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effects of pork barrel in the philippines

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13 de novembro de 2020

effects of pork barrel in the philippines

Evolving Federalism & Region-based Decentralization, Useful Information on the Parliamentary System, Video Gallery: Human Costs of Economic Protectionism, The Filipino First Policy caused the Philippines to Fail, Marina Bay Sands is One Big Foreign Direct Investment, Lee Kuan Yew talks about the Failure of Maoism and Deng Xiaoping’s shift towards Capitalism, Why FDI & Economic Liberalization are necessary, The Difference Between OFW Remittances versus FDI, Philippine Progress: Shift in Sport, Shift in System, Parliamentary Systems are Less Prone to Corruption, Claro M. Recto on the Presidential System. TOM RODRIGUEZ is a solid Constitutional Reform advocate! Let’s define “pork” first, and then let’s take a quick look at its history (we got it from the United States), courtesy of the Internet. And worst of all (if the current scam is any indication), the pork may not even help the local constituents; it stops in the legislators’ pockets and those of their private-sector coconspirators, with the active help or benign neglect of the government agencies and the Commission on Audit. Reminds me of a former Chief Executive who swears that he never stole a single centavo from the government. Notice, Reader, that the benefits accrue to individuals; the costs are borne by society. Of course, pork barrel funds are but one type of intergovernmentalfiscal transfers currently in place in the Philippines: other similar funds include the Internal Revenue Allotment or IRA, which allocates 40% of internal revenue collections by the national government to different levels of local governments (provinces, cities, municipalities, and barangays) based on a formula using population, land area, and … Polls aren’t just for Metro Manila: Why Federalism? Clearly, using the Pork Barrel does not develop the countryside. This is why there is NO GRIDLOCK in Parliamentary Systems. Here is what an American NGO, the Citizens Against Government Waste, says about the pork barrel system in the United States at present: “Cases of out-and-out bribery are rare. The Philippines, sad to say, uses a Presidential System. But the Pork Barrel has a lot of totally harmful side-effects. Pork barrel in the Philippines is an ineffective way of addressing social programs. All of the enumerated issues above serve as either pull (or demand from the People) or push (or supply from the State) factors which perpetuate the existence of the Pork Barrel fund. Does getting rid of the pork barrel alone work? We need to get rid of the reasons why the pork barrel was thought of as a palliative “quick-fix”  in the first place. It’s interesting to note that the term “Pork Barrel” has its origins as an American term and is associated primarily with the Presidential System. Every week, the Leader of the Opposition grills the Prime Minister during the PM’s Question Period on decisions, project outcomes, and issues of budget expenditiure, while the Shadow Minister for Education  grills the Minister for Education on anything pertaining to the Ministry of Education, and so on and so forth… This system keeps the Government on its toes and forces them to keep themselves clean and above-board. As such, it is necessary to solve these systemic issues from their roots at the underlying “system level.”, How to truly get rid of the PDAF Pork Barrel Fund. Fix the system, all 3 aspects of it. Definitions of the pork in pork barrel, which apparently originated in the US Congress: • A bill or project requiring considerable government spending in a locality to the benefit of the legislator’s constituents. … The officials must be required to list their reports through the print media. Pork Barrel was intended to “address” certain Problems, The Pork Barrel fund didn’t come about just because some politicians decided it was cool to have loads of cash at their discretion. He forgets that he was receiving all kinds of goodies from friends with government contracts. Simply shifting over to a Parliamentary System immediately eliminates the gridlock problem, thus eliminating the key “supply-side” rationale behind the institutionalization of the pork barrel fund in the first place. Being an Overseas Filipino Worker himself, he has seen firsthand how the dearth of investment – both local and foreign – is the cause of the high unemployment and underemployment that exists in the Philippines as well as the low salaries earned by people who do have jobs.Being Cebuano (half-Cebuano, half-Tagalog), and having lived in Cebu, he is a staunch supporter of Federalism. Liver problems tend to trail closely on the heels of some predictable risk … To use an analogy, imagine that you are taking a pill that is supposed to solve a particular symptom you are experiencing. The Priority Development Assistance Fund scam, also called the PDAF scam or the pork barrel scam, is a political scandal involving the alleged misuse by several members of the Congress of the Philippines of their Priority Development Assistance Fund, a lump-sum discretionary fund granted to each member of Congress for spending on priority development projects of the Philippine government, mostly on the … You got rid of the rashes, but the old symptom that the pill addressed of has returned. That the people’s money is either being diverted into private pockets or is being used for projects whose net benefits have not been compared to, much less been found greater than, those that could accrue to alternative uses, is of fundamental concern. Cutting off supply without finding ways to reduce demand in the first place will mean that future leaders and politicians will very likely end up reviving the Pork Barrel system  since the pull factors that necessitated its creation will still continue to exist. Any anomalous transactions can easily be exposed as the Opposition is always watching whatever the Government does and raises questions  every week. Going back to the health analogy, for many people, simply exercising, eating well (having fruit / vegetables / avoiding too much fat), not smoking, drinking lots of water, sleeping well, and just keeping healthy are enough to avoid many health problems that affect many people. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The legislator reportedly gets his cut from the contractor. In sum, what are the benefits of the pork barrel system in the Philippines? It simply makes people in the countryside more likely to develop a mendicant attitude of dependence on dole-outs. Very often, due to the discretionary nature of the fund, politicians use the fund to reward supporters or buy the support of many others. Economic Liberalization through Constitutional Reform and the repeal of numerous anti-FDI laws aims to get rid of the primary showstopper that prevents numerous multinational corporations and foreign direct investors from easily coming into the Philippines to set up offices, factories, and other operations that would have created millions of opportunities for gainful employment for locally-based Filipinos. And do not tax my patience by saying that not all legislators are involved. Hadn’t they heard of “Meet the People” or “Townhall” Sessions that happen where representatives regularly meet with the people they represent in their own districts for Q&A’s and  thus gain the necessary input they need for privilege speeches and for discussions and debate in the legislature? What if we were Parliamentary back in 2009? They needed a means for the Executive (aka “The Office of the President”) to be able to control, entice, cajole, and buy the legislature in order to get them cooperating. Moreover, in the Philippines, while the big guns get the lion’s share of the pork, legislators don’t have to fight over it. MANILA, Philippines — The anti-graft court has denied the request for temporary release of Jessica Lucila “Gigi” Reyes, the former chief-of-staff of ex-Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile who is facing plunder cases in connection to the so-called pork barrel scam. Public attention is now focused on the pork barrel scam, as well it should. Then let’s not just look at symptoms. It’s especially popular in East and Southeast Asia, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, North America, South America, and Oceania.1 While the pork barrel can be used favorably , supporters o f the abolition point out that the pork barrel system is generally anomalous as legislators could easily manipulate their PDAF spending to pursue self interest and not the public interest. Simply because those who benefit are the ones who decide whether the system should continue or not. The Pork Barrel fund was meant to “solve” a few problems. Do we really want a truly better country? ABS-CBN’s award-winning public affairs program “The Bottomline With Boy Abunda” will discuss the effects of the priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or pork barrel in the system of politics in the Philippines this Saturday (September 28). And it continues to flourish, in spite of the fact that its costs are much greater than its benefits. Understanding this will allow us to see if merely abolishing the Pork Barrel fund will actually work, or whether it is actually part of a wider set of systemic problems that stem from a common set of root causes. These bad politicians make policies that hinder development. We must remove all the reasons why People (especially poor people) ask for such dole-outs. Why are the Monsods so anti-Constitutional Reform? Why? And what are the costs? But now, the rashes are getting to you, and you feel that it’s not worth the trouble. It supports patronage politics. Lee Kuan Yew on Filipinos and the Philippines, Rizal the Federalist; Bonifacio the Unitarian, Rediscovering the Advantages of Federalism. We should get to the roots of our problems instead of just ignoring them and using band-aid “quick-fixes” merely attempt to suppress the surface-symptoms but also often end up having serious side-effects. Pork Barrel System Transplanted to the Philippines The use of pork barrel funds in the Philippines dates back to the 1930s during the U.S. colonial occupation. Having lived in progressive countries which use parliamentary systems, Orion has seen first hand the difference in the quality of discussions and debates of both systems, finding that while discussions in the Philippines are mostly filled with polemical sophistry often focused on trivial and petty concerns, discussions and debates in the Parliamentary-based countries he’s lived in have often focused on the most practical and most important points. Unfortunately, that other symptom re-emerges. These three are what we need in order to totally eliminate the need for the Pork Barrel once and for all: (1) Economic Liberalization, (2) Evolving Federalism, (3) Parliamentary System. That’s one of the key selling points of Federalism. Grand conspiracy to steal taxpayers’ money. DISTRIBUTING OPPORTUNITIES TO THE COUNTRYSIDE, When the regions who form the “Countryside” are much more capable of fending for themselves economically, what need is there for the Pork Barrel as a means of “redistributing funds?”, 3. By Jeanne … Clearly, using the Pork Barrel does not develop the countryside. Agitating for the abolition of the Pork Barrel or PDAF is a good start. Should the Philippines Turn Parliamentary? Call 896 6000. Our legislators have constantly repeated that they never handle any of the money involved in the projects, and just choose the projects, which choices are limited to a list of projects that “qualify” or are acceptable by guidelines set up by the Department of Budget and Management. Trapo at its lowest point. Perhaps it is time to take a big picture view of what could be the root cause of that symptom. Everyone seems to be screaming about the need to abolish the Pork Barrel, which today bears the official name “Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). That’s the same thing as the pork barrel. All Rights Reserved. Abolishing the Pork Barrel because of the harmful side-effects of corruption it causes upon society will not work if the reasons for why the Pork Barrel was made to exist continue to be present. Pork barrel spending occurs when the government earmarks funds to be spent in a specific region of … One, it gives the executive branch tremendous leverage over the legislature, which is supposed to provide checks and balances (the executive branch can withhold the pork). As the Philippines is a developing nation that can ill-afford delays and showstoppers caused by gridlock, many leaders in the past sought a means of mitigating this debilitating feature of the Presidential System. Greater transparency as the Opposition can question the Government during the numerous Question Periods and parliamentary debates. Earmark ban: No effect on spending Mitch McConnell, top Senate Republican, said Monday he would support a GOP ban on earmarks. And PNoy answered:“ I am open for having a second term.“ Superior check and balance as the Shadow Cabinet regularly scrutinizes the Government’s Cabinet and their decisions and actions. The Pork Barrel case was brought during de Lima’s tenure as justice secretary under former President Benigno S. Aquino III. But it should not end there. One, it gives the executive branch tremendous leverage over the legislature, which is supposed to provide checks and balances (the executive branch can withhold the pork). But they haven’t done a thing about it either. It seems more like their idea was that all elected positions are somehow “executive” and are supposed to have projects (both soft projects such as scholarships as well as “infrastructure projects”) that would create visibility for them even if the elected positions they ran for are purely within the legislative branch. When there are more jobs for locally-based Filipinos, then these people will earn salaries and be more capable of supporting themselves and their families instead of relying on dole-outs and hand-outs. Simply removing the “supply” by abolishing the pork barrel fund will not work, since the demand will continue. One totally disappointing recurring theme in Philippine Society is the overwhelming focus that Filipinos have in merely addressing symptoms, but not going deep enough to hit the root causes of a particular “disease” or problem. MANILA, Philippines — Janet Lim-Napoles was accused of masterminding the pork barrel scam for at least 10 years, using a network of bogus nongovernment organizations (NGOs). Let’s seek to truly solve the problems of the country by looking at the bigger picture. It is a sickening cycle of stealing and cheating. These Just talk to most Visayans, Mindanaoans, Bangsamoros, Cordillerans, Bicolanos, and even many Ilocanos, and you’ll realize that the concept has a lot of followers and supporters. While Presidential Systems were designed to separate the executive and legislative branches which makes them all prone to gridlock when the two branches cannot agree on the same issue, Parliamentary Systems fuse both the executive and the legislative functions to parliament (particularly to the more powerful lower house if bi-cameral). However, taking that pill gives you rashes, although it does solve – to an extent – that other symptom you originally had. Only in the sense that a jeepney and a Porsche are both motor vehicles. Lee Kuan Yew’s Speech at the Philippine Business Conference, Nápoles & Pork Barrel: It’s the Lousy System, Foreigner: Pinoy Inability to Improve is due to Escapism. Please help.. i need to report it on class.. English or Tagalog. Instead, by getting down to the root cause(s), we eliminate (or at least reduce) the need for quick fixes in the first place, so we won’t need to experience their harmful side-effects. As a necessary component of a republican system, the pork barrel is directly beneficial to the people as priority projects can be funded by the legislator’s PDAF allocation. While the US Congress was torn “between those who pursue pork and those who resist it,” the latter view prevailed until a “turning point” was reached in the 1980s, during the Reagan administration, after which the number and value of pork projects increased astronomically. Pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world, making up about 38 percent of meat production worldwide. The first pork project in the United States—federal funds were appropriated for the benefit of a locality—was $1,500 to complete a lighthouse in what was then Massachusetts (with the backing of President George Washington). It simply makes people in the countryside more likely to develop a mendicant attitude of dependence on dole-outs… Two, it gives incumbent legislators an unfair advantage over their electoral opponents, because of the projects (if successfully implemented) they bring, or the money (if pocketed) they can use to buy votes. Parliamentary: NO GRIDLOCK; SUPERIOR GOVERNANCE. Economic Liberalization allows multinational corporations and foreign direct investors to more easily come in and leads to rapid economic development and massive job-creation. Don't miss out on the latest news and information. Because those side-effects will prompt us to find other band-aid quick-fixes to fix those side-effects and they too will have their own side-effects, and so on and so forth. Apparently, far too many Filipino leaders didn’t think that legislators are supposed to concentrate on legislation – i.e. : passing new relevant laws and/or repealing obsolete ones, or that representing their constituents’ interests in the legislature was what they signed up for. There’s been a lot of anger expressed regarding Janet Nápoles, her daughter Jeane, their lavish lifestyles, and the Pork Barrel scam that funded it all. How the government agency translates that order into reality when there are bids and awards committees to safeguard procedures is another thing altogether. Let’s CoRRECT™ Asia’s Basketcase of Wasted Democrazy! Good grief. Orion Pérez Dumdum comes from an IT background and analyzes the Philippine situation the way he analyzes IT systems: logically and objectively. Need for the Executive to get the Legislature’s Cooperation. The Minority Opposition creates what is known as a Shadow Cabinet which is composed of leaders and senior members of the coalition or party that leads the opposition minority bloc, who will take on “shadow ministerial positions” and are each assigned to follow the official Government Cabinet’s own ministers around in each of their ministry’s meetings. The Philippines and corruption go together like pork and mustard. While the Majority bloc will assign their most senior leader to be the Prime Minister and the other leaders and senior members to be Ministers heading each of the Ministries, the Minority will do the same. 3. The Executive may want to do something, but the Legislature may block it. The Opposition’s most senior leader will be the Leader of the Opposition who will keep tabs on what the Prime Minister does, while the Shadow Minister for, say, Defense will keep tabs on whatever the official government’s Minister of Defense does. The Parliamentary System: Would it produce better leaders? This became the key rationale for institutionalizing the Pork Barrel fund. Surely, everyone understands this to be a disaster. In short, being less disease-prone means having less need to pop pills, and thus not have to endure their side-effects. What are the effects of The Pork Barrel Scam by Janet Lim napoles on the Economy of the Philippines? These are all systemic problems caused by systemic root causes. Without the pork barrel fund, the Executive would simply be unable to get the legislature agreeing with it, and both branches could end up going in different directions. That’s the pork barrel system in the Philippines. Well, if you are able to get to the root, then you may end up getting rid of the symptom without even needing to take that pill that causes rashes. This is very much tied to Economic Liberalization, but this time, the regions themselves will be empowered to take the initiative to more actively “court investors” by having the regions set policies that would make themselves much more investor-friendly and competitive in order to attract job-creating corporations to set up operations in various regions. • The act of using government funds on local projects that are primarily used to bring more money to a specific representative’s district. And we must eliminate (or at least reduce) the root problems that cause the executive to need to rely upon pork barrel funds as a means to elicit the legislature’s cooperation. Very often, due to the discretionary nature of the fund, politicians use the fund to reward supporters or buy the support of many others. It is presently known as … Parliamentary System: NO GRIDLOCK, Greater Transparency. The other Shadow Ministers will do the same for each of the Government Ministers they are assigned to “shadow.”, (“Shadow” —> “to follow around and keep detailed tabs on“), In a Parliamentary System, the competition between the Opposition versus Government during parliamentary debates ensures that the Government is on its toes. We must address Root Causes, not just Symptoms. Sadly, the palliative remedy that is the Pork Barrel which was originally envisioned so that the executive could get the legislature’s cooperation has spawned a lot more evil side-effects than benefits. Answer: Countrywide Development Fund, In other words, part of the intention for the Pork Barrel was to “distribute funds from the national coffers to localities in the countryside.” In defense of the Pork Barrel fund, you might have read comments about the need to “assist local communities through special funding” or “redistribute wealth to the rest of the country through various local projects.”. Subscribe to INQUIRER PLUS to get access to The Philippine Daily Inquirer & other 70+ titles, share up to 5 gadgets, listen to the news, download as early as 4am & share articles on social media. Wrote Patricio Diaz in a column for MindaNews: The spoil system originated from American politics. Federalism actually isn’t that difficult to sell as a concept. Sen. Enrile Solidly Supports Parliamentarism, Better quality & highly competent leaders. Presidential or Parliamentary – Does it Make a Difference? • A government appropriation, bill, or policy that supplies funds for local improvements designed to ingratiate legislators with their constituents. As of July 23, the Philippines has been able to test less than 1.2 million individuals or just 0.9% of the population. Protesters, responding to a call to wear white, converged on Manila’s largest park angry at the misuse of “pork barrel” funds under the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). When people earn their own salaries, there is less need for them to ask for largesse and less need for them to ask elected officials and other politicians to help them out with “donations”, fiesta-funding, funerals, baptisms, weddings, and special “projects.”. It takes a little more effort, but only just a little: The legislators reportedly tell the government agency involved who they want as contractors or project implementers. Infographic: Solutions to the Root Causes of the Pork Barrel, Crowdsourced Malolos-Style Proposed Constitution, Read This Before Registering to this Site, Dismissing Gridlock: A Case for Parliamentary Systems, How I Came to the Conclusion that the Phils Needs Constitutional Reform, Parliamentary Systems Offer Better Representation, The Anti-People Constitution (from PhilStar), Chan Robles' Copy of the 1987 Constitution, The Parable of the Good Father and National Five-Year Plans, Please read this first before registering, The late John Gokongwei was pro-Constitutional Reform. Creepy conspiracy theories and the vaccine, Sinas: No planting of evidence in Echanis’ house, Thinnest 5G smartphone vivo V20 Pro now available with Smart Signature Plan 1999, vivo V20 SE gets P2000 discount with vivo holiday deals, Toyota gives Hiace Commuter owners livelihood push with Oil-In offer, PH military challenge vs Chinese ship intrusion in PH waters bared, Female suspect in Valenzuela robbery-slay falls but 3 still at large, Sinas loses 20 kilos after ‘strict exercise, diet’, Anthony Taberna reveals heartache after daughter lost hair due to chemo, Chinese researchers quit US; agents target Biden team — US officials, Alleged serial rapist who targeted at least 7 massage therapists held in Pasay, Pacquiao takes over as president of Duterte’s PDP-Laban. The system operated under a series of programs, most recently The “servants” of the people screw their bosses with impunity. Pork barrel has its roots in a degrading pre-Civil War tradition. Economic Liberalization: Remove 60/40 & other anti-FDI provisions. The Parliamentary System can fix Philippine Politics. Rightly or wrongly, it was actually originally intended to serve as an immediate palliative remedy or “band-aid” to fix some key symptomatic problems caused by deeper systemic root causes inherent in the overall Philippine “System.”.

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