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bic f12 vs dayton 1500

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bic f12 vs dayton 1500

Just pushing my luck a little trying to stretch the subs out at bit! ... Dayton SPA250 vs Yung SD300 Tested - Duration: 9:44. It could fit the 1500. Sort by. all things being equal, certain design choices will hold benefits over over design choices. Frequency response graphs are literally all that matter. For those who like to turn it up! Thanks! Go to awesomeness ranking Go to consumer score ranking Bic America F12 is more popular specifically these lines: "Poorly designed big subwoofer drivers with inadequate motors don’t produce accurate bass and struggle to start and stop on a dime. [–]ldeas_man 1 point2 points3 points 2 years ago (5 children), if you can provide me with some material that shows I'm wrong, I'll gladly read it. Hi all- Currently running Yamaha RX 700 receiver, w/ Polk monitor 40s and a BIC f12 sub for a 4.1 system I feel like the BIC is working in this room no matter how i tune or place it. No one is RUSHING to review and provide bench-quality independent lab tests of two ultra-budget subwoofers. Dayton SUB-1200 vs SUB-1500, worth the upgrade to 15"? I would much rather have the lazier, but larger enclosure and higher output driver in the sub-1500 but that is, of course subjective. Looking at the BIC F12 vs Dayton 1200. The driver is … Just not sure. Besides one Velodyne model under $500, there other lesser offerings are about equal to the SW150. 10 comments. Both of these speakers are a great budget buy with the same RMS power of 150w. in general, yes it does. If someone is being helpful but you don’t agree, then explain why before you Downvote. Sure you can put it anywhere but to get the best sound you might have to rearrange some stuff. Even people who scoff, and say it’s not important, or that they aren’t interested, are quickly “converted” once they hear the difference. maybe not, but it is a fact that if you spend more on one element, you'll have less to spend on the others. If we put it 2ft away we'll get a cancellation centered around ~70Hz... not good. my room is about 12 x 20 and it easily fills the room with good sound for music and movies. In our awesomeness score Bic America F12 ranks #20 out of 182 and Bic America V-1220 ranks #60 out of 182. Actually the driver has to be that close (since the port has no contribution that high in frequency) which is not even possible with many subs unless they're turned sideways! Yes, there are many 10" subs that outperform many 12's. $1,500 5.1 "Expandable ... in usa and carry to india so i am limited in shipping dimension should not exceed 62inch. I would say that if you're space challenged then the 1500 wouldn't be the best choice. Sub: BIC F12 or Dayton Sub-1500. Absolutely love! But then I was told that, while the 1500 is larger, the F12 is much better built and would therefore have longer reach and better sound. The dayton 1500 goes deeper, plays louder, and measures flatter than the f12. But the SB1000 is also a LOT SMALLER despite having a bigger driver. Cause no reason to spend more if not going to see difference. Klipsch isn’t known for great subs, and bic has a decent reputation, but only in the budget realm. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 65" MU8000, UBD-K8500, X1400H, Philharmonic AAM, PB-1000, OWM3, Klipsch RF45 Towers, RC-45, RB-45 Surrounds | Dual SVS PB12-NSD. Agree with this. I would just caution you on making against making assumptions just on physical measurements of a subwoofer. I'm almost certain I'm going to go with (2) Dayton Sub-1200's. In our awesomeness score Bic America F12 ranks #37 out of 172 and Dayton Audio 15" ranks #59 out of 172. Simply put, the F12 is awesome. For what its worth, I just purchased the 12 inch Dayton, my room is L shaped and around 20X24 with the corner cut out. One has a better driver and enclosure and amp, the other is the BIC F12. but again, if you can provide some information on the contrary, I'd love to see it, [–]umdivx 4 points5 points6 points 2 years ago (0 children), .... It’s even possible for a subwoofer with a 10- or 12-inch driver to outperform a subwoofer with a larger driver if the motor magnets in the smaller subwoofer can generate greater force and exert better control over the driver.". Read more. In our awesomeness score Polk Audio PSW10 ranks #14 out of 182 and BIC America H-100II ranks #85 out of 182. sealed enclosures provide additional damping, so the designs aren't exactly comparable. I would rank the EV1200 above the Dayton sub-1200/1500, but below the Bic V-1220. The Bic F12 is the best cheap subwoofer! Does one stand out over the other or is it a coin toss? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Despite being lesser known and having a website that looks like it’s stuck in 1997, BIC America has been around as long as the best of them and has managed to produce several really great value-tier loudspeakers. Forums. Dayton Audio SUB-800 8" 80 Watt Powered Subwoofer 4.7 out of 5 stars 106. Dayton Audio has there own website which lists the same products that PE is selling -- no surprise there, given how they're linked -- but what is surprising is the fact that everything costs more if you purchase it from Dayton Audio. Review, demonstration, thoughts.. - Duration: 8:30. R-112sw vs bic f12. Both are good choices but it will likely have the edge in output and work better in your large space. In any case, both solutions would be perfect for middle or even large areas. Next. We spent dozens of hours researching and comparing F12 vs SUB-1200 for you to find the right one for your entertainment room. I had the F12 picked initially but then was told that since the 1500 is much larger, it should fill the room better. They will sound as good as any of the subs. It's likely the best sub you can get for $200. Both get good budget reviews. the 1500 is also a bigger cabinet, so even if you pull the BIC off the wall a bit, it won't have a much bigger footprint than the 1500 Best Subwoofers For Home Theater AND Music. ... Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Also: do i need to leave space between the wall and bic f12? Joined Jul 4, 2012 Messages 17,111 all things being equal, less volume will be lighter. there's that Nixxuz guy that posts here that has the dayton 15 and bic rtr12 which is just like the f12 and he seems to recommend the f12/rtr12 over the Dayton. conversely, the smaller woofer and cabinet on the BIC F12 means there's more money for the amp and magnet. Location to be announced. Yamaha receiver, either bookshelves or in-ceiling speakers. Bic F12 vs Dayton 1500? Williston Audio Labs 245,477 views. I've heard both these subwoofers, and describing an F12 as tight and dynamic is just.. wrong. Checking out BIC America F12 vs Klipsch R-112SW features you will see that they are really different, although equally popular. You mean marginally larger cabinet, we're talking a few inches here, not feet. The Dayton will play much flatter, which is much more important, and it will likely do a slightly better job filling a larger space than the F12 will. Testing the RTR version of the BIC, but the Dayton is 15 which generally means it runs into lower hz. i have the f12 and i love it. Buying Advice, Tech Support, etc for Televisions, Home Theater, Speakers, Projectors, Audio/Video Receivers, etc.

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