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electric mosquito killer

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electric mosquito killer

In conclusion, to protect yourself and your family from mosquito then you should try this oil. Order insect control online and save money! £7.19 to £26.45. Flowtron brands are the most popular in the market today. Because mosquitoes prefer ultraviolet light, this Mosquito Killer will lure mosquitoes into the box and trap them. Shape: Lamp. My guess is definitely YES because nobody hates fresh quality air. 2 working modes: Manual and intelligent. Buy UV Electric Light Mosquito Killer is completely safe to humans and pets, no electric noise, non-chemical, non-toxic, and non-radioactive. It is hygienic, simple and really easy to clean. However, humidity levels play a... Whiteboard Markers are very important writing tools. Flowtron Powerful PV-440 Mosquito Zapper – Best Electric Mosquito Killer. Keep your home free from mosquitoes and insects with this Electric Mosquito Killer LED Lamp! This indoor bug zapper is very effective in killing all flying insects. In some cases, they can actually attract mosquitoes and other types of pests. Users enjoy a year full warranty hence, you can request a refund if you are not satisfied with the product. The AWESMR Electric Mosquito Killer is the most unique-looking UV flytrap on our list. Ecobuster Flybusters Anti-Insect Spray Starter Set - Very Efficient, incl. Mold is very toxic; it can cause very serious infections and health difficulties. It naturally attracts insects and is way more effective than scented candles. I think every DIY lover knows what to do with the best hot glue guns. It … Chemical insecticides are not used in this product, and physical mosquito killing is safer for your and kid’s health. LiBa Indoor Bug Zapper Electric Insect, Mosquito, Fly Killer 2 Extra Bulbs. Free shipping . $28.99. The Lumnia range of electric fly killers use adhesive film encapsulation or glue boards, avoiding the problem of insect fragment contamination. This oil is so effective. The component comes already assembled. 【2020 Upgraded Mosquito Killer】: advanced 2-in-1 bug zapper and attractive light to fly insects, Electric mosquito killer uses 365 Nm wavelength ultraviolet light-emitting bulb that lures insects in and then immediately zaps them with a 4200V electric shock. 20W/30W/40W Electric Fly Insect Bug Pest Mosquito Killer Zapper Catcher LED Lamp. This trap is even more effective if you place something sweet inside the chassis to lure in more insects. We have reviewed the best mosquito killers. Some systems even use a blend of plant oils as a natural mosquito repellent. Buy on Gearbest: Mid-year promotion: … It contains no chemicals, emits no radiation and not toxic. This insect zapper presents no health risk to users – man and pets alike. The two electrical zappers that you receive attract bugs using UV and electrocute them on a high voltage grid. It is fast and very easy to use. LED light provides up to 40 square meter coverage to attract the mosquitoes. We also offer additional insect control products to protect your harvest, such as wasp traps, fly papers, ant killers, and rodent repellents. UV LIGHT Plastic Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine Cum Night Lamp, 5 W and Below. $32.99. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. Antimalarial High-Quality Artemether 20mg + Lumefantirne 120mg Tablets GMP . When selecting tiling tools, choosing the right tools is very essential as it affects the final output of the job. Call Pointe Pest Control at 610-277-7575 for help with pests. This tool is normally used for cutting metals, plastic channels and... Protection From Mosquitos With Homemade Products, Top 7 Best UPS for PC You Can Buy Right Now, Best 13-Inch Thickness Planers Reviews 2020 with FAQs, TOP 10 Best Bench Vises – The Only Buying Guide, 10 Best Cordless Ratchets 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks, 10 Best Pulse Oximeters for Home and Medical Use, Container Gardening Tips: Growing Cabbage in Containers, Instant Home Mold Test by A-1 Basements Review, 11 Best Garden Kneelers For More Enjoyable Gardening, 10 Best Multi-Weed Crabgrass Killers: Detailed guide, 11 Best Hot Glue Guns For Your DIY Projects, 14 Best Backpacking Shovels for Camping and Tactical Use. Electric Fly Killers. UNIK BRAND™ Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamps Super Trap Mosquito Killer Machine For Home An Insect Killer Electric Mosquito Killer DeviceTrap Machine Eco-Friendly Baby Mosquito Repellent Lamp 3.2 out of 5 stars 35. Free shipping . An affordable trap that works indoors and outdoors by attracting mosquitoes … It is suitable for all indoor use and does not require insecticide assistance. Apply every 2 hours. At the core of an electric mosquito killer is a special ultraviolet (UV) fluorescent light bulb or a set of light-emitting diodes (LED). It is durable and has advanced features that ease mosquito-killing. A bug zapper, more formally called an electrical discharge insect control system, electric insect killer or (insect) electrocutor trap, is a device that attracts and kills flying insects that are attracted by light. Our electric mosquito liquid Kill mosquito rapidly. Pros . There is no point in arguing that getting a high-quality sewing machine can last for a longer duration of time. Fly Ants and more, Room Coverage 30m2. 1 offer from £10.99. Sometimes, shoes can prove difficult to get on, especially when you want to gently get into the shoe without damaging it. It produces no radiation whatsoever and very easy to clean. Insects are naturally attracted to the light and kill them when they contact the metal … Title A-Z; Title Z-A; Best Rating first; Prices ascending; Prices descending; Relevance; 1; 2; Items per page: 25. They are quiet, compact, and have protective plastic cases that look good. These rays, from 100 feet away can attract mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects. This is important for those of us who spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in the garden. You’re ready to relax on your porch at the end the day, but there’s one thing bugging you: the constant buzz of pesky insects. With a 15 Watt bulb, it is able to work continuously for as long as possible. The words Global warming can be seen quite a lot in the daily news channels. b. These products are safe and also secure. The Mozi is a “unique, friendly & scientifically-developed “mosquito killer” that keeps your family safe”. Granite countertop gives an elegant look to your kitchen. The basic aim is to help... Tiling is an essential part of the construction, and it requires a high level of precision and perfection. It can keep a whole room free from mosquito and insect for days. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Flash Sale +1. With thousands of happy customer reviews, Flowtron’s Electronic Insect Killer is our pick for the best outdoor mosquito trap. Was: £7.99. 2 x Refills & Batteries. Reclaim your outdoor space with the help of a bug zapper, which can provide more than an acre of coverage and give you pest-free peace. A great addition to any camping excursion or outdoor activity, The Rockbirds Mosquito Killer doesn’t require an electrical outlet, features an energy-saving daytime mode, and comes with a USB port for … 95 - $11.29 $ 11. It features a 365 NM wavelength UV light that lures mosquitoes and other flying insects. Then, when they are close to the unit, an electric fan traps or inhales them. Dismantling the light tube is also quick and does not require any special tool. Bottom Line . This electric Mosquito Killer is a portable unit that releases a scent effective against biting insects. 287/1, Near Bharathipuram Bus Stand Pappampatti Road, Barathipuram, Coimbatore - 641402, Dist. Weight loss can be overly frustrating, especially due to the fact that it never remains consistent. £3.99. Check Price Bargain Pick . It attracts and electrocutes flying insects such as house flies, bluebottles and other fly species to help keep food areas within the premises hygienic and pest free. Free shipping . Rs 270/ Piece Get Latest Price. It is completely safe and releases no foul odor. For this reason, now people are using homemade products. When the flies are attracted to the high-voltage grid, they are zapped. It works perfectly without the need for dangerous chemicals. Worth It? We hope this mosquito killer review will guide you in making the best choice. This is the ultimate, state of the art USB powered mosquito lamp that uses a 3-in-1 catchment system that is designed to attract & trap nuisance insects like mosquitoes, gnats and fruit flies. The AOWOTO electronic mosquito killer … Even in areas without a power source, it can work with a power bank. Our mosquito tablets are high efficient and unbroken. Our electric mosquito killer is finally here to help you eliminate all flying insects without having to waste your money on chemical products or risk your familys and pets wellbeing! Eco-friendly electric control devices such as Flowtron FC-8800 have taken over this space because of their safety and efficacy. Then mix these two oils in proper quantity, Ø  Then in a proper way mix apple cider and water. We have presented the unique features of each and how you get to benefit from using each one. .wp-classic-pros-cons{background:#F9F9F9;border:solid 2px #0c635b}.wp-classic-pros-cons .wppc-btn-wrapper .jd-wppc-btn{color:#fff;background:#0c635b}.wp-classic-pros-cons .wppc-btn-wrapper .jd-wppc-btn{border-radius:5px}.wp-classic-pros-cons .wppc-verdict-wrapper{color:#000;font-size:22px}.wp-classic-pros-cons .wppc-header .wppc-box-symbol img{width:30px}. £6.99. It works through a fog that disperses in less than five minutes to kill mosquitoes. Reviewing one of the most hyped product online, I have high expectations from this mosquito killer lamp from The best hacksaw is a saw that is covered in a metal case. If you love working in the garden, you might have to spend an awful lot of time bending and on your knees. Opens image gallery. The electric mosquito killer can effectively get rid of all mosquitoes and other bugs without harming you. Go Travel Mosqui-Go Duo EU Electric Mosquito Insect Killer for European Use (Ref 755) 4.5 out of 5 stars 511. Electric Plastic Mosquito Killer Lamp, Model Name/number: Mq205 Rs 1,350/Piece. Electric Mosquito Killer Rs 4,000/Piece. It is ideal for various rooms – bedroom, kitchen, offices, etc. The small size mosquito killer lamp is 12 x 8.5 x 7.5cm in size while the ample light is 19.00 x 13.00 x 8.00 cm. The UV light from this best insect killer indoor or for home is capable of attracting mosquitoes, fruit flies, and gnats. In this concise review, we will be looking at the top Oximeters available in terms of features and accuracy for personal and medical use All... We all wear socks for various reasons. This product will not create any harmful effects. Raid Liquid Electric Mosquito Killer Now proven to kill even hidden mosquitoes. $20.99. Read More. 3. It is recommended for the bedroom, sitting rooms, offices and other breeding ground for mosquitoes. Free shipping . We stock products which specialise in spiders, ants, wasps, and many more to ensure we can tackle any pesky visitors that you may encounter. of mosquitoes dying in your yard, pick up the Flowtron bug zapper. b. It is not ideal for use indoors, under shed, etc. We recommend opening once a week to get the flies off the box for cleaning. This mosquito killer is quiet, waterproof, odorless, and extremely effective in getting rid of flying insects. 29. Fend Off Indoor Invaders Indoor bug zappers are also available to rid your home of can common insect foes like ants and fruit flies, or try a hand-held electric fly swatter for a budget-friendly solution. Free postage. The simple, minimalistic design is available in 2 neutral colors, which means that it will blend or contrast into any home interior decor. Top Mosquito Killer Machine – Editor’s Pick ~Remember to scroll for the full details~ In addition to the reviews, we have included a comparison chart of the top products in order to help you make that final purchase decision. 1,912 sold. top hair clipper & shaver gifts. The Flowtron PV-440 covers one acre, and thus … It gives no weird smell and safe for the whole household. The Aspectek is able to be hung on the wall with the … PIC LED Bug Zapper (734) Model# IKC $ 14 97. It comes with a complete refund option and ideal if you seek to reduce the number of insects flying around your household. The trap emits ultraviolet light to attract mosquitos, then uses a fan to suck mosquitos inside, creating an inescapable vortex. Extensive testing was carried out to ensure the Lumnia fly control units are highly effective. Today’s woman is very smart and due to Google and Youtube, people are becoming smarter day by day. It is best used in a dark and closed place and it has the ability to run for as long as a week with humans around. Seeking for a powerful electric best insect killer for yard lamp, the Zapper Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp is the ideal choice. This Bug Zapper – Fly Trap Mosquito Zapper 538 SQ.FT comes with three years full warranty making it completely safe and reliable for users. Image not available. 12.23. Take A Generator On A Camping Trip. hair dryers buyer's guide. Based on the type... You have entered an incorrect email address! This “machine” is not only eco-friendly but also safe to use in rooms where your children rest and play as no smoke or chemicals are used, to eliminate pests that could be deadly to you and your family’s health. It features a blue light emitted from a special light tube that gives out UV rays which attract insects and electrocutes them. children's eyes; visit children's eyes. Browse one of Europe's biggest ranges of electric fly killers and get the best price on pest control today. It is very portable and very easy to clean. Shop bug zappers and a variety of lawn & garden products online at It is very powerful with the ability to cover a very large area – up to 6000 sq ft. It uses a plug and has a nonclogging killing area. H Hy-Tech Automatic Electric Pest Control Insect Killer gives you instant relief from the flies and mosquitos at your home. It involves no chemical or harmful substance whatsoever hence, safe for man and pets. The AMUFER Bug Zapper is an electronic fly and mosquito killer that uses a UV light design to safely kill mosquitos and other insects. All night protection. It is friendly to the environment. It’s a non-toxic solution that combines the attractiveness of UV light with … Our range includes something for every budget, from small desktop fly zappers to cutting-edge LED fly killers that work without needing any bulb replacements. Seeking for best insect killer for outdoors and insect killer ideal for home and industrial use, the Bug Zapper Fly Trap Mosquito Killer Insect is a perfect choice. The electric system of the Flowtron BK-15D insect killer covers up to 1/2 an acre. 12 drops peppermint oil30 ml – coconut oil, You can use this oil anywhere inside as well as outside from your home, UltraSonic Frequency Mosquito Repellent Bracelet, Effectively Protects You From Mosquito Bites, Non Toxic, Unobstrusive SoundWave Barrier Principle, Smaller Than a Watch, Easy to Use & Stylish, Great Gift For Home Owners, Campers, or Walkers, Suitable For Babies, Pregnant Women, Kids, Elderly, And Pets. Granite is one of the strongest stones used as a countertop. Electric UV Mosquito Killer Lamp Outdoor/Indoor Fly Bug Insect Zapper Trap US. £5.99. But a long time before people died in malaria and dengue. Electronic Indoor Insect Killer Zapper This is a very good electric insect killer with two 10 watt bulbs that most insects will find irresistible. Barathipuram, Coimbatore S. No. LED Photocatalyst Lamp Home Physical Electronic Mosquito Killer 17.23 +1. It does not give any odor hence, reliable and effective. Excellent customer service & fast delivery; Products. Eco-friendly, harmless to human and pets. Essential Ideas in Growing Ginseng in Containers There are many considerations that people think about when growing plants at home. It is not an easy task to split wood especially when you are going the conventional way like making use of an ax. Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp Fly Bug Indoor Insect Zapper Pest Catcher Trap . 17 watching. The Tiabo bug zapper employs an ultraviolet bulb to lure insects and other flies and kills it when the insect makes contact. If mosquitoes disturb your sleep at night, look at this video and learn how to make a Mosquito Insect Killer Machine at home. opticians advice. The handheld sewing machine makes stitching easier. Whether you are running a successful business or, in general, heavily relies upon your computer, it is very important to invest in a quality... You must have noticed those creative and colorful small pieces of paper, plastic, fabric or similar material posted on the products or attached to... Apart from making sure that your TV gets the specific and right TV mount, it is very also imperative that you try and get... Laminators can be of great help and can serve a lot of purposes at home, schools, and offices. Both reliable and affordable, and a good choice if you are looking for insect trap that works well at catching bugs and doesn't cost a lot. The process of getting out of the car... Infrared thermometers are used in various industries and working environments to check the temperature of objects from a distance. To keep this stylish... Panini is a mouth-watering cheese sandwich made with Italian bread served by grilling. 3 LIFE Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp USB Rechargeable Electric Photocataly Insect Fly Bug Dispeller 17.99. $32.99. Using these electric mosquito killers is good as there are advantages that are absent with pesticides. Product Details: ABS material is environmental, safe and durable. Current Price $10.95 $ 10. Today’s people are so serious, they want a healthy lifestyle for this reason malaria and dengue to become so common disease. It applies to both indoor and outdoor use. On attracting the insect, they are trapped and starved to death without harming the environment – humans and pets. It is good and tested for getting rid of all types of insects! Power Consumption: 5 W and Below. If you’d like to hear the telltale ZZZZZZAP! Electric Fly Killer eliminates the nuisance caused by Flies effectively, Wasps. The UV light with the right wavelength attracts the insects, and they get trap inside the tubes. For Utorch USB Electric LED Photocatalytic Mosquito Killer Lamp Fly Repellent 11.53. caring for your glasses. Growing Cabbage In Containers Cabbage is a great vegetable to grow your garden. Material: Plastic. Variants: Odourless, Eucalyptus refill REMEMBER: PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! It traps them in the sticky glue board where they remain till death. There is no smell, no dust and no sound so you can sleep with this killer turned on. $28.99. With the improvement in technology, however, there are electric devices that have been developed to kill mosquitoes. Doing a woodworking project will require the use of a planer. item 9 Electric Mosquito Insect Killer Zapper LED Light Fly Bug Trap Pest Control Lamp - Electric Mosquito Insect Killer Zapper LED Light Fly Bug Trap Pest Control Lamp. Electric Mosquito Killer (All 19 results) 16% OFF. 25% OFF. It is pretty free and easy to use as all you have to do is plug the zapper and watch it do its magic. There have been numerous lawsuits against the … These products are so harmful that they cause many diseases. Worry no more with our Electric Mosquito Killer and live this summer to the fullest! ODS Mosquito Killer Plug in Refill Strong Tablets - 20pk 4.6 out of 5 stars 424. Type: Bug Zapper, 1/2 Acre Coverage. LED light provides up to 40 square meter coverage to attract the mosquitoes. Convenient and durable - don't need to change the liquid every day, it can last for 30 days . The backpacking shovel brings together durability, versatility, and compatibility. It is completely safe for humans and animals. 2000-Volt 1/2 acre Bug Zapper Insect Killer, Includes Black Flag Mosquito Octenol Lure, 5500 Volt Deluxe 40 Watt Bug Zapper Insect Killer, 1.5 Acre Coverage, 1 Acre Mosquito Killer with Mosquito Attractant, Portable Handheld Bug Zapper Insect Killer Racket, Black, 2000-Volt Cordless Bug Zapper Insect Killer with White LED Light, Half Acre Coverage, 1-1/2 Acre Mosquito Killer with Mosquito Attractant, 20-Watt Indoor/Outdoor (Non-Toxic) Bug Zapper, 36-Watt Outdoor Electronic (Non-Toxic) Bug Zapper, 2800 Volts High Performance Electric Indoor Monster Bug Zapper, Solar Powered Cordless Dual Lighting Modes Bug Zapper (2-Stakes), Black Flag 2000-Volt 1/2 acre Bug Zapper Insect Killer, Includes Black Flag Mosquito Octenol Lure, Badger 5 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, Badger 500 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal. It is our best indoor mosquito killer due to the fact that it is portable, easy to use, and vetted by a team of scientists. Since I was a young boy I have used bench vise in my father's garage and I think I'm not the only one here. For instance, the non-clogging killing grid on offer is efficient. When it comes to providing water for chicken, quite a number if a newbie feels it is as easy as putting water in an... Also known as string trimmers, "weed-whip", "weed-whacker", a "weed eater", a "line trimmer" (in Australia and New Zealand), or a "strimmer" (in eastern Europe) weed... Do you love quality air as I do? Kills and repels mosquitoes for up to 45 nights when used for seven hours per night. While you might find patience to deal with... Are you the independent type that loves doing things alone or maybe does you find paying the gym quite expensive? Insects are naturally attracted to the light and kill them when they contact the metal grid. With the help of our experienced engineers, we are able to design and develop commendable range of Electric Mosquito Killer Machine In order to offer a quality approved a safe and reliable range at our clients doorstep, read more... Balaji Electronics. It’s an environmentally friendly trap that doesn’t use pesticides, propane, or glue, and is effective for a radius of up to half an acre. Product Title Electric Mosquito Killer USB UV Lamp Bug Zapper Inse ... Average rating: 1 out of 5 stars, based on 7 reviews 7 ratings. When a flying insect senses the light, it flies closer to it, along with the rest … GLOUE E26 is an electric lamp killer that emits 365-420nm wavelength. Go Travel Mosqui-Go Mosquito Insect Killer Repellent Tablet Refills - 30 Tablets Per Pack (Ref 320) 4.4 out of 5 stars 95. Seeking for the perfect insect killer for outdoor use, the Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer is the best choice. It can work with any USB adapter or power bank and recommend it for indoor use only. It features a 10 Watt UV bulb that attracts all flying insects to a very powerful high voltage metal grid which then electrocutes them. 5 (2) +1. There is no substitute for a warm cup of tea, particularly on a cold and frosty morning. Strong suction that inhales the bugs into the Mosquito Killer. Safely destroy mosquitoes, moths, gnats, flies and other airborne pests … GLOUE Zapper Electric, Bug Zapper Electronic Insect Killer Flies Pests Trap Indoor, Mosquito Killer with Blue Light for Backyard, Patio, Bedroom, Kitchen, Office (6 Packs) MOST EFFECTIVE & POWERFUL: The 2020 latest type of mosquito zapper… Using is easy as all you have to do is plug to any USB port. Aspectek Upgraded 20W Electronic Bug Zapper, Insect Killer - Mosquito, Fly, Moth, Wasp Killer for Indoor -Including 2 Pack Free Replacement Bulbs By Store Extra $40.99 The electric mosquito killer can effectively get rid of all mosquitoes and other bugs without harming you. It comes with 2 DURACELL AA batteries which make the bug zapper work immediately. No one likes mosquitoes. 【2020 Upgraded Mosquito Killer】: advanced 2-in-1 bug zapper and attractive light to fly insects, Electric mosquito killer uses 365 Nm wavelength ultraviolet light-emitting bulb that lures insects in and then immediately zaps them with a 4200V electric … You can choose from different colors and sizes depending on your preference. It zaps and kills small and big insects without clogging. These electric mosquito killers and zappers are safe, efficient, cost-effective, and very effective. Then in that bottle mix 10 ml lemon oil and eucalyptus oil. China electric mosquito killers Manufacturers and mosquito killer lamp/bulb Wholesalers,Jiande iGreen Electric Appliance Co., Ltd is located in the western suburbs of Hangzhou, 100 km scenic magnificent city of the Millennium - Meicheng. Because at that time there was no medicine for those diseases. This is the latest 2 in 1 mosquito killer UV LED lamp for … The advanced light wave mosquito killer lamp has a quiet design, the sound is less than 30 db and never disturb your life ◎LED Light & All- Around Suction: This mosquito trap attracts mosquitoes and insects, … Grainger's electronic bug killers can reduce the number of insects that can spoil outdoor activities and endanger food-prep areas. It can work with any USB outlet or power source and suitable for bedroom, halls, hotels or garage. It can also be used as a security light. It is safe for humans and pets and the dead insects can be collected via the tray at the bottom. … Body Material: Plastic. children's eyes . IPL female hair removal. It makes no noise, hence can be used while sleeping, The PestZilla is capable of getting rid of all flying and creeping insects from your home. In fact, this is one of the best mosquito killer machine products that works like a professional insect killer. electric fly swatter is a tested and reliable tool with the capacity to zap all kind of files or insects with ONE SWAT. All Rights Reserved. The metal grid is enclosed hence, safe for human use. Electric insect killers are economical and effective in use making them ideal for shops, takeaways, Offices, catering , food production areas, home & commercial kitchens, and other applications requiring effective fly control. You can use this whenever you go outside of your house. Not only are they annoying, but their humming also disturbs one sleep and they cause blisters and diseases. Flash Sale +1. Find bug zappers at Lowe's today. It is a wonderful feeling, to sit comfortably in your car while the gate opens itself. Don't let your bushes turn into fly food, protect them with bug killer from B&Q. In the present world of technology where every there are different available options, technical work is becoming easy to do with the aid of... Shoveling dirt or earth is a messy job and can be quite excruciating. But the messy job is sometimes unavoidable if you desire to... A lawn mower is an essential gardening tool for every home. Electric UV Mosquito Killer Lamp LED Night Light Insect Bug Zapper Fly Trap Electronics Anti Fly Pest Control Light UK Plug 54 +1. LiBa Indoor Bug Zapper Electric Insect, Mosquito, Fly Killer 2 Extra Bulbs 9.8 9.3 9.9 2: KATCHY Indoor Insect and Flying Bugs Trap Fruit Fly Gnat Mosquito Killer 9.4 8.9 9.5 3: After all, the last thing you want is to get eaten alive while you’re finishing off work at dusk. The electric racket mosquito killer will get rid of all the annoying bugs quickly and effectively. Electric Insect Killer. Get Quote. To keep kids … Flowtron 1 Acre Mosquito Killer with Mosquito Attractant (341) Model# BK40DK $ 74 99. Free postage.

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