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montale rose musk

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montale rose musk

Il nome sembra cosi’ semplice , ma dice tutto , rose … But sexier. I own PdM's Delina and I now have a decant of Roses Musk! Roses Musk Montale. A gorgeous rose soliflore. Musk to Musk by Montale is a Oriental Woody fragrance for women and men. Rose flower is … Una rosa delicata, viene esaltata dalle note preziose di gelsomino, muschio e ambra grigia. Roses Musk for me smells just like a fresh rose. I really like it. Before using a Montale product, please read the list of ingredients on its packaging to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use. Roses Musk was launched in 2009. What the actual F%#$??? Royal Aoud unisex 2005. I am quite sure that men could and would wear and enjoy this creation, if only they knew! this might be a weird way to describe a scent but it smells like a concentrated rose petal essential oil in a perfume form, like an infused rose oil with lots of musk and a touch of sweetness. if this smelled less like pure sex i'd wear it everyday lol. Some roses are dowagers; others are jammy fruity florals; others are orientals. The dry down is very reminiscent of Stella McCartney. To me this smells like flowers that you pick from the wild. it's a little too potent but it's also one of the longest wearing perfumes i've experienced and you don't need much of it. I have never been one for rose or even much of floral as I think it reminds me of my grandma (who I loved dearly) who may have splurged on some heavily synthetic cheap rose scent back in the day. I could smell the Rose when I opened the box , I looked to make sure it had not leaked. At first I couldn't detect the musk note, but now I think the musk is so subtle that I can pick it out but know that there is something which balances out the flowers. Silky musky rose! No musc, but I measure musc by Narciso scale. Roses Musk by Montale is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. This product is not for me, because of the slight rose note. this is the type of perfume that lets itself be known. Montale ROSES MUSK Eau de Parfum Travel Spray SAMPLE. Fragrance Reviews: 1000850 One of my favorites by Montale. Not warm enough for me for winter (Roses Vanille is the winter version of it to me) but cant wait to wear in spring. I think it pleases mostly those who like lighter, sweeter scents, and it suits warmer (not too hot though) weather best. ABOUT THE FRAGRANCE: Smells like it sounds. It is very long lasting yet I found myself respraying over and over because the first hour is just fabulous and I wanted to experience it over and over. The fragrance features rose, jasmine and musk. It also filled the room, made any other scent seem blah. most rose perfumes are flirty or romantic or fresh but i've never smelled a rose scent that was truly mesmerizing. Montale Roses Musk is available to Scentbird members for just $14.95/month for 0.27oz Join our community of 400,000+ subscribers who discover new designer scents every month. Muschio. I literally could not stop sniffing myself even while grocery shopping. This is in mood and character very similar to the famed Parfums de Marly Delina only it less peppery and much more nicer. This? Really enjoying this! Blended together with a hint of sweetness to create a rose scent that is absolutely divine and astonishingly airy and light. Some roses are dowagers; others are jammy fruity florals; others are orientals. The rose notes are rich, and cool, and this is completely beautiful. In my mind, It is the best rose perfume for the best occasion. Kind of makes me think of swimming in a chlorinated pool surrounded by blooming roses. Maybe I'm anosmic to some of the musk notes, or maybe this is "musk rose" (Rosa moschata) and there's not really musk to smell? Montale Roses Musk è un Capolavoro della maison di Parigi, l’unione delle note utilizzate in questa fragranza creano un sillabe sopraffino. And cheaper. Nothing I haven't smelled before but somehow Roses musk has bowled me over. The rose there is more present,more dominant and the notes more clear. Smells like fresh roses. Scopri ora i profumi Montale disponibili su Maison de Parfum e trova il profumo intenso da te preferito! If you're a rose lover, this is a MUST!! Bliss. Exquisite, dew-kissed roses in full, breathtaking bloom. Now it's dried down into something sharp, yucky, and generic that's very reminiscent of some mainstream fragrance that I sampled last year at that well-known, black-and-white striped purveyor of all things beauty... Dammit! There is no metalic note. Settling in with some soft powdery note added. The first time I tried this perfume, I have to be honest I wasn't impressed at all. Recensione Montale Roses Musk 100ml I profumi di nicchia, come quelli firmati Montale Paris , sono i grandi protagonisti di questi ultimi anni. i've noticed men go crazy over this scent and women don't particularly like this when they first smell it but it definitely grows on them and they become obsessed. Intense Roses Musk by Montale is a Floral fragrance for women. Strength is something I usually look for in perfumes because most are not strong enough. Not as amazing on me but I won't give up. MONTALE EAUX DE PARFUMS Roses Musk EDP 100 ml 12920 MRM33 . My own brain has committed an act of treachery! Given the descroption of Montale on, I should not have been surprised by heaviness of Roses Musk. This scent just blew me away at first sniff. It's my favourite from Montale. This isn't out of this world or really revolutionary, but it is quite lovely, fun, youthful without being innocent or naive and unique enough that it stands out without being overtly odd. But I can't handle MONTALE ROSE MUSK . It opened with a lovely rose and I felt that I might love this, but it changed and turned to this sour rose scent, which I cannot enjoy as much as I cold. But it disappeared with this perfume breathe. Subscribe for just $14.95 Thank God I've managed to backup 2 big bottles of the original formula. I've had this on for about 15 minutes. Trova una vasta selezione di Montale Roses Musk a Profumi unisex a prezzi vantaggiosi su eBay. Just by smelling the nozzle of my new little sample, Tresor midnight rose came to mind, but this is a softer, smoother more delicate musky and sexy scent and it isnt as peppery as Midnight rose is either. 50 ML 100 … I can only assume that this musk does wicked things on my skin. Aoud Purple Rose di Montale è una fragranza del gruppo Orientale Floreale unisex.Aoud Purple Rose è stato lanciato sul mercato nel 2012. Lovely rose scent! Men love it. Profumi Tester Montale , Montale Roses Musk Tester fragranza del gruppo floreale legnoso muschiato , creato nel 2009 , ed è grazie a Pierre Montale che ci ha dato il privilegio di questa formidabile fragranza .Il nome sembra cosi’ semplice , ma dice tutto , rose e muschio . $17.00 + shipping . Clean and crisp, long lasting rose and musk perfume. The performance of this baby is pretty awesome. Longevity and sillage are very good. I love this perfume and it's well on it's way to being my signature. Love it! I didn't even know jasmine was anywhere in the makeup of this scent. Pre-Word: I don't love roses, I like them but more clearly - I don't mind them. I find it identical to Juliette Has a Gun Mad Madame. It reminds me of my only Lancome favorite "Mille and Une Roses" but this one is more intense and lasts longer. It offers an uncomplicated yet powerful median rose combined with fresh laundry musks. 7/10. 5 minutes in goes violety/raisiny and is better, loses the metallic. Simply lovely. I find this quite similar to Mancera's Roses Greedy, which I adore (though Fragrantica won't let me add it above as a similar frag, for some reason...). Rose and musk together, I’m smitten! Montale Roses Musk Eau de Parfum - Il nome sembra così semplice, ma dice tutto. Nope! Just use our customization tool bar, our affinity search or our “odor profiling” test to find your dream fragrance. If you are a fan of spicy, heavier scents and looking to branch into something new (which I’m finding I am), this is quite amazing. Muschio. Mix Chloe “Roses de Chloe” with Dolce and Gabbana “Light Blue”. Montale Roses Musk Tester , Profumi Tester Montale. Montale – Roses Musk. Rose. As it dries down, the musk really fades and the rose gets jammy and I start to get some peony and amber? This perfume was how I learned that something wonderful-smelling on another person might not smell the same on my own skin. there is a unique balance of rose and musk where they come together instead of overpowering each other. Montale. Descrizione Montale Roses Musk. But wait for the dry down it's amazing. As others have mentioned, this turns into something very similar to Not a Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun. Montale Roses Musc, 10 ml GLASS sample, it is from authentic Montale perfume. EUR 89,90. This perfume is as the name suggests: rose and musk. The fragrance also includes a heart note of jasmine and finishing notes of amber and musk. Just that prominent. It's very soft and simple yet long-lasting and very high quality. Worth to try it. Organic clean musk, like a freshly washed linen. Simple, lovely, potent! The musk cuts through but the rose remains. Smells like roses, musk, and some floral back notes. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | Someone may think this perfume is generic but many perfumes with rose are immortal, including this gem. I do not think the sample was diluted either because I could see and feel the oil in it, and could smell it well into the next day, even after bathing. Intense Roses Musk was launched in 2015. Montale Roses Musk by Montale, 3.4 oz EDP Spray for … And the more I smell it the more it remind me of Al Haramain Musk. This is such a beast for such a light floral and that makes it even more special! I am so disappointed. It has got a woody musky undertones that completely … Note di Testa: Essenza di Rosa. I absolutely adore musk from squeaky clean to absolutely filthy. Smells heavenly and very long lasting!! Choose from 450+ perfumes. Utterly nauseating. Le Rose più pure sublimate ed armonizzate dal Muschio Prezioso, sottolineate da un tocco d’Ambra e di Gelsomino per un effluvio spumeggiante di eleganza. Spedizione gratis. It ends up smelling more synthetic and "chemical-y" on me. $189.00 TAKE $25 OFF EVERY $200: DISCOUNT APPLIED IN BAG ; Quick View. Montale Parfums è tra i primi a portare in occidente le note calde e seducenti dell’oudh arabo, un viaggio olfattivo nel mondo misterioso e affascinante delle essenze più intense e rare. I am not sure if the sample wasn't off or something, but what I smelled was the worst rose fragrance that I have ever tried, and no musk at all. Stai cercando il profumo Montale Intense Roses Musk? Was excited to finally try it out as I’ve never smelled a Montale perfume before. Unfortunately, that smell doesn't work well with my skin. Roses Musk Limited ROSE. I am saying this to all of you (including me) that we're trying like mad to find THE ONE in a world full of new 'weak'-generic releases but deep inside we all know which one is it...most probably discontinued or used by everyone. Le rose più pure sublimate ed armonizzate dal musk prezioso, sottolineate da un tocco d'ambra e di gelsomino per un effluvio spumeggiante di eleganza. i absolutely adore this! Muschio morbido, pulito e amante della pelle che accarezza i sensi. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. RAPIDO E GRATUITO. Amber Musk è stato lanciato sul mercato nel 2018. It was magical. Hugely musky on opening, with a light rose scent. Montale Intense Roses Musk by Montale Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 oz / 100 ml (Women) 3,1 su 5 stelle 4 101,52 € 101,52 € (101,52 €/100 ml) 149,50 € 149,50€ I prefer Intense café, which is more gourmand and unique to my opinion. Free shipping . But Roses Musk...OMG!!! Aoud Damascus. Totally on my wish list now even though I have about 4,762 rose perfumes already. Despite my stupidity of wearing it to a funeral, I wish this scent appealed to me more (roses with musk, for heaven's sake!). Go freakin' figure! It's good. Ca toate creațiile lui Pierre Montale, și apa de toaletă Roses Musk este creată din ingrediente de cea mai înaltă calitate, în concentrații mari, pentru o persistență de excepție. It’s a rose perfection! I'm not gonna throw it out, though. As another reviewer noted, there is a huge blast of Iso E Super or ambroxan (something very synthetic woods smelling) at the initial spray, mixed with rose. The rose doesn't last on my skin very long, though, and it quickly fades to the musk notes. I’m currently obsessed with rose scents atm and had a sample of this for quite some time now. Montale Intense Roses Musk Eau de Parfum - Versione intensificata di una delle fragranze classiche di tutti i tempi di Montale, Intense Roses Musk presenta ancora un bouquet di rose squisitamente puro, delicatamente armonizzato con sensuale e prezioso muschio. The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Montale. To my nose, Montale ROSES MUSK--at least the batch from which my sample was drawn--is really a masculine rose. I know a lot of people say Montale fragrances always have a synthetic smell (which I tend to agree) but I don’t think this is the case with Roses Musk. Volume: 100ml. Le migliori offerte per Montale Rose Musk sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis! This is perfect for workplace. (if you notice a lot of perfumes have jasmine as a base) this is something you would wear on a night out or on a first date. Roses Musk 3 . Though I like both rose and musk, I suddenly realized that it is the combination that does not work at all for me. Il nome sembra così semplice, ma dice tutto. It's a unisex perfume and not too sweet. This is a winter day or maybe night spice rose scent. It is luxurious perfume. This is lovely! This smells almost identical to the much more affordable Wisal Dhahab Ajmal. Discover a sweet and sensual universe where man and woman are swept away into the same wake. On me this is a light fragrance with a predominant rose note and and an almost-noticeable (but just hidden away) bouquet of other floral notes supporting the rose. There are much more interesting rose scents on offer from Montale, fan favorite or no fan favorite. Condizione: Nuovo. Much more light and fresh, so it's more fitted for summer and spring than intense cafe.

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