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acoustic guitars with thin necks for small hands

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13 de novembro de 2020

acoustic guitars with thin necks for small hands

The fit and finish, and beautiful but simple styling are top-notch all the way. Having an appropriate length of strings will make the user play easier and more comfortably be able to access all of the chords. The string action of a guitar is the distance between the string and fret. Guitars with thin necks are much easier to grip and get your hands around. Guitar players with small hands who want a standard scale but can handle strings that are closer together than standard spacing have another option. Full-size guitar might be a little too large for some children. Like the Jameson Thinline, the Kona K2 is a guitar that gives you more than you pay for it. This guitar is a great example of that. As for the slim neck, this factor is essentially an extension of the shorter fingerboard requirement. We're often asked if small hands will hinder guitar playing, and our answer to that is "no!" For someone looking at a good, playable smaller size guitar, with various color options, and at a very low price, this is a solid choice. This guitar is unique because it’s the smallest we’ll talk about, comes with a pack of helpful accessories to get you started. Many people have trouble playing with their pinky at all since it’s much weaker than the other fingers. This guitar packs a lot of features, style, and value into a small price. When the body of a guitar is too large, it forces you to reach around awkwardly to pick or strum the strings, putting your fret hand in an even mor… Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. And while having small hands and short fingers is definitely a disadvantage, it is certainly possible to overcome if you put in the practice. A guitar’s scale length is important because it will typically determine how long the neck of the guitar is and the tension of the guitar strings. If you’re a guitar player with small hands and short fingers, then you might want to consider getting a guitar that is a shorter scale length. Let's get started! Their necks generally have a smaller width, and their bodies are normally much thinner than an acoustic guitar. The LXM includes a heavy-padded bag for gigs and travels. If you are looking for an affordable mini guitar that can suit your small hands, then this LXK2 is a top choice. A thin neck gives your hand more room to stretch and gives you more leverage so your hands don’t strain as hard to press the strings down. The more you stretch your fingers, the harder it will be to apply pressure to the strings since you won’t have as much leverage. Others, like myself, might not be so lucky. It may seem obvious to many that electric guitars are generally smaller and easier to handle than acoustic guitars. How to Choose the Best Guitar For Small Hands – A Complete Buyer’s Guide, reputable brands when it comes to acoustic guitars, Full-size guitar is great to learn and  grow with, Great tone for rock, pop, and other styles, “C”-shaped maple neck with 20-fret fingerboard, Three single-coil Stratocaster pickups with five-way switching, Vintage-style hardtail Stratocaster bridge, Maple neck with 20-fret Indian Laurel fingerboard, Single coil pickups can be noisy for rock music or loud volumes, 22″ scale Maple neck offers low tension and small size, Rosewood fingerboard with shark fin inlays, It’s rock styling might not appeal to someone wanting a more subtle guitar, Fast, slim Maple neck with New Zealand Pine fingerboard, Full-size neck and body might be too large for small children, Full-size body might be too large for small children, Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa Pattern HPL Top, Oscar Schmidt OG1FYS-A-U 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar, 6-string Acoustic Guitar with Mahogany Top, Small size is great for small hands or children, 23″ scale Stratabond modified low-oval neck, Might be too small for an adult as their main guitar, Very low price for a small, capable guitar, The ¾ body is a good balance between small and full-size guitars, The quality is not as good as the others in this list like the Taylor and Martin, Full-size guitar body might be too big children, Select Spruce wood top plus catalpa wood sides and back for good resonance, Alternative/engineered/Tech wood Fingerboard and Bridge, Fully adjustable truss rod, Chrome die-cast tuners, Perfect size for both smaller hands and larger hands alike, Some might want less color choice and a higher-quality guitar. Finding the perfect guitar for people with small hands is not an easy task but with the right knowledge, you can surely find one. The guitars mentioned above are some of the top choices you may consider if you want to buy one. Yamaha is pretty good at making good value-priced guitars, giving you quality without breaking the bank. The tone is good enough to play often, and the neck is a good size to learn and practice regularly. When you go on a search, the Martin LXM Little Martin -Natural will surely top off the list because of its excellent sound quality and feels. On the body you’ll find a spruce top with sapele for the back and sides. If you’re looking for the best guitar for small hands, there are several different features that you should consider looking at. Considering all the factors for selecting a guitar, they will surely fit your music preference. This guitar features a body with wood-pattern HPL with one style Sitka spruce bracing. But if you’re a guitar player with small hands, learning how to use your pinky is a must. Although not the best guitar in this review, it’s still an incredible value for the money. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'audiountapped_com-leader-3','ezslot_6',119,'0','0']));Overall, this Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa is an affordable guitar with great value. A beginner with smaller hands will be able to learn well on this and will be very satisfied with the feel and tone for years. Last update on 2020-12-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API, Your email address will not be published. This guitar is not only perfect for players of any level but is also a lot of fun to play. In contrast, Epiphone and Gibson guitar necks tend to be really chunky, which makes them challenging for a lot of beginners and players with small hands to play. The Martin LXM Little Martin is made of a birch laminate slim neck and a Richlite 20-unit fretboard that will surely fit smaller hands and shorter fingers. This is a good choice for someone wanting a full-size acoustic, on a limited budget. All material is included, and this package will give them a lot to use, work with, and learn from. Although a full-size guitar, the shape of the body and slim neck make this a great player for smaller hands. Ibanez guitars (both acoustic and electric) tend to have really thin necks and low action. Fender Telecasters often had fat necks but increased fingerboard curve. This guitar would also appeal to someone that just wants a nice-looking guitar in a smaller size to play on occasion, but that is also good enough to play for years. Get the best deals on musical instruments and recording equipment at Sweetwater. With its petite size, the price can be pretty ideal. Once you pick it up, it’s hard to put down. The casual rocker will love everything about this guitar. It also gives a crisp high that can satisfy your standards. Sure, if the shoes are too large you can get your feet in them, and you may even be able to walk around, but soon you’ll have blisters and all kinds of other problems. In addition, finding the best guitar that is comfortable for you can give you the extra edge that you need. Shorter string length would allow the users to exert lesser power and strength. The LXM features a Spruce Pattern HPL (High Pressure... Mahogany pattern HPL (high pressure laminate) textured... Rust Stratabond neck, shortened 3/4 scale, Solid Morado or East Indian Rosewood fingerboard. When it comes to sound quality, this Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa will not disappoint. For full-size guitars, the most common scale lengths are 24.75” (Les Paul style guitars) and 25.5” (Stratocaster and Super Strat-style guitars). Some smaller guitars are made for beginners, and this one will give any beginner a solid instrument to learn on and grow with. Every time I pick up one of these guitars, I feel like I’m playing something that costs over $1,000. (pun slightly intended). I’ve always felt humbucker pickups are very versatile, and this guitar has two great pickups on it. I’ve been playing guitar for over 10 years now, and I’m a total nerd when it comes to gear. In my opinion, these are the best electric and acoustic guitars for people with small hands. From the beautiful finish to the pickups and tremolo bridge, it’s hard to believe that you get such a quality guitar for the price you paid! This shorter scale length makes it easier to create the different chord shapes and shortens the distance your fingers need to reach. Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar, Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa Pattern HPL Top with Padded Gigbag, Martin X Series 2015 LX Little Martin Acoustic Guitar Natural. Alvarez has some fairly thin-necked guitars, as well. I was looking for a small travel guitar at the time. A good quality guitar at this low price was impossible to find years ago. This Little Marin is a small scale guitar with a slimmer neck and body. Because of the small body, this guitar’s acoustic sound is a little thin to our taste. But if you’re new and want a guitar that will fit you just a little bit better, here are 5 factors to consider when choosing the best guitar for small hands. Size: a bigger guitar, think dreadnoughts, and the big jumbos will deliver more of the bottom end sounds than the smaller guitars, and they are ideal for unaccompanied gigs. When my sister wanted to learn guitar years ago, this is the guitar I picked for her. It fit perfectly in her budget, was the right size for her, and she loved the way it felt and sounded. This small guitar comes with a sleek Satin finish and a C neck that is very easy or small hands to get a hold of. Playing the wrong size guitar is like wearing the wrong size shoes. For someone wanting the cheapest, smaller guitar that can play well, this can be a great choice. Their acoustic guitars are known to have thin necks and easy playability for beginners as well as pros. If you’re looking for a guitar with wide string spacing AND a wide neck….chances are you’ve noticed that the pickings are kind of slim. Another great choice—if you are looking for an acoustic guitar with a thin neck—is the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus. When I first played one of these, I was playing mostly Taylors and didn’t “want” to like it. At the end of the day, building up finger strength and dexterity will have a much more significant impact than the guitar you’re using. Great for players of any age or style, this full-size guitar is as versatile as they come. If you have smaller hands and shorter fingers, then this Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa is the perfect choice for you. Guitars with low action are preferable because since there is less distance between the string and fret, the strings are easier to press down since there isn’t as much travel. Martin LXM Little Martin. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'audiountapped_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_2',118,'0','0']));Most acoustic guitars for smaller hands have string length that is suitable for this particular users. Keep in mind you don’t actually need to buy a new guitar with low action as the string action is something that you can adjust with any guitar. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'audiountapped_com-leader-4','ezslot_9',120,'0','0']));– Travel size. Even before I owned Martin guitars, I liked this one very much. I’ve been playing guitar for over 10 years now, and I’m a total nerd when it comes to gear. Learn More. Here are my picks for the 10 best guitars for small hands: If you’re an electric guitar player, then there are a ton of great options for guitars that are more geared towards players with small hands. This guitar is very simple, is a nice small size, and gives you a solid instrument to play on. The Ibanez AEG10II is an entry level acoustic guitar that meets all of the specs for what a good beginner acoustic guitar should offer. It’s also slightly friendlier for guitar players with small hands with a slightly shorter neck. When it comes to electric guitar, two things to consider if you have smaller hands is the guitar’s scale length and neck profile. The hardware of the Martin LXK2 is made of solid FSC richlite bridge with white tusq saddle and a set of chrome tuning machines. Since many companies offer different models and brands, you may want to have some research first on the specifications of different guitar models particularly with slimmer necks that are compatible with small hands. We roundup acoustic guitars with thin necks by putting some popular acoustic models into a table and listing neck dimensions. Therefore if you are in search of a thin neck acoustic guitar with superb sounds, then this acoustic guitar is the ultimate answer and you must give it a try. I’ve learned a ton over the years and would love to share some tips with you! This Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar gives a compact sound at its size. by admin | Apr 18, 2019 | Reviews | 0 commentseval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'audiountapped_com-box-3','ezslot_7',102,'0','0'])); Looking for the perfect guitar will always depend on the people’s choice and preference. I have to say that this is a great choice for young beginners. This guitar has a very nice tone for its small size, and the neck is very easy to play on for players of any level. It is made of 23 inches solid Sitka pruce on top and high-pressure mahogany on the sides and back. A guitar’s scale length is the distance between the nut and the bridge, and different guitars use different scale lengths. The longer the scale length of the guitar, the longer the guitar neck will be and the more tension there will be on the strings, making it harder to press the frets and perform string bends. I love using this to warm up, and even to jam on a smaller guitar at times. The flatter the fretboard radius (16” or above) the lower you can set the action. I’m Dan Hoang. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). It has a Martin script logo along with the headstock. I love recording music and filming guitar covers and I occasionally post them on YouTube. It’s not a bad guitar, but it’s very simple, very basic, stays in tune, and nothing extra. The lower the string action, the closer the string is to the fret. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'audiountapped_com-leader-1','ezslot_8',117,'0','0']));If you want to buy an acoustic guitar for small hands, it is ideal if you select a model with a slimmer neck. This will make it much more difficult to wrap your fingers around the neck limit your maneuverability. Industry-leading acoustic guitar manufacturers such as Talyor, Martin, Jasmine and Yamaha all have dedicated short-scale guitars for those with smaller hands. The shorter the guitar neck, the less distance between the frets, meaning you won’t have to reach as far. There are plenty of options from the most reputable brands when it comes to acoustic guitars specifically made for those with smaller hands. It is also essential to have a slim neck guitar because it will allow you to play on a faster tempo as you can change chords at ease. The Martin LXM Little Martin is made of a birch laminate slim neck and a Richlite 20-unit fretboard that … I’m always impressed with the style and quality of guitars Ibanez makes for the price they charge. Alvarez Artist Series . If you’re looking for the highest quality guitar for small hands, we recommend checking out the Eastman E10P Parlor Acoustic Guitar. Just because you have smaller hands doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to play guitar like the pros. A cutaway not only adds some visual snappiness, but it also lets you get up to those higher frets during those times where … Here are my 5 picks for the best acoustic guitars for small hands: Having been a Taylor owner before, I can tell you everything Taylor makes is high quality and feel great to play. The best profile for people with small hands is the “C” profile, found on many guitars that usually have thinner necks, such as the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul and Les Paul Junior. The GA35 TCEDVS is a great slim neck guitar which has a dark finish on a small body. Here are my personal picks for the best electric guitars for small hands: This Les Paul Special is a classic style, in a simple and budget-priced version. It comes with a Micarta fretboard and bridge, with 23 inches scale, a modified low-oval Stratabond neck, and a signature Martin’s patented noise. If a guitar has a shorter scale length, then the neck of the guitar will be shorter and there will be less tension on the strings, meaning the frets are easier to press and the string bends are easier. This particular model gives you a balanced sound with enough low-end response. I’ve played this Baby Taylor many times and it’s nothing short of perfect. That is why I created this list of guitars with players with small hands in mind. With a smaller, or just slimmer body, you will be able to grab a hold of the guitar with more easy and play the instrument without a hassle. Small hands or large hands, there's a guitar for everyone! Their quality and level of detail are excellent in every guitar they make. For someone that wants an outstanding guitar, for any style they want, to learn and grow on, this would be my personal choice. Industry-leading acoustic guitar manufacturers such as Talyor, Martin, Jasmine and Yamaha all have dedicated short-scale guitars for those with smaller hands. Though Yamaha normally makes fatter necks, this model is a bit on the slim side, which is why we’ve chosen it. This is a very versatile guitar for any style of music, both for versatile tones and for looks and styling. 2. Keep in mind that these are just some suggestions to help start looking. Yamaha’s APXT2 is their ¾ sized edition of the popular APX500II model. This package is a great choice for kids that want to learn guitar. Its bridge provides a nice sustain. It pretty much became a staple of rock and roll during the 1960s and is still one of the most popular guitars in the genre today. Playing a guitar that is too large for your hand size can be just as daunting. The pickups sound very good, and handle high-gain well if needed. As a fair warning, though, wide-neck steel string acoustic guitars are rare. Several features make it perfect for players with small hands as well. The holiday season is finally here! I would suggest checking out the Eastman E10P Parlor Acoustic Guitar if you’re really interested in finding an acoustic guitar that’s easy to use for people who have smaller hands. If you’re short or have small hands, you’re going to find it very difficult to play the guitar that’s been designed for someone with larger hands or stands over 6-foot tall., for example. With just over 22.75 inches of scale and 20 frets, this is a very small guitar. If you’re not sure what to get, I have no doubt you’ll love this guitar! If that adult has smaller hands or wants a smaller guitar, there are other options in this review. 12. One of the main factors that determine the playability of a guitar is string action. The neck on this guitar is paper thin (okay, maybe a little thicker than that), but thanks to sturdy construction, it feels solid and secure in the hand. You will find a good mix of full-sized guitars for adults and shorter-scale guitars for kids. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Copyright @ 2018 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The tone and styling are all excellent. String length is mostly about 22 to 24.6 inches. The Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar is a 23 in scale guitar with 20 frets made from FSC richlite. Two MP90 single coil pickups give you a fat, but edgy sound typical of Fender. Alternatively, if you’re playing on a guitar with a thick, chunky neck, like a Gibson Les Paul, then it’ll pretty much fill up the entire palm of your hand. The best part is that this awesome model is very affordable but with great value. Sometimes adults with small hands not only have small hands, but small bodies in general, and therefore it might be appropriate for them to buy a smaller body size than 4/4. Picking the best guitar for small hands is not a stressful task if you know exactly what you need. Great tone, fast neck, gorgeous maple finish, great styling, and in a design that can appeal to many. Maybe--just maybe--you can find the one that you are looking for. Although closer to a full-size guitar, the neck is nice and slim for smaller hands. This guitar can sound mellow and light, or mean and aggressive. The sound projection it produces may not match the standard dreadnought but for beginners and aspiring artist, this model is the perfect choice for a start. The fact that this Mikro electric The small body makes this guitar a great amenity for guitar players with small hands. This guitar is the classic Ibanez RG design that so many players favor, including Steve Vai. This guitar is a perfect match for those who are on a budget but still want a good quality guitar for people with smaller hands. Like any instruments guitars with thin necks can range from being inexpensive to thousands of dollars, and there are lots of thin neck model guitars out there. Some guitars that are known for having extremely thin and comfortable necks are Ibanez guitars, Ernie Ball Music Man guitars, and Schecter guitars. It had the best tone of any smaller acoustic guitar in this range. Fun guitar! I personally am a guitar player with small hands, and I have played hundreds of different guitars without ever feeling at a disadvantage. These give you a wide range of tones for any style you like. You have everything you need to get started learning right away! I actually bought this guitar for my son years ago. Get ready for goosebumps. This is also a great travel guitar or smaller guitar for a professional to add to their collection as well. Other important considerations. This guitar will give the player many years of good tone, great vibes, with a look that never goes out of style. Instead, you have to best acoustic guitar for small hands. If you’re someone with smaller hands, then picking a guitar with a thin neck can make a huge difference in playability. So, I can tell you it’s definitely a great little guitar to play. For a smaller guitar, I’m still surprised how well this plays and how good it sounds! This means that the curve on the back of the neck is shallower, making it easier to play. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Picking the best acoustic guitar for small hands, we narrow it down to two choices, one from Taylor and another from Martin. The LXK2 is perfect if you are more particular with fingerstyle than usual strumming. You may expect that, since this guitar has a thin neck and body, it will not sound good. I can’t think of a better, more versatile guitar for the money than this guitar. Therefore, having a guitar that requires less force to press the frets down in the first place is definitely helpful. When I was first starting out, I didn’t think that the guitar was the right instrument for me because my hands weren’t big enough.

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