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how to fix chainsaw bar

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13 de novembro de 2020

how to fix chainsaw bar

Because the chain works harder to compromise the dullness. Another cause of your chainsaw running rough is a clogged fuel filter. This was due I assume from previous owner using wrong bar (slot too large). Homeowners use chainsaws to tackle many tasks around their home and yard. So, everyone who’s about to deal with chainsaws should have a firm idea on how to deal with this tiny part of steel. Easy tip to save you some money. Loosen this part by removing the nuts and bolts on the clutch cover. They are just as strong as they were when the saw was new, probably stronger! The Throttle Chainsaws of any type work better and last longer if maintained properly. Just grab the stud with a rag and turn the stud back and forth like your screwing it in and out of the rag. If your chainsaw is leaking bar oil, check the cap, hose, tank, and pump. The clutch pads activate the clutch drum to rotate the chain. A simple solution would be a carburetor adjustment. If the problem comes from the chainsaw chain tension, make sure that the chain is not too tight or too loose. Leaving fuel for a long time in the chainsaw can cause a clogged carburetor. In order to solve this problem, you should check out the spark arrestor that prevents the engine from emitting sparks. If your chainsaw bar comes with a replaceable nose, you can straighten it by hammering it on a flat anvil. Check the Oil Reservoir and Chain Tension. Chainsaw Won’t Start – Easy Ways To Fix It ... Well, our article will guide you on how to measure chainsaw bar and the chain length. Without the need of a professional! Once the tip of the rag is at the bottom of the hole turn your screwdriver back and forth clockwise then counterclockwise several times. My Chainsaw Will Only Run on Choke: How to Fix This. The ignition coil transmits voltage to the spark plug when the engine is on. Also, ensure the bent peak is facing up. Stop for a moment and think about how much chain is traveling around the bar … Whether you want to replace or repair the chain, you should first start by removing the old chain. Make sure that the bar oil reservoir tank is full and use the best chainsaw oil for the bar like SAE 30 oil. Bonus: keeping your chainsaw bar clean You can refer to the manual for oiling procedures. However, If the chainsaw is not responding or is hard to start, then it’s an indicator that there’s an … How to Fix Chain/Bar That’s Too Hot. No doubt, a worn-out bar will cause a chainsaw to not cut straight. Replace the clutch if it’s worn out. I hope this will be helpful if you're in need of a repair like this. Otherwise, replace this filter with a new one. If your chainsaw won’t cut, the chain bar could also be worn out. Other things that could make your fuel go bad could be fuel containing water, dirt, or even wood particles. Even though the steps for a chain replacement are simple and can take less than five minutes, it's impo… Remove the bar from the saw and wipe out any debris like sawdust. To inspect your bar, remove the chain cover, chain and bar. So in this instructable I will be show… If it doesn’t, then you may need to replace the guide bar. You can remove it and figure out whether the porcelain is cracked, the electrode is damaged, or has a heavy carbon build-up. Having a smoking chainsaw can be bad news and delay your outdoor project. Mix together with your 1/4" Flathead Screwdriver. To narrow down this chainsaw problem, check whether the smoke is coming from the engine or the chainsaw. Keeping your chainsaw chain and gear bar properly oiled is an important part of maintaining your tool. You can clean the carburetor with a can of carburetor cleaner or replace the component if the cleaning does not help. Occasionally, in one of your periodic examinations of your chain, you might spot a problem with some part, such as a cutter. Thanks for reading! Ensure the chainsaw is running when you’re doing this troubleshooting procedure. Your email address will not be published. An oil leak in a chainsaw could be a simple issue or one that is more complex. If not, then fill it up. A poor idle setting adjustment in the carburetor could be the problem. When a chain is dull, it causes unnecessary wear and tears to the clutch, engine, and many other components. To solve this problem you need to fix the idle screw on the carburetor. If you take fuel tank off and split it, can the studs be replaced? There will be resistance because of air that needs to escape from the hole but keep working it until the round flat part of the stud is flush with the saw body. If your chainsaw is running rough, try checking out the foam filter. Follow the mixing instructions on the package you need about a quarter sized drop of hardener and a quarter sized drop of steel and you should have plenty. This can be as a result of improperly mixed or contaminated fuel. One best way to sharpen a chainsaw is by mounting a file into a sharpening guide if you’re filing by hand. You’ll notice that the chain is too loose if it sags below the bar. Now, if you’re tired of using a gas-powered chainsaw and all the hassles that come with it, you can check out my electric chainsaw reviews guide or battery chainsaw reviews guide to find good tools that require less maintenance. But you can prevent many of them by keeping the most important parts in great condition so that you have to replace them less frequently. Do this step twice for both holes to ensure a clean bonding surface for the J-B Weld. Fortunately, most of the causes of an oil leak in a chainsaw are fairly simple to fix. Sticking clutch pads keep the drum engaged and the chain doesn’t stop turning. Sometimes a quick look at those pages can prevent damages that might lead to danger if not properly addressed. If your chainsaw bar comes with a replaceable nose, you can straighten it by hammering it on a … There won't be any drops at all for a Stihl chainsaw bar oil clogged passageway. Below, you’ll find my very best chainsaw troubleshooting tips that can help you fix your chainsaw so it’s running like new again. If that happens, then the chainsaw will not be running at its best and this will cause a lack of power. If your chainsaw is not cutting, it’s probably dull and needs to be replaced or sharpened. If the stop lever is engaged, the chain will not rotate. 1/4" Flathead ScrewdriverJ-B WeldCarburetor CleanerRagPliers. But if it doesn’t, then you’ll want to look at the carburetor. 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How Do I Repair a Chainsaw if it Wont Oil The Bar and Chain? How to Fix Stripped Bar Stud Holes on a Stihl MS250 Chainsaw: A chainsaw with no bar and chain is useless/junk and without the bar studs being tightly held in the chainsaw body the loose studs will cause the nuts to loosen, and eventually the bar will fall off of the saw. Replace the Guide Bar. Some chainsaws have manual oilers while others have automatic oilers. Another reason why the chainsaw chain doesn’t stop turning could be due to broken springs or non-sticking clutch pads. – How to fix a Bent Bar. How to repair a chain saw if it does not oil properly. Rubber mallet. Next, put the chain around the bar and make sure it firmly fixed. Most of the common chainsaw issues are easily resolved and preventable. To repair this chainsaw problem, you’ll need to replace the ring or the piston and cylinder. Share it with us. Hence the engine will stall. That’s why I’ll walk you through the most common problems and more importantly, the solutions to fix a chainsaw. If your chainsaw bar is bent slightly, straighten it. As a chainsaw bar wears out, you’ll lose cutting accuracy and efficiency. Now grab the studs with a pair of pliers one at a time and turn them counterclockwise until they come out ( Don't squeeze too hard with the pliers or you will damage the threads for the nuts) . ), How to Use an Electric Chainsaw (A Step-by-Step Guide), How to Stack Firewood (The Top 3 Methods for You to Try), International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). Participated in the Trash to Treasure Contest. Fuel used in chainsaws is a mixture of oil and gasoline. How to Replace a Chainsaw Chain: Because it's a normal part of chainsaw use and ownership, knowing how to correctly replace a chainsaw chain can save tool users time and money. On the other hand, if the chain is very tight, it cannot be rotating at the proper speed. When you notice that something with the chainsaw isn't right, it is time to troubleshoot and see where the problem lies. The rails around the perimeter of the bar should be clear of any debris. The chain is too tight when you can’t pull it away slightly from the guide bar. Some chains have a master chain that must be taken out to remove the chain from the bar, and with other chains you just can pick one chain and remove it. Bar Troubles. Once the chain/bar is cool to the touch (don’t burn yourself! When your chainsaw only runs if the choke is on the problem, in most cases, is a result of fuel supply problems or a faulty carburetor. You can use an ignition coil tester for this chainsaw troubleshooting procedure. How to fix it. Most chainsaw repairs are easy, quick, and cheap. This causes the engine to have too much fuel and less air. If you can start your chainsaw easily, and it runs smoothly without any issue, then the idle is working just fine, and there’s no need to tamper with it. When you replace the fuel filter be sure to also drain the old fuel and replace it with a fresh batch. Rails wear faster on the bottom where cutting pressure is, so rotating the bar spreads wear to both sides evenly. The bar of a chainsaw can be small in size, but considering its importance, it’s very crucial part of the entire functionality of the tool. Because most of the problem occurs because of the long sitting. How to Clean the Oil Hole on a Craftsman Chainsaw Chain Bar. Start by mixing the J-B Weld. More specifically, you’ll want to turn your chainsaw off, and let it cool down for awhile. Primarily, it supports a chain that zings around it at more than 50miles/hour. I hope this article answered all of your questions about chainsaw troubleshooting tips. You’ll occasionally have some small wear and tear problems. Ensure the spark plug is working properly before changing the ignition coil. If the clutch band is worn out, the motor will function but the clutch band will not activate the clutch drum. As a result, it doesn’t cut as expected and you’ll need to loosen the adjustment screw. 0 Comments. There can be many reasons why you’re facing an issue with your chainsaw. If the smoke comes from the engine, this is an immediate red flag since it can cause greater damage to the engine. Why? When you’re using your chainsaw, always make sure … If you’re not experienced and not comfortable with how to fix a chainsaw yourself, you can always seek professional help. Leaving old fuel in the chainsaw can cause a clogged fuel filter. Very often, the problem is something you can fix yourself. But don’t tighten the chain too much. Then you remove the chain. A good rule of thumb, is to flip your chainsaw bar every time you fill up with fuel. Even if an oil tank or rubber part needs replacement, you can manage it yourself in a few minutes. If it doesn’t, then you may need to replace the guide bar. Let's get started! (And Tips on How to Avoid It), Proper Chainsaw Techniques (for Cutting Trees, Logs & Stumps), How Good Are Electric Chainsaws? If you found nothing on the previous step, then hold the bar to your eye level. If your chainsaw is experiencing power problems, you should check out the piston, muffler, cylinder, and spark plug for any wear. Secondly, a chainsaw bar is often inserted in cuts that pinch, bend, and twist. If you buy a popular all around chainsaw with a great warranty and good reviews, you can rest assured that you’ll hardly come across any problems. Sometimes during your occasional chainsaw inspection, you might spot an issue like a blunt chain. Normally, the chain should slide easily around the chain bar. Upon finishing your work with the chainsaw and releasing the throttle, you should expect it to stop. Either way, being aware of the most common chainsaw problems will prepare you for the inevitable and make it easy and quick to repair any issues or replace any faulty or worn out parts. Solution: First of all never keep your chainsaw for long sitting. Did you make this project? A chainsaw with no bar and chain is useless/junk and without the bar studs being tightly held in the chainsaw body the loose studs will cause the nuts to loosen, and eventually the bar will fall off of the saw. If it’s damaged, replace it with a new one. Soot can clog the spark arrestor after a long time of using the chainsaw. To troubleshoot this problem, you’ll want to look at the clutch. Finally, you flip the bar over, and put everything back together. A chain that comes off the bar easily needs tightening right away. As a result, the chainsaw may run rough or stall. You couldn’t wait to get started on this new outdoor project…and then, suddenly your chainsaw doesn’t work as expected. Fixing the Chainsaw Bar After you've determined that there is a clog, it's time to fix the chainsaw bar. As a result, the chain will not turn. In most cases, something is wrong with the type of fuel you’re using or your chain bar is too hot. Turn the screw clockwise using a screwdriver to prevent fuel flow until the chain stops turning. How to replace chainsaw bar studs? You can also replace them if you want your chainsaw to ensure that your chainsaw is functioning most efficiently. Check your chainsaw manual to ensure that you use the proper ratio. How To Recognize A Worn Chainsaw Bar. But then, you can fix this with a DIY approach without any form of technicality. If the springs are broken, the clutch pads won’t pull in and the chain will continue to turn. A simple way to extend the rail life on a guide bar is to rotate it. Pull the starter slowly and smoothly. Therefore, you not only need to know when to replace it, but also how to inspect it for wear and damage. If you’re wondering how to fix a chainsaw chain, sharpen the chain before use and whenever it gets dull. If the smoke comes from the chainsaw blade, then the chainsaw bar is not properly lubricated or there is a problem in the chainsaw chain tension. Now that you have removed the plastic threads from the studs spray them with carburetor cleaner and wipe off with a clean rag. Check the surface for something obvious. It's ideal for those who don't have a product manual or those whose chainsaw bar measurements... read more. (& Are They Safer Than Gas Chainsaws? Chainsaws utilize chain and bar oil in a reservoir to reduce friction on moving parts … Another reason why the engine fails to start is because of a faulty ignition coil. First you want to remove the nuts and bar cover. A chainsaw bar lives a tough life. Normally, the chain should slide easily around the chain bar. Check out the air filter to find out if it’s clogged and clean it. How to Fix a Chainsaw That Will Not Idle. The piston and cylinder work together to facilitate combustion for powering the chainsaw. The motor will still run if the clutch pads are worn out but the clutch drum will not be engaged and the chain will not turn. The gasoline oil only lubricates the engine and not the chain. What happens is that fuel still flows in the combustion chamber upon releasing the throttle. You should also check the drive links. To fix the problem you should check and clean the fuel system and carburator. These crucial parts could be clogged with carbon and cleaning them can be a solution. The clattering noise in the chain could be because of several factors like a twisted chain bar, a dull chain, and tension adjustment. It’s located near the air filter. Chain Saw: Leaks Bar Oil . The studs are now held tightly in the saw body again. Using carburetor cleaner will get rid of any oil or dirt that will prevent the J-B Weld from making a strong bond. If you have worn out clutch pads, replace the whole clutch assembly. No doubt, a worn-out bar will cause a chainsaw to not cut straight. Then before start chainsaw press your figure tip on chainsaw chain edge and check it is sharp or not. This is essential for keeping the bar well lubricated so that it doesn’t wear out. Scoop up a small amount of the mixed j-B weld and smear it on the inside of the hole in the saw body keep smearing it on until the J-B weld is all around the hole now roll the stud in the J-B Weld and thread it back into the hole using your pliers. Or, if you want to see what the best chainsaws are of every type, then visit my top chainsaws reviews page to find out what’s available. But then, you can fix this with a DIY approach without any form of technicality. Thus, the cutting edge should be in the direction of the blade’s rotation. Submit a Comment Cancel reply. The good news is you can replace a twisted chain bar. In most cases, it’s dirty or clogged. This may prevent the engine from starting. This blog post will show you the steps to fix the choke issue. Taking good care of your chainsaw, proper maintenance, and following the manual requirements will help avoid the worst problems. Lifting the bar off the chainsaw. Hence the engine does not stop. Moreover, make sure this enough sharpens and proper in tightening. A plugged spark arrestor, muffler, or cylinder exhaust port will prevent the exhaust gases from leaving the engine and as a result, reduce engine power. If the same type of cuts that your saw used to breeze through are now taking twice as long, and you’re sure that your chain is sharp enough, you might look at how worn your bar has become. When you’re using your chainsaw, always make sure that the oil reservoir is filled with bar oil. The solution is to fix the clutch assembly so that the chain turns properly again. I have a Craftsman 3.7 chainsaw. The air filter may be dirty or clogged. The chain stretches out with time due to the constant friction and heat. Make sure that there’s enough oil in the guide bar oil reservoir. If your chainsaw won’t cut, the chain bar could also be worn out. If the adjustment screw is loose, the chain could not be gripping the wood properly. To clean out the holes start by spraying carburetor cleaner in the holes and then take a small piece of a rag and stuff it in the hole using your flathead screwdriver. The ring in the piston can break off and fall, reducing its ability to create the necessary compression. You can determine if a chain is loose by pulling it off the guide bar. A bent portion or anything that’s abnormal. When placing the chain into the guide bar, make sure that the part with the cutting teeth of the chain is facing away from the body of the chainsaw on the top edge of the guide bar. So disengage the stop lever. While sharpening a chainsaw's blade is a part of regular maintenance for the versatile tool, the upkeep of the chainsaw bar is equally important. What Causes Kickback? If the bar is worn down to the point where its rails have become shallow, the bar may need to be replaced altogether. So in this instructable I will be showing you how to fix stripped bar stud holes. You need to replace the foam filter. Adjusting the chain regularly helps with the clattering. Whenever you change chains or at some regular interval, remove the bar and put it on upside down. Another reason for the chain not turning could be the clutch band drum brake which activates the clutch drum to rotate the chain. Another reason your chainsaw won’t cut might be that your chain is not properly adjusted. The solution to this problem is easy. The clutch drum is engaged by the clutch pads to rotate the chain. The studs that hold the guide bar in place when you tension the chain loop are worn and the threads shot on them. You might be surprised but some of the most common chainsaw problems are not that difficult to fix. Even if you’re a beginner, you can do most of these repairs and troubleshooting yourself. On most chainsaws, you can do this by… Removing the front panel. If they are disengaged, then it is time you adjusted the tension of the chain. Reduce heat! You will have to loosen up some screws or rivets on the chainsaw chain. However, not all chain problems are visible, especially if you’re a beginner. The ratio of this mixture differs with different chainsaws but it’s usually 40:1 or 50:1. If the chainsaw is on a flat surface, put your right foot on the handle while your left-hand holds the top of your chainsaw. Now all you need to do is wipe off the excess J-B Weld from the saw body and let it cure for at least 24 hours before attaching the bar to the saw. Bar maintenance is a very critical factor in the operation of today's high speed, high-horsepower saws. If any of these is the case, you should replace the spark plug. Remove and clean the spark arrestor with a wire brush or replace it if required. You should also check if the carburetor is clogged. In addition to this chainsaw troubleshooting guide, it’s always a good idea to check out the manual from your chainsaw manufacturer for detailed instructions on how to operate your chainsaw. Don’t worry that the logo painted on the bar is upside down. To find the best chainsaw bar, look for the best length, gauge, weight, and pitch combination for the most efficient results. Now you want to clean the stud threads they will probably have the plastic threads from the holes in the saw body still stuck to them. This clogs up the fuel filter, and as a result, the engine runs rough. Some ingredients in the fuel evaporate and leave behind a thicker and stickier substance. ), then you … Check to see if the spark plug is defective. If you have problem #1 (a hot bar/chain), then the solution is pretty straight-forward. So you need to know how to fix a chainsaw fast, and want a good chainsaw troubleshooting guide that can help you get back to work. Our repair and symptom guide will help you accurately identify what part needs to be replaced and how you can fix this problem yourself.

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