a nice range of fish from 4lbs and well up and several whoppers mixed in. Home The Fleet. We ll see you at the start of the 2021 season with the action-packed January issue. Your thumb is the drag, there is no anti-reverse and no casting controls. The 2020 edition covers: Cod avoidance study; Circle hooks save fish! BLI Summer Jam - JIMMY BUFFETT - billboard HOT 100 - Air Show, Long Island Beaches, Nikon at Jones Beach Amphitheater, Bay Stage, Amphitheatre, Theatre, New York, Long Island Railroad, Trump on the Ocean Catering Restaurant, Weddings, Donald Trump, Steve Carl, Nikon Jones … To your corners please! Plugs, Jigs, Bucktails, Teasers & Diamonds. Cut a patch to size extending at least 1/4" past the tear or bigger. Create an account. You will have to do small portions at a time letting the Aquaseal dry as you work up or down the wader. I got to cut into my wader! Tired of fishing the same spots? FISHJONESBEACH --  A PLACE FOR ALL TO EXPERIENCE, LEARN AND SHARE -- FISH YOUR WAY! Jones Beach Fishing Station report April 30th. Moved a bit and found a fallen tree with some yellow perch littered around it. I had a few good'ums in there too! In fact the repair you do with aqua seal will be more water resistant then the rest of your wader! I kicked it up a notch and took the vintage PENN No. Make sure you get some inside the hole and all around inside. The light will shine through. Find out where, when and how the fish are biting on the Jones beach … Fishing reports for boats fishing Los Angeles, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Catalina Island, Dana Point, and offshore waters Call Us: (949) 673-1434 BOOK NOW So I decided to do some fun fence rider fishing today. Lets hear about it! Forgot your username? Including local swell, period, wind and pressure charts. By dredging sand from what is now the State Boat Channel, Moses raised the elevation of the barrier islands by fourteen feet, connecting several small islands into one long stretch topped by … Come see what’s biting today! FISHJONESBEACH --  A PLACE FOR ALL TO EXPERIENCE, LEARN AND SHARE -- FISH YOUR WAY! Serving customers Fresh, Frozen and Live Bait for over 50 years. Had a mystery fish pick up after several casts. Watch Queue Queue A bit of history. crappie were swimming around my feet! Detailed free 7-day surf report for Jones Beach State Park . Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it. Forgot your password? For the most current classification and closure information, harvesters should contact your local town shellfish constable. The lure chuckers using diamonds picked a few while the bait and popper people watched. Anyhow it was a grand day and I would do it all over again. Not sure but I think it was a big carp. You just feel damp where the occur in large areas. 77 Sea Hawk out for a spin. We use cookies - find out more. Last week the striped bass fishing was getting in gear early in the week. I know the stuff works. The snapper blues are a giving, there are plenty to be caught at the piers. I like the topwaters and needles the best its pretty exciting watching them get smashed. ***YOU MUST NOW  CREATE A USERNAME TO LOG IN TO VIEW REPORTS***. The LOST ART of Surf Fishing - PENN No.77 SEA HAWK a Vintage Fishing Reel. Picked a bass right after the long walk, took a few more casts to try to beat the "rain" which never came! If you have anything you wish to debate, disagree on or feel the need for heated conversation state your argument here! Complete Wader Repair w. AQUASEAL How to Fix Pinholes, Tears, Seams & Boots. Ask us about or tell us about your casting techniques that gets you to the outerbar! Get a light source and in a dark room place it under the area and scan. Although this is the last report for the year, by no means is the fishing … Please keep it all full of respect and tasteful. They pass the test of time and any abuse the sea has to offer. Permit holders should review classification information prior to harvesting shellfish. We have partnered up with several local fishing captains to provide us Fishing Reports on their week’s catch. This PENN reel was actually my first reel I have ever used. November 23, 2020 - 09:33:10. You can let dry or just do as I did and slap another layer on top of the patch. I sometimes do the seams after the first season if I find the time. Want to know whats running and how to catch Strippers, Blues, Flukes, Tog, Weakfish, Sea Bass, Porgies, Flounder, Triggers, Crabs, Clams, Squid and anything that lurks around Jones Beach? Back to bait and picked a few then the bite slowed. Fish Counts for December 2nd, 2020: Boat: Trip Type: Anglers: Fish Count: Freelance: 3/4 Day: 35: 60 Rockfish, 55 Whitefish, 3 Sheephead, 1 … Let's face it, there's a lot we can learn and share from one another like what bait or lure is generating the best results. Put your finger under and mark with a sharpie. DON'T THROW THOSE LEAKY WADERS OUT!!! Follow Us On. A small bead of aqua seal is all you need. I start with a pinhole, patch a boot puncture, tear up my waders with a razor blade and patch it up, and finish off by sealing seams. Special Marine Warning(s) and Marine Weather Statement(s) for these zones Marine Weather Message for these zones. Tom Melton-South Shore. Some folks do another layer the next day but this is good enough for me. Set you patch with Aquaseal as well and place on top. OFFSHORE- Rough weather has kept reports to a minimum, but conditions look really good for the next few days!Sailfish numbers are beginning to increase, and will be the main predators hanging out in 120-200' of water these days. I had way too many videos to lay out the day so I just randomly picked some of the fun stuff. The Jones Beach State Park Field 10 fishing pier is both scenic and a great spot to find the catch of the day.

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