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bible stories about trusting god in difficult times

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13 de novembro de 2020

bible stories about trusting god in difficult times

I ate, slept and breath Jesus. Listen. Please let me know how I can get messages. P.S. What Does It Mean To Fear God? That he would help me to wait patiently for him. We've encountered everything from job loss and unemployment to parenting issues and life-threatening illnesses. There were times that I thought I wasn't physically going to make it. Questions like these during a trial could rule my heart and wreak havoc on my emotions if I let them. Just enter your email below! Thanks again. Genesis 3 tells the story of mankind’s fall from grace. Kenneth Dennis The Bible says a lot about trusting God in difficult times. That’s probably why the words, “Don’t … This time I had a mini stroke and was taken back to the emergency room. Photos and content may not be reproduced without express written permission from site editor. Abraham- Old Testament Bible Story of Faith. And yet, because I know that he’s good and faithful and steadfast and ready to give me grace, I can trust him with my whole heart. So shall it be in Jesus name. The beliefs we must commit ourselves to when facing suffering are: 1. i have never felt as good as i do now yes god has done many things in life that we think is terrible like letting family members pass pets pass trees fall so close to you your life flashes before your eyes but we must always trust him for he has a greater plan for all of us yes many people are hurt but god gave humans a choice between him and satan right and wrong and we all chose lots of us are still choosing so ann and all of you that are doubting right now look to god especially in hard times doubt is what satan uses to bring us down hope and faith and courage is what God uses to bring us up, i hope you all are trusting god and having faith, I have read your posts and I feel encouraged. We have looked at building relationships, the intimacy and sanctity of marriage and this morning look at trusting God when you are in difficult times. Amen!!! Rather, God’s word calls me to trust in him with all my heart and to not lean one iota on my own understanding. When I’m struggling with trusting God, he invites me to run to him for sustaining grace. God is too good to be unkind and He is too wise to be mistaken. But I saw how he built supernatural joy into my heart through this trial. Job's Wife. Here are five biblical strategies. The simple reality is that most of the time, I have only a very small grasp of what God is truly doing in my life. God (and Bible verses about trials and hard times) became my only solace. So sorry to hear about your friend! It was incredibly humbling and difficult to not know when my husband would get a job, if I was going to go back to work instead, or if we were going to move out of state. You can read more about that experience here, and find out God not only taught us about how to have faith during hard times but how to grow closer as a couple during times of crisis. who comforts us in all our affliction so that we will be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. Trusting God isn’t blind. Are You A Bruised Reed? You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook . I felt like a zombie many days as I spent every last ounce of energy trying to keep life going for our all four of the kids (who of course still needed my constant attention). 2 Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. I found a love like no other…a friend until the end and a part from Him, I was nothing…but He made me whole, as he kept me on the vine pruning and purging those things that separated me from Him and his love. Why was this happening to us? But the one that stands out the most happened from April 2014 to April 2015 when our oldest son went through some extreme behavioral issues which required professional intervention. How do you keep trusting God when he has failed you in every way in the past? Of course, this is utter nonsense. You'll also get great deals on books, access to massive giveaways, and much more. Instead of saying: “I trust God will heal him but _____.” We have to … Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. But, the good news is that God is always with you. Copyright 2013-2020 Vibrant Christian Living. God is faithful and He knows us, He formed us in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139), He created us, He saved us, He called us and He knows how to redeem us. Hebrews 4:16 says, “Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”. They had never seen anything like it. Even if I know all the truths above, the Holy Spirit must empower me to take hold of them by faith. He will prove Himself faithful when times get hard… but you have to choose to cling to Him and to seek His ways as better than your own. I believed with all my heart that His plans were good for me and not meant to harm me (Jeremiah 29:11). He is back on track trusting in the Lord. You get the point. When life is hard and circumstances are bewildering and trusting God seems impossible, I am to run to the throne of grace. Sometimes when trusting God in hard times, we need to give up our right to understand everything, turn on our faith, trust Him and receive His peace. But I kept reading my Bible and talking to God each day about everything I was going through. God bless you Stephen, My wife and I became Christian’s about 4 months ago. How do I grow in trusting God ? When we can process godly truth–meditating on it and applying that truth to our lives in practical ways. If you'd like to hear me to share this story, I tell it in this podcast episode. Feeling absolutely bewildered by everything going on around me. To me, this seems to be at the heart of trusting God. Lord, please give me the grace to trust you for everything. There will be times when I’ll be brought low. Learning to trust God through the power of the Holy Spirit is truly insightful. We must learn to trust when we don’t understand. He even asked God if it was really necessary. In fact, the last four years have been about our family learning how to have faith in God during hard times. Follow along online with Bible verses from the message, a place to see Dr. Stanley's sermon notes, and room to take your own! Why Knowing That Jesus Loves You Changes Everything During a Trial, Ep 21: How to Find Hope Through Hard Times (or Through Trials), Ep 5: How to Find Hope When Battling Chronic Illness, Ep 35: Finding Hope After Miscarriage with Abby Burgess, Ep 57: When You Don't Feel God + Wonder Where He Is, Ep 63: Finding Unshakeable Hope in Uncertain Times, Ep 64: When You Doubt Your Faith and Have Questions About God with Robin Dance, Ep 69: What's Going On Inside? There are times when the headaches (a result of the dissections) come back and I'm forced to clear my schedule and rest for a few days. You have to study the CORE reasons WHY we can have strong faith through trials… and then apply these truths to your life. No matter how fervently I prayed for things to change, each day's events repeated themselves and day after day faded into the next. What if I can’t pay the bills? Step 1: Don’t Fret. We were just getting back on our feet after helping our son when my normally-healthy husband was diagnosed–quite unexpectedly–with Type 1 Diabetes. While this in no way means that life is easy or always blessed, it does mean that our internal realities may be greatly altered to rise above the external circumstance. Ultimately, trusting God is only possible through the power of the Holy Spirit. Keep trusting God in the midst of your troubling time! And of course, since Type 1 Diabetes is an incurable chronic illness, we still must cling to verses like “count it all joy” to find joy through the daily trial of Diabetes. In a nutshell, my life as a mom became wrapped around helping my then 11-year-old son (who has ADHD and Autism) learn how to cope and function as he went through some extreme emotional issues. Follow along online with Bible verses from the message, a place to see Dr. Stanley's sermon notes, and room to take your own! It required loads of trust and faith in God in order to bring him there, but we knew it was the best option for him. The unfortunate reality is that sinful self-sufficiency is hardwired into me. All we need right now is prayers for God’s mercy and timely intervemtion because I know he sees everything. And as a bonus, I'll give you FIVE FREE BOOKS as soon as you sign up. He was incredibly supportive, but he wasn't physically there a lot. Good News! Finding that true friend that would see me through. We had no idea his blood sugar was so high! 13 Glorious Truths About Who We Are in Christ, 12 LIFE GIVING Bible Verses To Conquer Depression and Hopelessness, 19 PROFOUND Reasons We Should Give Thanks To The Lord, 20 Rock Solid Reasons You Can Trust God Today, 23 POWERFUL Ways To Humble Yourself And Be Blessed, 5 Staggering Ways My Identity In Christ Changes Everything, BANISH Fear: 13 Bible Verses About Fear To Fill You With Peace, Can You Lose Your Salvation? He never shifts, never changes, never fluctuates. And that takes more than just writing for a few minutes in a journal. As host of the Vibrant Christian Living Podcast, she inspires thousands of women each week with practical tips and powerful inspiration on how they can create the life of their dreams and live out God’s best plan for their lives. Overview. I know that God is faithful and He can and will heal her at His time. Download this awesome free 3-Day Bible study, 19 joy in trials Bible verses especially for those with chronic illness, talking to God each day about everything I was going through, the foundational truth that God loved me and my family no matter what. I went to the emergency room just to make sure I was OK. That's when the doctors told me that I'd developed an incredibly serious condition–a vertebral artery dissection. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”. He wants to enlarge our territory. You want change. -  Designed by Thrive Themes For this reason, trusting God in the midst of trials is truly possible. Keeping faith in God during hard times can be extremely difficult. Matthew 6:33. “You have a reason for me to go through this, Lord,” I prayed. In 2 Timothy 3:1-9, Paul warned Timothy of the difficult (also translated “terrible”) times that would happen throughout church history. Is Good Friday Really Good? Through each story I'm going to share Bible verses that encouraged us and talk about how God has used each difficult trial to teach us how to “count it all joy during trials” (James 1:2-4). One of the most prominent themes of scripture is to trust in God, especially in times when it becomes difficult to do so. Awesome! Plus my health was still incredibly unstable and I had ongoing migraines that wouldn't let up. Get the FREE 3-day “How to Grow Closer to God” Bible study and get the strength you need to grow in your faith during this time. Moses’ understanding would have undoubtedly been grim, but he didn’t rely on that. Friends I can’t stress it enough, God is the same yesterday, today, and forever; regardless of your situation. Scripture never makes it seem like life is all roses and peanut butter cups. God promised. I will glory in … Find comfort for your trying times. Everything on my overcrowded schedule was cleared. Remember God’s Character. I’m glad it was encouraging to your Richard! When I’m overwhelmed, burdened, and battered by life’s circumstances, I’m tempted to trust in myself rather than the Lord. You’re welcome Sue! My prayer for you is that you will obtain that. Eye opening experience. Not just “I-don't-want-to-do-this” defiant, but yelling at me, throwing things, and constantly causing a scene in our home. Thank God for your life and mandate, I’m still a work in progress and I trust that I’ll fully learn how to trust God always. Charles Stanley Radio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I start to run all sorts of, “What if?” scenarios and calculations in my head. Each one of these should be in my “trusting God” arsenal, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. My husband lost his job in June and everything has been really down. As Jesus said in John 15:5, “I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.”. Thank God for using you to touch and heal lives. He has sustained me through heartbreak, crippling anxiety, insufferable depression, overwhelming doubts, broken relationships, and a thousand other trials, toils, and snares. I sat in my closet reading my Bible one night those words were like a slap in the face. Curse God and die,’” … Who is helping you make decisions and walking in life with you through the workings and outcomes of those decisions? Thank you Stephen! I love how honest the Bible is. At the same time, God must empower me to obey. I’m so glad that you benefit from what I write. It can be hard to trust God when we are faced with the hardships that life throws our way. Lamentations 3:21-23 says, “But this I call to mind, and therefore I have … Life seems upsidedown for me presently but I trusting God for everything. The simple reality is that I don’t know all the glorious things God is doing in and through my circumstances. Fast forward less than a year later, to July 2015. Plus, I want to give you a FREE 3-day Bible Study to help you grow closer to God during this difficult life circumstance. Jesus experienced hard times too…the road to the cross was no small matter. the loss of my grandpa and the untimely death of a good friend; when I dealt with depression and suicide. The Answer May Surprise You! we didn’t know about spiritual warfare,but we learned very fast. In these 11 studies on first half of Isaiah, you'll dig deep into the prophet's revolutionary message of repentance, forgiveness, and hope. | Powered by WordPress, You'll learn a simple 3-step method for connecting with God each day called the, 4 Stories: Keeping Faith in God During Hard Times, free 3-Day “How to Grow Closer to God” Bible study. And so I pray and then I obey. Zechariah 9:12 I’m grateful it’s helpful. Philippians 4:5-6 says, “The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”. Wow thanks so much for your encouragement Richard. I'm a husband, dad, writer. Scary, life changing stuff that radically altered every part of our life. Yes, God has indeed held me fast, and he will continue to hold me fast. Today I can truly say that, yes, trials are difficult and can be horribly painful to endure; but that because of God's presence through them all, you truly can “count it all joy when you face trials” because there is so much beautiful spiritual fruit that comes from a trial! For the first time, he showed me how to really have joy during trials. But I'm sharing the choices I made so that you can be encouraged that you can make these choices too. He trusted God. Trusting God in difficult times forces us to seek His guidance, and to trust in Him. Praying friends and family are one of God’s ways to strengthen you during difficult times. If that doesn’t happen, trusting God will be impossible for me. What if I have to deal with this fractured relationship for the rest of my life? How could I doubt a God who has fresh mercies for me every morning? Isaiah 12:2. By actively calling to mind God’s faithful, steadfast character. Stephen, Recently a dear friend was experiencing a major crisis in his life and I shared my “go to” verses with him three of which you quote in this article. I can be sure that God will continue to sustain me, continue to uphold me, continue to shepherd me to green pastures. This verse is a glorious reminder that God is absolutely unchanging. Bible: 2 Corinthians 4:7-9. There I will find Jesus, ready to give me exactly what I need. Alicia is a wife to her best friend and husband of 19 years, and a mom of four very vibrant children (ages 17 to 8). You’re welcome John! Our most recent trial ended less than a month ago when my husband lost his job and we were unemployed for over 18 months. Seek Truth in Scripture. Hebrews 11 says that he followed God even though he was not sure where he was going. You touch more lives than you know. People would be lovers of themselves, lovers of pleasure instead of God; they would be abusive, unforgiving, and having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof. So here's my question: Is keeping the faith really important for YOU during this trial? I pray that these inspiring stories about faith during hard times will greatly encourage you to trust God through your challenges as well (and to even learn how to rejoice in trials). I felt incredibly helpless. By my wit and grit. The DEFINITIVE Answer From Scripture, His Mercies Are NEW Every Morning (and here’s how to see them), Prayer For Anxiety: 5 Ways To Pray When Life Is Overwhelming, Prayer For Favor: Asking For and RECEIVING God's Richest Blessings, Spiritual Disciplines: Ultimate Guide (2019), The Power of Prayer: Sacred, Overwhelming, Staggering, The SURPRISE Meaning Of Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged (2019 Edition), The SURPRISE Way To Have Peace That Passes All Understanding, Ultimate Guide: The 50 Best Books Every Christian Should Read. We must do the right thing, even when it does not seem to pay off. Getting him to and from therapy (while finding childcare and rides for my other 3 kids) was extremely taxing in itself. But God continued to speak to me about joy in trials. In the parable of the sower … Trusting God in difficult times. Let's talk about how going through trials can strengthen your faith and even bring you more joy! Peter gives us four hard lessons about hard times--hard lessons because they’re hard to apply. You want God to help YOU keep the faith through that tough trial you're facing. It became downright impossible to do homeschool with him (let alone to help our three other kids who were then 9, 6 and 2). To top it off, my hard-working husband traveled nearly 50 percent of the time. "Glory of the Martyrs" The Glory of the Martyrs is a vision with a grim beginning that ends in true Spiritual bliss. I has a son that was murdered on Christmas eve several years ago…that was when I found, I could truly trust God. The simple, yet profound truth is that I can do nothing (including trust God) apart from God. I’ll take that as a compliment! If I’m going to succeed in trusting God, I must actively, constantly call these truths about God to mind. And because of this, I decided that yes, I was going to count it all joy like James 1:2-8 says. Charles Stanley Radio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When His working in 10k ways is only to make your life more of a living Hell? A great way to start that quiet time habit is by taking 10 minutes a day to read the Bible and apply biblical truth to your life. How could I not trust a God whose love for me is never fluctuating and always steadfast? God taught me many things about moment-by-moment faith during that life challenge. As someone who has had to keep the faith through many hard trials too, let me share what has helped me. Don't miss this chance to discover–for yourself–how to keep the faith through trials! 3. I didn’t want to believe it. God is faithful! Day by day this incredible free Bible study will transform your thoughts by making these Bible verses about joy real and relevant to YOUR circumstances. Things might not make sense to me, but God knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s not enough to just know them, like I know that 2 + 2 = 4 and that kale tastes gross. You are sounding more like your wise Father, Mr. Mark, every day! It clearly acknowledges that there will be times of need. When would this trial end? And that's exactly why I created the Spiritual Growth Rhythm–a simple 3-step Bible study method that we use in the free 3-Day Bible study. It’s been a hard journey but God is still good providing medicine for me. Having faith in God during difficult times can be incredibly hard. If you need to find hope, strength and joy (and you need to keep the faith), this is the perfect Bible study to start with because you'll learn how to apply God's word to your circumstances so you can find hope and joy right now. I was utterly spent–emotionally, spiritually and physically. The Bible fully acknowledges that there are times when life just plain stinks. I thank God for this its helpful. What if these symptoms don’t go away? And then, one week later, the unthinkable happened. This passage in particular encourages me to call three specific things to mind on a regular basis: The glorious alchemy of God’s steadfastness, faithfulness, and constant mercy compel me to trust God. Oh what closeness I've developed with God as a result of this trial! Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego show us this lesson because they were willing to worship God even if He did not deliver in the physical. Please pray for me. Mark 4:35-4:41. I need the Holy Spirit to move these glorious truths from my head to my heart. is possible for any of us. Every single moment of every day was a all-out battle. God can redeem the evil that comes into our lives. That God would help me believe his promises and trust him even when life doesn’t make sense. And once I got out of the hospital, I spent my days literally laying flat on my back with all kinds of highly powerful medicine racing through my veins (some of it coming from the self-administered injections I had to take round the clock). Doing battle and getting stronger ?.in God everyday. I am presently struggling with fear, anxiety and worry while living alone. Faith in God During Chronic Illness. Help me pray for my daughter who is sick, so that she is healed. ESV Scripture Journal: The Ultimate Journaling Bible, Jesus “I Am” Statements: 7 Life-Changing Truths. Just like Jesus had to make a choice, you and I also have to decide to go through hard times. I’m so broken that even my faith in God has been really shaky but thank God for his word of hope today. Today on Radio Listen to today's radio message from Dr. Charles Stanley. Its been everyday struggle. What does the Bible say about trusting God? Even physically painful. He gave me peace in the midst of heartache and despair. You must lean on Him and trust Him to get you through. The path of His choosing is the only one that leads to true happiness, Isn't this a wonderful promise "...those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. About a year into the unemployment trial (in late July 2017), a new trial was added to our lives (quite suddenly, I might add). From everlasting to everlasting, he is God. Bottom line: We have hope in God, even in the tough times. As a Bible teacher, author and professional Christian life coach, Alicia Michelle empowers women to cultivate a closer walk with Christ through her Connected Bible Community, and other 5Rs Bible Study™ resources; and to find life balance and overcome negative thought patterns through her signature coaching programs (Reset Life Balance Group Coaching; The Mindset Makeover). I'm going to share a few of the opportunities we've had to experience joy through trials–just in the past 4 years! Here are just five of my favorites. Thank you for this work, I will continue to re-read it daily. And so I must consistently, constantly pray that God would enable me to trust him. It caused us to rebel against Him and engage in denial and self-deception. What if my kids don’t follow the Lord? Alicia is also the creator of the Spiritual Growth Rhythm,™ a simple way for anyone to apply biblical truth and connect with God in less than 10 minutes a day. Trusting God in difficult times; trusting God's not for the faint of heart, it's for those who are willing to go the extra mile, to be their brother's keeper. So that meant I spent a lot of time alone in the trenches of this trial, carrying this immense emotional and physical burden on my own. Let us throw ourselves on his faithfulness as we do on our beds, bringing all our weariness to his dear rest, Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”. A CAT scan confirmed that my other vertebral artery now had a dissection! If you want change–real change–you have to let God change you from the inside out by immersing yourself in HIS truth about how to discover REAL JOY–no matter your circumstances. I like to call these trying times “Red Sea Moments”. Thank you. Read the Word. But I want to testify that trusting God in difficult times (even finding joy through trials!) Ask those you trust to join you in praying for your need. As a mom to four kids, I could write so much about the parenting challenges we've had so far. God knows you need somewhere to go … This article is even grounding me more…because I can do nothing in this challenging world without God. Ultimate Guide: 50 BEST Christian Books Every Christian Should Read, Best Study Bible? The story of Zechariah and Elizabeth is about the faithfulness of God, and what it means to live by faith. But He had to decide to go through it. He showed me how precious life really is and under no circumstances should life be taken for granted. The story of Zechariah and Elizabeth is about the faithfulness of God, and what it means to live by faith. We were just … Scripture, or the Bible, is God’s Word. While we will be quoting a lot of it as we proceed, some parts will be cut out in order to keep this simple. Yes, I am called to actively put my trust in God. Of course the situation was very difficult (I still had four kids to take care of and a ministry and house to run). T he Bible is full of stories about faith. And I am so grateful for what He has continued to teach me about joy through trials as I am now past my recovery period and have been forced to create a new, slower-paced life for myself. P.S. When I call to mind God’s character, I’m able to trust God even when things don’t make sense. If you benefit from the site, would you consider being a supporter? Our family's world stopped. There were many tear-filled days where my faith (and joy levels) were stretched. Pray for my friend who is suffering terrible emotional and relational pain right now. Thank you for reaching out through God’s word. David knew that it is hard to avoid fretting. You've got to share those questions honestly before God, and then seek HIS WISDOM as found in the Bible for answers. That’s exactly what I want to hear! Glorious! But during a routine doctor's visit, our physician followed a hunch after noticing my husband had a “fruity” odor to his breath (which we later learned is a sign of high blood sugar). And that's why I know the free 3-Day “How to Grow Closer to God” Bible study would be a HUGE blessing for you! God hasn't forgotten you as you are going through these trials! Peace. It was a scary time. I believed that He had a purpose for my scary health conditions. Thank you and God bless you and your ministry. While we will experience unexpected hardships in our lives, it is crucial for our spiritual health that we continue trusting God as the Bible encourages. At the time of diagnosis, we knew it was a miracle that he was alive since he came to the hospital with a blood sugar that was more than 5 times the normal amount (the nurses said that most people with his numbers were either dead or in a coma). I'd had a headache for weeks. Excellent! And today I'm going to share those stories with you: Stories of how we've learned to have faith during trials, and how God has (a little at a time) taught us to even rejoice in trials. We have to remember to be faithful in the hard times. 12:8). I love how John Piper puts it: God is always doing 10,000 things in your life, and you may be aware of three of them…Not only may you see a tiny fraction of what God is doing in your life; the part you do see may make no sense to you. You have to take action. Listen. God is good, even when life is bad. “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; … The psalms are particularly easy to identify with during dark times. "Finding Hope in Difficult Times" Even in the Darkest Moments, Our God is the God of new beginnings, with Him, nothing is impossible. I don’t have the strength or the wisdom to successfully weave through the minefields that I encounter. We clung to Bible verses about trials and hard times in order to survive those first few months of Diabetes. After 3 days in the ICU, we were suddenly introduced to his new life of counting carbs, testing his blood sugar several times a day, glucose injections and more pills than I could count. Jesus did not go to the cross to make your life hell, he did so to release you from it. Trusting God in Difficult Times Psalm 37 * Before we start breaking this passage down section by section, it might be a good idea to read the whole chapter of Psalm 37. Fast forward less than a year later, to July 2015. Today on Radio Listen to today's radio message from Dr. Charles Stanley. Specifically, God used the story of how He fed the Israelites through the desert with his daily manna (Exodus 16:1-20) to teach me how he was going to provide for me in this season one day at a time. “Should I live through this, please use this trial to bring joy in my own heart, and help me to spread your message of how to have joy through trials to as many people as possible.”. Weak, Weary, Faint Hearted? I ask sincerely because I held on for 26 years trusting God would finally do anything good in my life but He has only proven how much He must truly hate me to force this life on me.

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