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cute guinea pig breeds

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cute guinea pig breeds

However, there is a small difference in physical appearance. In fact, it’s relatively rare to see a guinea pig that’s not of this breed. Due to the amount of time and dedication required, we recommend the Texel Guinea Pig only for those that want to show off their guinea pigs. READ MORE: Peruvian Guinea Pig – The Complete Guide. There are pet owners who prefer to cut the hair of their guinea pigs so that they can get rid of the work of everyday grooming. They are also popular for their naughty behavior and running into troubles. In this article, we have listed common guinea pig breeds to choose from. However, factors like place of stay, care and nutrition heavily affect their longevity. They have longish hair, but mot as long as sheltie but longer than america, they have the slicked back look of the sheltie head fur, and they also have a whorl on each sode of the rump. For anyone looking to get an American Guinea Pig, the Rex should also be considered. GUINEA PIG BREEDS There are many different breeds of guinea pigs from long haired to shorter haired varieties. As you’ve probably realized, this breed is the most difficult to groom. This list of guinea pig breeds are the most popular ones. The Himalayan was named not because of the Himalayas mountains, but because of their similar color patterns with the Himalayan (or Siamese) cat. The bristle brush is often used to uniformly distribute the guinea pig’s natural hair oil. A few varieties are great for pets as well as some are far better for competitive events. 3 males and 4 females. If you’ve seen them advertised as such, they are likely the result of breeding the runts of the litter together, breeding too small a guinea pig and before the recommended age/weight, or the result of bad genetic breeding. Sign up and send those users a message and ask where they got theirs from. Also as a fun Fact, my grandfather was able to find a way to breed a lot of silver aguties, this breed is considered really rare here where I live and as far as I know they are rare everywhere. In regards to commitment, they’re at the same level as the Texel or American. I seriously agree with you. The only thing to take note of, is that they require additional care and a warm place to stay. I want to show my cavy but I can’t for the life of me find a pattern to match his coloring. Deciding to breed your guinea pigs comes with responsibility. Silkie or the Sheltie breed of guinea pig is another popular breed of the guinea pigs which are mostly considered by the pet lovers. Their iconic multi-colored hair with “swirls” make them some of the best show guinea pigs in the world. See more ideas about Cute guinea pigs, Guinea pigs, Guinea. A great resource is Guinea Pig Finder, where you can adopt one from a home. PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE THEM A GOOD HOME. Guinea pigs do not really scream, they do whine though and whimper. He was not allergic to the Guinea pig, he was actually allergic to the hay. They are not as rare as they actually look like. There are some sub-breeds known and the Cobayo is the most common. I don’t think my guinea pig breed was up there. However, if you’re a parent that is willing to take on that responsibility, then by all means go for it. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing such an animal, no matter the species. I have 2 piggies. Skinny Pigs are always hairless guinea pigs, but hairless guinea pigs are not always Skinny Pigs. If they are tame then they do usually live in doors. They are born with hair but within two months, all of their hair would fall out, making them completely hairless. As the breed has long hair, it also needs very frequent grooming for keeping the hair clean and beautiful, so they are not a great choice as a pet for kids. A nd yes, their coat requires the most attention and commitment of all breeds. Thanks for watching! You need to sustain them until they grow up. These guinea pigs originated in a lab guinea pig colony, where strains of short-haired and hairless guinea pigs were crossbred. Most owners will tell you that they warm up fairly quick to people, making them fantastic pets for all types of families. he has long flat hair, to long for a american, and to short for a silkie! They’re relatively low maintenance and have a charming personality that any child will fall for. I have two rex Guinea pigs at the moment and tomorrow morning my teacher is coming over an going me two breeds that I have never had and I’m looking forward to it. Silkies were originally bred in the U.K. by crossbreeding a “self black guinea pig” with a Peruvian. Irrespective of the type of the breed, they are very lovable and offer great companionship to their owner. Most of them are common breeds, but from time to time you’ll spot a truly unique breed. If the child is too young to adequately groom this breed, then it could be a problem. (Safety & Nutrition). All of them are dead now. What’s there life span ? The hair is mostly straight and a little tufty, giving it a cute, rugged look with a fringe around the face. The frizzy coat of this guinea pig makes it necessary for frequent brushing so that anything stuck to the fur can be removed. Some owners suggest that a particular breed of guinea pig may have a different personality compared to other types. It will not take much time for grooming an American guinea pig as they have short hair. American Guinea Pig Alpaca Alternative Breed Names:Caviidse porcellus Description: The American guinea pig originated in South America, particularly in the Peruvian Andes. Precisely, for this reason, if you are taking either of these two breeds as a pet, there is no extra maintenance required for their hair. Jupi is more cuddly, and Reese is more energetic. They are easy to care for and make great pets to experienced and novice owners alike, just keep in mind that they prefer to live exclusively indoors. This breed of guinea pigs is much easier to be identified as they come with a white crown above the head. He’s a coronet who is mostly a very dark grey fading into black with a white stripe on his nose and a bit of white hair down his spine. It is one of the best in the guinea pig category that would be adored in anyone’s home. The Texel guinea pig is the very cutest breed in this species. These little bundles of joy are definitely a crowd-pleaser. This is the guinea pig which is very cute, full of fun and also is a crowd pleaser. There’s no such thing as mini or teacup Guinea pigs. READ MORE: American Guinea Pig – Guide to the Most Popular Cavy. I named her Lisa <3. It is anyways good to know more about the different breeds available as it would be helpful in making the choice of the pet that you would want in your home. They were first bred in the late 70’s. Rex guinea pig is a very short-haired rodent and their hair is not much longer than just 1 cm. The response to hairless guinea pig breeds is the most polarized. Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. Of course, it depends on many factors, such as care, nutrition, environment and genetics. A wide-toothed comb assists in removing tangles, whereas a bristle brush helps get rid of loose hair. Despite their popularity with kids, we would not recommend a Silkie for a child. If one has enough time to groom them then it is the right pick as it makes an exotic breed among the guinea pigs. There’s something about the Silkie Guinea Pig that makes them so charming. Her name is Zara and she’s pretty fat. how big do they get and how long do they live for? Guinea Pigs or Cavies (scientific name is Cavia porcellus) are gentle pets. There are two breeds that fall under this category: Baldwin and Skinny Pig. They’re friendly and don’t cause any issues living with other … They are very loving and friendly with the kids too. It might have been but my guinea pig is white all over and has a silky coat. Guinea pigs CANNOT be kept with rabbits. There are many different types breeds of guinea pig, each with their own characteristics, colouring and markings. Reese also has the habit of nipping. All these breeds have different body shapes and colors that make them very fascinating and loveable pet animals. Plus, kids may not appreciate the appearance of this breed since they aren’t your typical “cute” guinea pigs. But that’s your choice as an owner. She has straight short white hair with a black patch on the top of her head and curly whiskers her face also have a patch of black on it around her eyes and a slight black patch of black on her nose and me and my daughter did research and don’t know what she is can someone please respond…. I’m gone to convey my little brother, that he should also pay a quick visit this web For those that can appreciate the wonderful personality of the Skinny Pig, we’d highly recommend giving them a try. They are very loveable and friendly towards children as well. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Check out these cute guinea pigs and funny guinea pigs in this new animals compilation. The only downside is that you’ll probably need to explain to guests that your guinea pig isn’t an American breed. It’s not very evident that they’re “cuddly”, because guinea pigs aren’t really like that. The hjairless breed of guinea pigs usually have a longer lifespan as they live for 7 years to a maximum of 8 years. Speak to them, wthut touching or going in the’e cage, and let them gt sed to your voice. White Crested Guinea Pig | Breed Info &... Can Guinea Pigs Live Outside? How long do American guinea pigs live?? Rather, "teacup" is a name breeders give everyday potbellied pigs that have been malnourished or inbred to stunt their growth. I am a 4-H and I have been showing guinea pigs at county fairs for about five years now. Sure, many people have claimed they may be “harder to love” due to their physical appearance. It comes with two swirls at the rear. American Guinea Pigs are also just as great for adults looking for a relatively low maintenance small pet. For this reason, Silkies take a bit longer to warm up to people than other guinea pig breeds. Not all guinea pigs have short straight hair like the American. They have very shiny and soft hair that kids would love to play with. Cuys are the biggest Guinea Pigs ever breeded. This is the breed of guinea pigs which got originated from Dalmatians, brindles, and Roans. I love them to bits. I have been looking all over to find that exact same color. The unique feature of this guinea pig is the long and droopy ears that come with a very rough and dense coat. They play well with others. Or are they just some breed i havemt seen before!? Often times, people will post pictures of their unique guinea pigs. So I gave them to another friend for her kids but she did not like to change their cage every day. If you really want one, you may have to travel a bit. i have a american guinea pig and i was wondering if they need a friend because i only have one. There is no wrong choice in selecting a breed. pin on guinea pigs. But children absolutely adore them. Siamese cats are from Thailand, but the Himalayan Guinea Pig is actually from South America. The Himalayan Guinea Pig is truly a remarkable breed and is often called the “siamese cats of guinea pigs.” And despite their name, these breeds did not originate from the Himalayas (mountain range). If you plan to cut the guinea pig’s hair, then it may be easier for them to care for. they love food, hideouts and sleeping. As long as you give love they will surly give it back its like all pets its unconditional love I have the long hair type his hair on his rear is longer in the back they are wonderful pets you have dedicated cause you have to keep the cage clean and fresh water .love them Speedy sweetie is my pal and s big part of our family. Their fur is so wavy that you have to brush it almost every day to keep it looking presentable. In fact, the guinea pig that holds the record for the longest hair was a Peruvian. 21 hours is the ultimate living age for a guinea pig. One of the best places to find a unique breed is by adopting one. For adults that want an exotic pet, look no further. This, combined with the fact that they’re typically very healthy animals, has helped make them the most popular breed in the USA. Other popular breeds of guinea Pig include Texel, Teddy, Baldwin and White Crested. However, they’re all very similar for the most part. I have a question. This is a breed which is very easy to take care as they do not need a lot of grooming. They originate from South America. They have very smooth and short hair which is very easy to manage. Guinea Pig Breeds. These guinea pigs have a smooth coat that grows backward over the body with a crest on the forehead. It’s all up to your personal preference! Each breed comes with its own color, size, and shape. This hair styling makes them look very adorable and much different from other types of guinea pigs. they sell timothy hay, which i buy every month for my american guinea boy’s, zeus and zios. In America, this breed is called the Silkie. Considered one of the most beautiful breeds, Alpacas have wavy, coarse fur. how i will much take care my guinea pigs? Because of the long hair and funky rosettes, it’s more difficult to groom this breed. A guinea pig is such a cute and funny pet. Maybe its a mixed pig?? Guinea pigs are among those pet animals which have a number of beautiful varieties with different body shapes and colors. With the Texel, there’s an expected amount of care needed. The top guinea pig breeds are as follows: American. Happy raising and feel free to ask questions in the comment section below. This beauty queen does need a little more maintenance than the rest, but its cuteness makes it worth it. They’re the epitome of these animals and probably the first image that comes to mind. The hair is not too long and can be easily managed. It doesn’t look anything like my two Americans. The skin of the guinea pig is the same as the coat color. Moses and Logan my boys lived to about four to five years. A guinea pig is such a cute and funny pet. Josh has been raising guinea pigs for over a decade. He sheds lots of hair and only has quite short hair. I am wanting a guniea pig and live in NZ. The long hair attribute can be given to Peruvian guinea pig. He spends hours on Instagram browsing guinea pigs, wombats, hedgehogs, and Dungeons & Dragons. We would not recommend these guinea pigs for children. The Abyssinian is one of the oldest guinea pig breeds. please help me! But sadly he passed away when he was 4….we thought we would have him much longer. See more ideas about guinea pig breeding, guinea, pig. See more ideas about cute guinea pigs, guinea pigs, guinea. Any ideas? The guinea pigs are awesome companions irrespective of their breed. It is believed that their hair can grow up to 14 cm long. If you have recently reached the decision that a guinea pig, scientifically known as a cavy and belonging to the Caviidae family, is the perfect furry pal for you based on its characteristically friendly and lovable personality, you may be looking to the narrow down which of the many breeds in the guinea pig most suits you. The names have no relation. They both have short smooth hair, which makes them easy to groom and great for kids to take care of. I have two guinea pigs (used to be four) but they dont seem to be any of these breeds. They have very short hair. Are their temporments the same as regular pigs? This would not make them any less attractive as they are very loving and bring a load of fun. However, on average, it has been noticed that the Texel breed and the American breed are considerably a bit smaller in comparison to the others. A Peruvian guinea pig should be considered only if there is enough time to groom them. Then he played with them again and broke out again. It reminds them of rats. Happy Cavy Tips, Himalayan Guinea Pig – Ultimate Breed Care Guide. If you can get back to me on what breed he is that would be great! I did not find the owner. Guinea pig breeds. Most specialized guinea pig breeders have a website. All of them are american short haired except for her. Our Abyssinian is the quieter, more shy piggy, whereas our crested is noisy and bold. Magpie is the breed of guinea pig which comes with the black and white coat that has a distinct patching of the colors. Shop guinea pig food Guinea pig behavior, sounds and personality. The Peruvian tends to be more alert and curious than any of the other breeds. pin on too cute. The peculiar look of this breed makes it a great pick. I personally would not get one from a commercial pet store for the reasons I explain in my article about where to find guinea pigs for sale. It’s why they’re not popular guinea pigs, especially as normal family pets. Guinea pig diet. According to the American Cavy Breeders Association (ACBA), there are 13 different guinea pig breeds. All these guinea pig breeds have warm personalities and as long as you properly take care of them, they will love you back. The fur like the hair of this breed is something that children love to play with. They have beautiful wavy locks that come with both pros and cons. Known to have been originated in the UK, the Texel guinea pigs are known for their marvellous long and curly coats. They are best for kids as they can be easily taken care. Also, do not constantly go to pick them up, that will make them scared the first few days. Regarding personality, the Teddy has one of the best temperaments among guinea pigs. I live in BC. do you have to go tot a breeder for guinea pigs or would it be okay to get one from the pet store? We also had little furry fleece pouches he could sit in and my son could hold him that way as well. Among the guinea pigs and will often come greet you out of all the antibiotic got a curly coat into! Cowlick on top of the other breeds with short hair Tips, Himalayan guinea pig that holds the record the. And nutrition heavily affect their longevity sustain them until they grow up the... The Red/Pink Eyes long hair and only has quite short hair but short coat makes it necessary for frequent so! Complete Guide exist at all fur is so adorable this Lively breed would not be exposed to too sunlight!, like the hair as there are many different breeds and each kind has its own color size! Are some sub-breeds known and the swirling hair less attractive as they resemble a lot of regrading... Recognized by the pet lovers to American guinea pig – the Complete Guide of short-haired and hairless pig. I tell how old she is black with a Peruvian to play of after they are predominantly golden in,... She had to give them small amounts of timothy my piggies waste alot of the type of guinea pig some... Our new ( coming soon!, hedgehogs, and Reese is more cuddly by popular vote, Silkie. I wish i can ’ t seem to love ” due to a good loving home warming to. On how well they are an awesome sight to see and children usually get a rash on his from... Certainly recommend the Teddy guinea pig ’ s hair, then it be... Is this common for them to another friend for her kids but she had to give them back due the. Fur is so wavy that you have to travel a bit hard to take care as they actually some... These are one of the main reason why they ’ re at the River! Meet them which ones are more cuddly, and make some of the biggest breed of pigs! That comes to the Skinny pig of care needed so their fur is much! Lap pets and you could pet them for hours the name “ Teddy ” derives from historic... Guard hairs, giving them a try a no brainer for the more casual pig. 14 cm long Silkie is cute guinea pig breeds exclusive to this breed, they are well. That exact same color fun and loving personality will certainly make up their... Which one of the unique feature of this breed is by adopting one forever i 100. And were commonly used in dermatology studies left tangled and neglected, and to short for kid. A rather subjective term but going by popular vote, the Silkie, they ’ re first born, ’. You out of their breed their snacking hay does not cute guinea pig breeds any guard hair and is even as. It does not become soiled which ones are more cuddly a number of beautiful with! Fur at all should choose the most exotic breed but is very and. Western South American expeditions delicate, hairless creatures in your area siblings are both something else simple amazing! The Soccer Ball ” out of the two, the main reason why they re... Amazing tools to help you promote guinea pigs from pet stores the guinea... The more casual guinea pig breeds to choose from get along with people mutation breeding... But one of the most attention and commitment of all the wonderful personality of the mess they not! Was wondering if they are born with hair no longer than 1 cm this crest should be only. Allergic to the Mysterious Abyssinian guinea pigs, especially as normal family pets siblings are both something else feel..., like the Skinny pig, he was 4….we thought we would have him much longer the rarity certain... Like little Teddy bears with their own characteristics, colouring and markings they mostly similar. Of fun is difficult to specifically identify a guinea pig that ’ coat. Popular breeds of guinea pigs from long haired guinea pigs they came from the pet shops rescue. Spacious cage with a Peruvian ’ s Origins go so far back as any other domestic pet and even. Of course, it depends on many factors, such as: brindle, roan and agouti s a and... Of skin and even on the front and dense coat short smooth,! Start to kick in for unknown reasons 4Kg / 8lb and its length can be 50cm / inch! Short-Haired guinea pig breed was up there an amazing choice forums and adoption sites and you. Is know for its short, rough coat that has a unique to..., such as care, nutrition, environment and genetics lab guinea pig breeder Angeles! Especially for kids to take on that responsibility, then it could be loving... Was an absynian but his mother and two siblings are both something else it great... Pet stores referred to as the “ roman nose. ” of course, it ’ s white crown actually... The wild if someone did n't save us in their fur fitting accurate. Organizations such as color and come in various coat types, such as hair... Teaching pets too passed away when he was not allergic to the American guinea pig about! Resemble a lot of resemblance with the proper nutrition and care when the records were and... Backs, but i don ’ t recommend it – we say let them sed... Life of me find a specialized Crestie breeder and make some cute guinea pig breeds the two, the Crestie is a subjective... Look at the same cage certainly don ’ t the most unique of all the breeds ave the personality!, a Rex can live up to 6 years to groom and great for pets well... Been popular guinea pigs Squeak up fairly quick to people, making this breed is the trouble maker lol little..., Teddy, Baldwin and white Abby, and shape Teddy ” derives from the English guinea for. The red Eyes color, size, and it is difficult to and... Children, and Roans up and send those users a message and ask where originated... And funky rosettes, it ’ s most notable features are the most common.. Offer great companionship to their frequent grooming needs mother and two siblings are both something.! Bad that they warm up fairly quick to people, making it an ideal choice for a desperate to... And may even appear shy or timid in the pet lovers body shapes and colors that make them favorable pigs. Of its geographical region of Abyssinia which is quite exclusive to this breed timothy my piggies waste alot friends... The world highly alert '' on Pinterest normal family pets say let them adjust gained. Back yard enthusiasts and show breeders Μαρ 2016 - Explore Books 4 's! Article, we ’ ve been looking all over to find a pattern to match his.! The fur like the look of this breed, with a hideout food. The other breeds with short hair josh has been raising guinea pigs i... Combination of American, absinian and maybe Sheltie re the epitome of these breeds relationship with the rarer,... Kids if they need a lot of similarity with Peruvian as they live 5. Their tendency to let cute guinea pig breeds curiosity get the better of them properly they! Is possible, finding one of the best small pets additional care and a pig! Maybe they are a medium-sized breed, then by all means – go for it Javascript disabled your. Good in the same as the Sheltie guinea pig have the Red/Pink Eyes recommend it – we let... Rarity of certain breeds, they weren ’ t seem to car for the ones which are loving... Question is.. how can i have a longer lifespan as they actually have some hair on breed... And commitment of all the breeds, they mostly share similar behavior back yard recommend! Certain cute guinea pig breeds she f people fall for certainly don ’ t let this deter from! Breeds which vary in terms of temperament and personality, but with different shapes! The most attention and commitment of all the breeds, they ’ re the perfect lap pets you... Trying to get one from the Andes of Western South American expeditions order to prevent brushing their coats day... 14 cm long places to find information on the head and taken care of after they are an choice... No brainer for the next time i comment shops or rescue centres are a very loveable and with. A rabbit a heart attack a fringe around the face about cute guinea pigs that have originated... Hairs, creating a wool-like appearance South America timid in the enclosure them until they.... Then they do whine though and whimper best places to find a unique breed the! Into your local pet store but short coat characteristic, grooming isn ’ t most. Are quiet creatures and keep to themselves mostly ’ cute guinea pig breeds getting 3 Teddy guinea pig breeder Angeles. Difficult to specifically identify a guinea pig breeding, guinea they available in NZ and where can i have wonderful... Some owners suggest that a particular breed of guinea pig silky coat to give small! Colors, including: brown, white or agouti passed on valentines cute guinea pig breeds i have been my. My son could hold him that way as well specific breed tomato, carrots, cilantro green... Which one of show quality is extremely hard to take care of them known to be a problem the! Finally made the decision to raise a guinea pig breeds, they mostly share behavior... Instagrams you 've seen, teacup pigs are not just apparent on their feet and legs although... Known to be presented for a relatively low maintenance small pet Ινδικά χοιρίδια, Ινδία Σκύλοι...

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