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how to overcome retail challenges?

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13 de novembro de 2020

how to overcome retail challenges?

In this article we cover some key challenges that a small retailer, such as a convenience store, may encounter and what they can do to deal with the situations… Obstacle 1: Limited Store Space The average convenience store has a sales area of approximately 255 sq. 7 Major Challenges in the Retail Industry & How to Overcome Them 1. -Northern Trade Works, When a new retail space is being designed, it’s essential to have a focus on placement of products and shelving. Obviously, the size of your store has a big impact on the amount of product and categories you will have, as well as what kind of shelving you will use and how it will be placed. Yes, there will always be challenges when it comes to sales. In addition, business hours can be shortened, which together with a commensurate reduction in salary costs, can keep cash flow at a reasonable level. Depth : Refers to how many variants of a specific product type are being offered. To get a better understanding of your retail operations, begin with analyzing the following: -Total Sales -Sales by location -Best and worst selling products -Conversion rate -Inventory turnover rate -Costs of goods sold Once you’ve focused on the KPI’s in these areas, you’ll be able to set purposeful goals. Weight is a huge factor when considering shelving for your retail store. Carefully selecting a data-driven product plan for your product clusters ensure a satisfaction with your customers, leading to increased sales and a strong reputation. Watch the behaviour of customers and help guide them on a journey. With the growing popularity of online retail stores such as ASOS, overcoming this challenge is central to creating retail experiences that still draw in customers. Retail Audit, Online Influence Social media has impacted the retail world in massive ways. 4 Things You Need to be Focusing on for Best Retail Operations, Successfully Optimize YOUR Retail Operations, Keeping UP with TOP Retail Trends (Wise Category Management), 10 Things a Successful Retailer Always Does, The Best Category Management Process Breakdown: Save Your Retail Biz With These Steps, 4 Questions to Ask When Managing Your Retail Store, Getting the Most Profitable “Product Mix” (Retailer’s Blog), 4 Obstacles Small Retailers Must Overcome. From transportation to warehouse organization, it all plays a part in your system. Step 2: Report on in-store sales Use your reporting tools to figure out what promotions are driving the most traffic to your stores. The way you run your entire retail operations system will reflect on the shelves. Hiring better managers. Rule #2: Understand sales from different shelf positions If your retail store deals with numerous amounts of different products, knowing how to place them is very important. If items are frequently sold together, put them together in the warehouse. Consistency : The correlation between the products, or in other words, how closely they are related to one another. How to overcome retail display challenges. Retail Sales Promotions Challenges And How To Overcome Them Promotions are nothing new. However, with that in mind, it is still importance to find a balance. Questions to Ask When Developing a Category Strategy: 1. Even if the order is rung up, it’s important to leave a lasting impression with your customers. This will ensure you get maximum exposure and sales in all the right areas. In COVID-19, the retail industry is witnessing a perfect storm of circumstances: As a result, companies across our industry are now dealing with a variety of daunting challenges—challenges that will both test us and make us better. Is the market intelligence gained from the market analysis being applied? grocers, pharmacies, household suppliers), you most likely experienced a huge wave of desperate customers buying up your stock, making it impossible to keep up. 3. There is no doubt left that large-scale and small-scale retailers equally face this challenge. The best option that we know of to ensure success in your retail endeavours is Retail Shelf Planner . Pre-requisites for Successful Category Management: 1. If you have multiple store locations within a reasonable distance, your customers might shop at more than one retail location. For more ways to optimize your stores success, check out our other blogs or contact Northern Trade Works . Yes, the specific challenge you face will be dependent upon your type of retail business. One thing they have in common? They put humans at the center. You also want to ensure that the shelving material is capable of withstanding the collective weight of the products. If your store isn’t inviting and exciting, you’ll lose traffic. Three steps how to restore retail business Companies must keep a tight control on costs. While competition continues to grow, so does the cost to run your retail store. Knowing how much to buy at a particular time is extremely important to keep your customers’ activity flowing. Using a software like Retail Shelf Planner will help you stay on track with the trend changes and consumer purchasing patterns, so you can stay on top of the retail game always. Used to direct clusters of items within a store, category management helps retailers to buy more efficiently and save large sums of money. Generally, it’s not possible to place all products at eye-level, so experimenting and calculating the most effective way to place them is helpful in the long run. Thus, proper category management for holiday sales can be crucial for your profits, planning ahead for this is key. As you can tell, it’s highly important to get your category management right, especially with the online competition. What should the specific categories and sub-categories be? You might consider the display material being used when choosing the right shelves, as well as the size and weight of the products. Even something like free wi-fi or food samples can make the difference in someone coming back again or going to a more convenient location next time. Based on conversations with retail companies, the free guidebook below, “9 Coronavirus Challenges At-Retail…and How to Overco me Them,” offers a quick problem-and-solution discussion about retail in the age of coronavirus. Feel free to apply for a free demo here ! -Northern Trade Works. Customers are less likely to walk out of the store empty-handed If your product mix is off, you will be able to easily tell by identifying these situations: 1. Overcoming COVID-19 Challenges Working Together in this Time of Crisis. It’s important to go the extra mile and suggest where they may find what they’re looking for. In wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Field Agent on-demand platform is taking simultaneous steps to safeguard its agents in the field and, as detailed in the guidebook, help businesses confront the challenges they're facing...head-on. It’s enough to make an organization want to disregard data entirely. A clothing store will have differing struggles from a corner store, for example. 6. Another great option is to lower price points on frequently bought items and categories. The temperature has dropped, and the retail sector is suffering from further headwinds in Hong Kong, the outbreak of novel coronavirus being its latest challenge. It was impossible to predict that the entire world of retail could be changed seemingly overnight. What changes will this data lead to? 4. Warmly greet all customers that enter your store. Sales and foot traffic decrease or do not increase 2. Data management is one of the hardest parts to get right in a retail chain. This guide reveals the five biggest challenges that retailers will face in 2020, and how your own premium loyalty program can help you overcome them. Step 3: Automate your omni-channel workflow You need to be able to focus on growth. To help you with all the struggles running retail can have, there is an extremely effective software called Retail Shelf Planner that will save you time, stress and money. How much space do I have ? apparel, home furnishings, malls), it was pretty much the exact opposite situation for you. Will I need more shelving down the road? All Rights Reserved. This is meant to increase customer satisfaction and maximize the value of the retail space. In this time of great crisis, new challenges are constantly emerging. This helps prevent stock outs and overselling issues.

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