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portage pass plane crash

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portage pass plane crash

Maybe one day, we will know what happened to Pan Alaska N1812H. No missing airplane case is closed until substantial evidence provides information to the location of the plane. Three passengers, including two United States Congressmen, were aboard.” Those Congressmen were, of course, Boggs, who was 58 and the leading contender to be Speaker of the House, and Begich, who was just 40, a rising star in national politics, having sponsored legislation that brokered the deal that helped create the Trans-Alaska pipeline project. The control tower last heard from the pilot at 9:12 a.m. Despite this assertation, though, a persistent rumor suggested Boggs was not happy with the Warren Commission’s findings and was seeking to reopen the Kennedy investigation. The four were declared dead on Dec. 29. That a plane has gone missing in Alaska isn’t surprising. He was in prison in 1994 for gunning down a man in a Tucson hotel. They also bring up his seemingly anti-authority attitude, an attitude, it must be said, that was and is not unknown among aviators in general and in particular Alaskan pilots then or now. Even though Boggs and Begich were presumed dead, both men were re-elected to the House of Representatives. Pasley told investigators that in 1972, a Bonanno lieutenant in Arizona handed him a locked briefcase. Boggs then called for the immediate resignation of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Was he telling the truth about the bomb? As a result, Jonz was forced to land in the wild of the remote Brooks Range. Jonz had 17,000 hours of flight time and was an experienced and respected Alaska bush pilot, though some questioned, and continue to question, his judgment. Walczak learned that on March 4, 1974, less than 17 months after the disappearance of her husband, Pegge Begich, the window of Congressman Begich, married Jerry Max Pasley, who years later was convicted of murder and bombing in connection with his with ties to the Mafia. He is perhaps best remembered for his UFO research. Moreover, the only party to the investigation was the FAA. If you’re from Alaska or intimately familiar with it, the thought of a plane going missing, even with national politicians aboard, and never being found despite a massive search is unsurprising. The weather was marginal throughout the entire area on Oct. 16. So knowing the people who worked there at the time the Jonz piece was published, I found it hard to believe it would’ve been an irresponsible take on flying safely. Two men aboard a 76-year-old plane were killed when it crashed Monday. Based on his writings, Jonz had a bit of an anti-authority personality, something more than a few pilots can relate to. B-50D-105-BO, 48-122, converted to WB-50D. If the crash report is not located, please contact the agency that investigated the crash. Boggs, though, was a colorful, outspoken representative from Louisiana who likely would have become the next Speaker of the House of Representatives. America’s owner-flown aircraft enthusiasts and active-pilot resource, delivered to your inbox! Or did those qualities make him too bold to back away from the known risk that day’s flight presented? The three men planned to attend an election rally for Begich in Juneau. He refused to say what the conversations entailed but said once his lawyers finished their investigation, he would release the details to the public. In his excellent podcast, Walczak explores every possibility in seeking to explain the disappearance of N1812H, but his investigation is the first we know of to seriously pursue the bombing theory. What caused the plane to crash? By confessing that someone in the Bonanno crime family handed him a bomb to take to Alaska, Pasley likely put himself in danger in prison. The possibilities are endless. The aide to Representative Begich, Brown, was also aboard. The pilot, himself a remarkable character, went by the name Don Jonz, though that wasn’t his original name. By Robin Barefield Updated September 24, 2020 Save Article. He had been only ten feet from the plane as it swept over the camp. The evening before, the pilot had flown the light twin-engine Cessna down from Fairbanks just for this flight. Regardless, the NTSB stopped short of saying that Jonz would’ve violated any cloud clearance or visibility rules along whatever segment of the route of flight he wound up completing before some kind of disaster struck, either fire or ice based. When those passengers are high-ranking politicians, a pilot might find it difficult to refuse them. The searchers heard another, weaker signal 150 miles northeast of Anchorage (the wrong direction for the flight south from Anchorage), but search planes could not pinpoint the source of either signal. Pasley followed the instructions and then flew back to Arizona the following day. It’s not a stab in the dark. Pasley knew he would spend the rest of his life in prison and said he wanted to come clean about several other killings, including the murder of his ex-wife’s first husband, Nick Begich. Without hearing the details, and there are details galore, it sounds like the stuff of tin hats and YouTube rants. at the intersection of Highway 115 and Gold Pass Heights and The motorcycle struck the Ford Flex, causing the motorcyclist, 26 … Though he worked closely with them in every aspect of his business, he felt that the federal agency was enforcement happy, and he said so in a story he wrote (but never published during his lifetime) called “A Day On The North Slope,” in which he concludes that anytime you make an off-airport landing, the FAA will find some violation. Several people killed in Florida plane crash. That investigation lasted just over or just under a year, depending on when the clock started, either after the plane went missing or after the search was abandoned. Around 11:30 p.m. on July 23, 1970, two years before Boggs disappeared in Alaska, a Lincoln Continental ran his car off the road in Washington, D.C. Boggs chased the car, wrote down the license plate number, and called the police. So what to make of it all? The flight should take approximately three-and-a-half hours, and the airplane carried six hours of fuel. It was just a small plane with four men aboard heading down the coast, just as thousands of small planes had done before and thousands more have done since. In addition to the air operation, ground patrols searched Portage Pass twice. Attorney General John Mitchell denied Boggs’ allegations about the FBI, but Boggs said he was “absolutely certain” the FBI placed a tap on his phone. To find it, search in your browser for “Flying” on Google Books, and look for the October 1972 issue. In my opinion, most of it is a crock.” He continues to seemingly downplay the seriousness of flying in icing conditions, expressing skepticism for modern “gadgetry,” and orders his preferences for “deicing/anti-icing accouterments,” listing boots way down on the list but thermometers at the very top. The plane came to rest on Logan just west of McPhillips Street. Grimes said when he returned to Anchorage from his interview with Pasley in the Arizona prison, he immediately contacted an FBI agent he knew in Anchorage. A straight-tail Cessna 310 with the gear in transition. When that effort proved fruitless, the authorities immediately began the physical search effort, contacting an already-airborne Air Force Lockheed C-130 to look for the missing Cessna, which it proceeded to do without finding the plane or any of its occupants. The ATV rolled onto his leg, crushing it. Photo of The Week: Our Christmas List: A $72,000 Mach .84 Jet. Crashed with 56th WRS. All rights reserved. while riding in PORTAGE — A 53-year-old man was airlifted Sunday … Mysteries abound in the last frontier about airplanes vanishing into thin air without leaving a clue to their fate. Just over a year after the Begich-Boggs flight went missing, Pasley, who has since died, married Pegge Begich, the widow of the Alaska Congressman lost on the Oct. 16, 1972, flight and declared dead on Nov. 24. ... History of Pfizer's 'Building 41' in Portage … Also, the Pan Alaska pilot flying single-pilot, Jonz in this case, would have to be proficient at using the autopilot, which he surely would have been. The pilot had risen early and gotten an official weather briefing, which called for icing in the clouds and moderate-to-severe turbulence. America’s owner-flown aircraft enthusiasts and active-pilot resource, delivered to your inbox! Furthermore, he said several other U.S. No one took special notice. No record exists, though, to indicate police ever investigated the incident. WKYC reports the plane is described as an orange single-engine, experimental plane out of the Portage County Airport. Pasley said he then moved to Anchorage and began dating Pegge Begich, a woman he met through mutual friends in Arizona. Another major theory is that someone planted a bomb, Missing In Alaska” is the title of a 2017 article. However, mountains rise steeply on either side of the pass to elevations between 3,000 and 6,000 feet m.s.l.”. To make a living, though, a commercial pilot in Alaska often must fly in marginal weather. That said, one would expect that the pilot would have continued to communicate with controllers after having cleared the pass and headed out over Prince William Sound, if indeed the plane made it that far, but that’s not necessarily a safe assumption. No piece of the aircraft was located during the initial search or since, and officials at the time decided the plane likely crashed and either sank into Prince William Sound or was buried in ice and snow. The weather was pretty bad, and Jonz knew it. Many people refused to believe he disappeared by accident, and conspiracy theories swirled around his untimely death. It was providing the flight free of charge, he reportedly told friends. (It’s a great listen, though Jonz’ language and humor might offend some listeners.). Others say it must’ve made it through, or it would’ve been located. All in all, it’s hard to imagine a more qualified pilot, and the NTSB said so in its report on the disappearance. Strong, changeable wind gusts channeled through mountain passes and over lakes are common in the state. For pilots flying VFR, heading down V-317 out of Anchorage was, by convention, not really flying the airway but following the terrain. “The aviation terminal and aviation area forecasts, issued at 0755 and valid for use from 0800 to 2000 on Oct. 16, 1972, predicted no significant change from the earlier forecasts. The NTSB also concluded that the plane was not outfitted with survival gear, as it was supposed to have been. Once past the obstacles and cruising along, there would’ve been no reason for Jonz to communicate with ATC, at least not until he got to Juneau, and we do know that never happened. And it all yielded nothing. Pasley worked for mobsters including Peter Licavoli Sr. and Joe Bonanno Sr., and he admitted to several bombings and murders. If it were a paid flight, then it would have been a Part 135 charter operation, and as such it would have been limited to VFR, that is, flight in visual conditions, which is indeed the kind of flight plan the pilot filed. The full narrative is just 10 pages long, and the Safety Board writes that it took depositions from just 16 people during the course of its investigation. Young is still Alaska’s Congressman. Chair 5 is very popular with locals! Like the NTSB pointed out in its 1973 report, what we have is an investigation that lacks a body. In its report, the NTSB details the search of Portage Pass, writing, “Much of the Portage Pass area was also searched twice by ground personnel,” though the statement leaves out that much of that terrain is steep, heavily forested and glaciated—in other words, unsearchable. From Yakutat, he would fly directly to Juneau. One question remains, though. Plane & Pilot Photo Of The Week For Friday, December 4, 2020. In the article in the October 1972 issue, Jonz discussed the actualities of flying in icing conditions. It’s possible that even after nearly five decades, investigators would be able to figure out based on chemical signatures, metal failure analysis and other forensic evidence if the plane were blown up by a bomb or not. Yakutat had a 700-foot ceiling and visibility of only one-and-one-half miles with fog. Portage Glacier is located 55 miles southeast of Anchorage, Alaska. The marriage lasted only two years. It’s compelling in a dozen different ways. Absolutely. December 24, ... Four arrested in meth investigation in Portage. Pasley provided details to several unsolved murders and made shocking claims, but the most surprising thing he said was that he transported a bomb to Alaska in 1972. You will send everything you have to us.”, “On March 4, 1974, less than 17 months after the disappearance of her husband, Pegge Begich, the window of Congressman Begich, married Jerry Max Pasley, later a convicted killer and bomber with ties to the Mafia.”. It was rare for Cessna 310s of that vintage to be outfitted with boots, and the mechanic’s recollections were based on nearly-50-year-old memories, but the evidence is convincing. The NTSB report lays out the details of that final radio call. Russell Brown, 37, an aide to Rep. Begich, was also on board. Before you dismiss that link out of hand, know this. Photo of The Week: Our Christmas List: A $72,000 Mach .84 Jet. Here’s what we know: On Oct. 16, 1972, at just before 9 a.m., a Cessna 310C, its registration number, N1812H, laid out in 10-inch tall block letters across the lower margin of its vertical tail, departed from Anchorage International Airport’s Runway 24R (since renumbered as 25R) under gray skies and into what was, at best, marginal flying weather. And there is much evidence investigators could have turned up, even if it could draw no conclusions from it, that might have helped investigators down the line. Alaska is immense, by far the largest state in the union, and it’s very sparsely populated. Pilots flew 1,000 sorties, totaling 3,600 flight hours. The search started, sensibly enough, with a half-hour of calling around to see if the plane had landed elsewhere or if Jonz had made radio calls to another airport or FAA facility along the way. If Pasley knew the answers to these questions, he never told anyone. Some speculate that the plane never made it out of Portage Pass. If the crash report is not located, please contact the agency that investigated the crash. Pasley claimed Pegge gave him lavish gifts, including co-ownership in a bar. And mountainous. COLLINSVILLE - Each year in Illinois, the Illinois Department of Transportation reports there are 3,000-3,500 power poles that vehicles come in contact with, and many leave the scene. Regardless, the flight, for however long it lasted, was officially a Visual Flight Rules affair, though Jonz, based on his writings about avoiding icing conditions, wouldn’t have hesitated to jump on the gauges to stay out of or get out of trouble by flying in the clouds for a bit, and by all accounts he would have done so expertly, had the need arisen. An audio version of the story is available on the Missing In Alaska podcast. The disappearance of N1812H remains as much a mystery today as it did in 1972. This was, based on the plane’s probable speed and the distance that it had to travel, probably around 10 minutes before it entered Portage Pass, where the weather can be grim and so difficult to predict that the FAA has in recent years maintained live-feed weather cams for pilots to check before they take off. Demanding passengers sometimes ask pilots to fly in poor weather. Its pilot, Lt. David Steeves, who walked out of the Sierras 54 days after the crash, was accused of selling the plane to the Soviets and of staging the whole affair. Editor-in-Chief Isabel Goyer is an award-winning aviation journalist and editor who has been flying since she was a kid. In addition to the air operation, ground patrols searched Portage Pass twice. Pasley agreed to take a polygraph, but no evidence exists to indicate the FBI ever administered one to him. One person has died and two are seriously injured after a crash between a car and a motorcycle in Emergency services were called to the scene of the crash in at the intersection of Colombo and. Icing on the wings could have affected lift and maneuverability, or any combination of these factors might have caused the plane to crash. In filing the airborne flight plan, Jonz told the FAA specialist that, “He had departed Anchorage at 0900 and that his intended route of flight was via the V-317 airway to Yakutat, where there is a VOR ground-based navigation beacon, thence direct to his destination, Juneau International Airport, Alaska. Was it ice that brought the plane down, or could it have been something more explosive? Did Jonz’ expertise and sensitive understanding of icing conditions and how to navigate them while flying a small plane make him the ideal pilot for such a trip? The Top 10 Planes Of All Time: WARNING: This List Goes To 11. The agent told Grimes that when her boss called FBI headquarters in Washington with the information, his superiors told him, “You will do nothing there. Venske, 66, was driving a minivan south. Again, what the weather looked like to Jonz is a detail we’ll never know. When I first heard about the piece, in Walczak’s podcast and elsewhere, it was discussed as an irresponsible take on flying in icing conditions, and a couple of quotes were pulled from the piece that do indeed give that impression. He said the men told him “something big” was about to happen, and soon afterward, the plane carrying Begich and Boggs disappeared. Portage Pass to Yakutat is just a straight shot over open country; you can fly a bit inland or stay out over the Gulf; that is just time and compass setting flying, with nothing to hit really. In April 1971, Boggs claimed the FBI tapped his telephone. By Isabel Goyer Updated October 1, 2020 Save Article. Many of the doubts about the pilot’s aeronautical decision making are related to a now-notorious article Jonz wrote for Flying Magazine that was published just before the accident flight—Jonz was an intellectual and a gifted writer. Also, in the hours and days following the disappearance of the plane, several independent ham radio operators in Northern California reported hearing a transmission from someone on the downed aircraft broadcasting there were survivors on the plane. This is an assertion that looks to be in error. The engine lost oil pressure because he let the engine idle for longer than normal while he disconnected from external power, resulting in congealed oil in the sump—operating in extreme sub-zero temperatures complicates everything. It is a fact Pasley married Pegge Begich less than 17 months after her husband disappeared, and Pasley had no upside in claiming he carried the bomb to Alaska. It’s also covered in ice and snow throughout much of the year. There’s ample reason to be skeptical, but if they were true, and the plane was indeed the light Cessna twin, then N1812H made it at least to the edge of Prince William Sound on its way south. Pasley’s claims shocked the investigators, and they immediately notified the FBI, which sent agents to interview Pasley in 1995. 2 from West Michigan killed in Alaska plane crash National. Jonz, who was 38, had changed his name earlier in his life to distinguish himself from the many thousands of other “Don Joneses” in the world. Pasley said he and this man were fishing one day when the man got drunk and told Pasley the case contained a high-tech bomb. A new investigation and podcast have brought renewed interest to the mystery of N1812H and the many theories behind its disappearance. Did the plane hit a mountain obscured by fog, or did turbulence play a role in the disaster? Video: Wanna See How To Wheel-Land A Beaver? The FBI immediately shut down the investigation. While they were mandatory in Alaska, ELTs weren’t mandated yet in the other 49 states, there was no GPS navigation, no satellite weather, no public internet, no personal locator beacons and no cell phones. The plane left Anchorage at 9 a.m., and Jonz filed a visual flight rules (VFR) flight plan, stating he planned to fly southeast over the Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet, through Portage Pass, over Prince William Sound to Johnstone Point and then on to Yakutat. Jonz was a military veteran with 17,000 hours of flight time, and he logged 15 years as a pilot in Alaska. It only gets complicated after Yakutat and the descent into Juneau, and there is a good bit of aluminum on the Chilkats. But until some far more convincing evidence emerges, the most likely explanation is the simplest one, that the plane crashed after encountering bad weather. Plane and Pilot builds on more than 50 years of serving pilots and owners of aircraft with the goal of empowering our readers to improve their knowledge and enthusiasm for aviation. Moreover, the NTSB concluded that N1812H was not equipped with an emergency beacon, nor did the pilot possess a portable one. After reading it, you might find yourself asking the question that pilots familiar with the case have been asking for decades. In addition to the air operation, ground patrols searched Portage Pass twice. With tens of thousands of lakes, a rugged coastline and glaciers galore. Portage Pass was again forecast to be closed, and moderate rime icing was forecast to exist in clouds from 6,000 to 15,000 feet over the Cook Inlet area.”. Other investigators also told Walczak they were surprised the FBI did not vigorously investigate Pasley’s claims of a bomb. Since 1962, more than 40 cases of missing aircraft remain open in Alaska. After reading it, I found I was right. The plane took off at 9 a.m. in low visibility, flew along the Portage Pass and neared the snow-capped Chugach Mountains. No piece of the aircraft was ever located during the initial search or since, and officials at the time decided the plane likely crashed and either sank into Prince William Sound or was buried in ice and snow. He was flying by himself on a brutally cold February day in a Cessna 185, a rugged single-engine model that’s among the most popular bush planes. And in full disclosure, I worked at that title for nearly 20 years and was editor-in-chief from 2010 until 2015. The hottest theory for why N1812H disappeared might be wrong, but the investigation has uncovered some disturbing truths that support the claim. That particular plane, according to the report, had 3,177.2 hours of total time, and its engines had right around that same amount of time, the left one with 1,182.6 hours of time since a major overhaul and the right engine at 400.6 hours since overhaul. Well, for now the Safety Board’s final report, issued just three-and-a-half months after N1812H went missing, is the definitive statement, though Board members added, “If the aircraft is found, the Safety Board will continue the investigation and make a determination as to the probable cause of the accident.”. That said, the risk of hand flying in actual conditions with probable strong turbulence and possible moderate icing is very high. CC Log: Profile Of A Near Midair Collision. Representatives also believed their phones were tapped. Would the discovery of the wreckage of the Cessna 310C registered as N1812H provide similar clarity and long-awaited answers to those family members who are still alive, including Nick Begich’s widow, Pegge? “The mountainous terrain along the V-317 airway between Anchorage and Yakutat,” the NTSB explained in its final report on the disappearance of the plane, “is such that, weather permitting, pilots of small aircraft proceeding VFR along the route, as a general rule, fly in a southeasterly direction from Anchorage over the Turnagain Arm of the Cook Inlet through Portage Pass over the Prince William Sound to Johnstone Point, and on to Yakutat.” It then goes on to explain why Portage Pass is so handy: “The lower elevations of Portage Pass proper are approximately 400 feet m.s.l. (Coincidentally, “Missing In Alaska” is the title of a 2017 article by Colleen Mondor in Plane & Pilot magazine about lost aircraft in Alaska. Were the plane to be recovered, or even parts of it, even after all these years, it would yield clues. That final radio call, the one to Flight Service, took place at 9:09, exactly 10 minutes after the plane had departed Anchorage. The man ordered Pasley to take the briefcase to Anchorage and give it to two other men. The addition of boots and other anti-ice equipment does indeed lower the likelihood of a weather-related crash, at least by a little. The ad hoc appropriation of the Air Force C-130 was, as it turned out, just the start of a massive search effort for the missing Begich/Boggs flight, during which numerous government authorities used every resource at their disposal in the hunt, which grew more desperate with every passing hour. The search encompassed massive glaciers and the jagged Wrangell and St. Elias Mountain ranges, as well as a large portion of the coastlines of Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska. But by 1972, the enforcement action was a distant memory. It’s not a new theory, though it remains controversial. Plane and Pilot builds on more than 50 years of serving pilots and owners of aircraft with the goal of empowering our readers to improve their knowledge and enthusiasm for aviation. Boggs, a Democrat, was first elected as a U.S. Representative from Louisiana in 1946, and the voters re-elected him 13 times. 28, 2020, in Cleveland. And it’s forested. The plane, on a routine weather mission, had been aloft from Yokota Air Base for about an hour. Not much has changed since then in that regard. Ten minutes after the Cessna lifted off from Anchorage, Jonz radioed the FAA Flight Service Station in Anchorage to file a flight plan. Video: Wanna See How To Wheel-Land A Beaver? Pressed into service over the course of five-and-a-half weeks were hundreds of different planes, including an SR-71 spy plane, many dozens of ships and hundreds of ground searchers. Were the engines producing power when it crashed? The statement is a nod to the impossibility of conducting a really thorough search in Portage Pass. Despite low visibility, the plane took off at 9 a.m., flew through Portage Pass and along the snow-capped Chugach Mountains. Cover of the NTSB accident report. To this day, many think he was the victim of foul play instead of a hapless passenger on an ill-fated flight. The marriage was short-lived, and two of Nick and Pegge Begich’s children went on to become respected legislators, including former United States Senator Mark Begich, who also served as mayor of Anchorage. A 2006 Ford F-350 was traveling north on Ohio 4 in the right through lane when at 10:38 a. Sunday to reports of a plane crash near the Elyria Airport in northeast Ohio. After successfully putting down near a frozen river, Jonz, who was dressed in survival gear for the flight, hiked in -54° F over deep crusty snow for what he estimated as 18-20 miles before he found a remote camp. How likely is it that the plane was taken out of the sky by a bomb? While its focus is general in nature, it discusses in passing the disappearance of N1812H.) And when he was asked if he had an ELT aboard, he did what many pilots would have done in that same circumstance and fibbed. The airplane, N1812H, was a 1959 Cessna 310C, a light twin-engine four/five-seat plane that was equipped with two fuel-injected Continental IO-470 six-cylinder engines of 260 hp apiece, which was an upgrade for that model year. Nine charred bodies are pulled from the wreckage. There was a pilot report for Portage Pass as well. The search lasted 39 days and included 40 military aircraft and 50 civilian planes, covering over 325,000 square miles. The woman, identified by the Lake County coroner as Arnishia Johnson, was involved in a crash around 9:27 p.m. at Broadway and 43rd Avenue, Gary police records indicate. See map Boggs had served on the Warren Commission, which investigated the assassination of President Kennedy, and despite being from the Deep South, he was an ardent supporter of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s landmark civil rights legislation. His partners in the bar were Pegge and one of the men to whom he handed the briefcase in 1972. Many investigators believe the plane crashed somewhere between Portage Pass and Johnstone Point about an hour into the flight. A little over an hour drive to portage glacier cruise. Freelance writer Jon Walczak has spent a great deal of time and money investigating the disappearance of Pan Alaska Airways N1812H, and he believes if someone sabotaged the plane, the likely target was Begich, not Boggs. The smell of vaporized airplane fuel hung over the camp for hours. Once the search for the plane ended, and authorities declared the men dead, most people assumed the plane crashed because the pilot pushed the boundaries too far. Another major theory is that someone planted a bomb aboard the plane and blew it out of the sky. Several reports of strange radio calls and other electronic communications baffled investigators in the days following the disappearance of the Cessna 310 carrying Boggs, Begich, Brown and Jonz. 1 song in America ... New bipartisan effort to pass … And it’s possible that the plane will still be found, as was the case in 1977, when Boy Scouts on a hike in the California Sierras stumbled upon the wreckage of an Air Force plane that had been missing since 1957 under sensational circumstances.

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