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why exotic animals shouldn't be pets

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13 de novembro de 2020

why exotic animals shouldn't be pets

Reply. Due to the stress caused from the lack of these conditions, parrots often rip out their own feathers – a behaviour similar to self-harming in humans. Recent investigations have reported over 55,000 Indian Star tortoises were removed in the space of a single year from just one of the many trade hubs in India. Here are five reasons exotics don’t make good pets: 1. Only domesticated animals like cats and dogs should be kept in our homes, as all their needs are met. When kept captive, this species can have very destructive behaviours. Either poached from the wild or bred in captivity on a farm, exotic pets are often shipped huge distances before reaching their final destination and can be deprived adequate shelter, food, room to roam, and environment control to keep their body at the temperature it needs to be. The illegal wildlife trade is the world’s 4th most lucrative crime, after the trafficking of drugs, humans and arms. 1. Image: Roy the rescue African grey parrot. Banning exotic pets doesn't help them - it kills them! Without appropriate habitats or rehabilitation, these animals will starve or fall victim to the elements or predators. Image: birds confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade in Brazil. 6. Many animal lovers can’t have a conventional pet because they are allergic to dog or cat dander, or feathers. The authors feel that keeping exotic pets is a detrimental act and the necessary authorities should do everything in their power to ensure that no individual is keeping exotic pets. Tina Donvito Updated: May. Snakes and birds have become popular pets, and the exotic animal trade is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Let us find reasons why domestic wild animals and making them pests would not be good: 1. Kathy Lynn Gray, The Columbus Dispatch Tuesday Mar 26, 2013 at 12:01 AM Mar 26, 2013 at 10:46 AM. It is against the law. Some animals are dangerous, of course, it just isn’t an inherent trait of so-called exotic pets or wild animals. Therefore, there are reasons why some animals are domesticated while others are not. Up to 21% of the wild population of grey parrots are harvested for the trade every year, with wild populations having decreased by up to 79% in almost 50 years. ... a veterinary practice in Illinois that specializes in exotic animals. Exotic pets are mostly only ‘dangerous’ if they are large... just like other animals. The herpes B virus, which can be fatal to humans, is one example. In light of National Endangered Species Day on May 15th, we’d like to discuss why you shouldn’t keep exotic animals as pets (if it wasn’t already obvious.) General Purpose: To Persuade Specific Purpose: I would like the audience to understand and discourage exotic animals as house pets. This is why exotic pets can be dangerous if not vaccinated properly. We all know how special interest groups can blow things out of proportion like the nonexistent Exotic Pet Crisis. When wild or exotic animals are kept as pets, the result is usually tragic for the animal and often negative for the owner. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), violently captured, transported and housed, Travelling with a Pet During COVID-19? Imagine you’re on a leisurely walk in your suburban neighbourhood only to cross paths with a tiger, ape, or snake. Jane Goodall: Exotic animals shouldn't be pets . The exotic animal trade is dangerous for humans as well. By Eric. Since 1990, big cats have killed more than 19 people in the country. Animals are being taken from the wild in great numbers. There is a big difference in behavior from a domestic animal to an exotic one. Why Wild Animals Should Not Be Kept As Pets Wild animals can never be fully domesticated Wild animals can never be fully domesticated Wild animals are a danger to you and anyone in contact with them Wild animals should be left in the wild or in areas where they can be handled They are not meant to be pets nor should they be part of traveling exhibits or be forced to perform in circuses or other events. Wild animals are not pets, and they shouldn't be treated as such. Let us weigh the pros and cons of this trend, which seems to be on the rise. Domesticated dogs, cats, and ferrets have an approved rabies vaccine. Here’s What You Should Know, How to Keep Your Pet Safe During COVID-19, Things to Consider When Picking the Right Pet Relocation Company, The Loose Ends: How to Find a Vet When Moving to a New City. While keeping some exotic pets may be less cruel than others, no wild animal can have its needs met entirely in captivity. Big business is failing farm animals: Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks and many more. This is endangering the populations in their natural habitats, which together with other threats like habitat loss can threaten their survival. Image: young Star tortoises are packaged in bags to be smuggled out of India. Exotic animals don’t just randomly appear in a household one day. Outline: Below is a list of sources that have been employed in the research of the topic above. There have been many recorded cases throughout history of humans contracting diseases through close contact with animals. CBS 223,291 views. Although we may love them, keeping them as … Think Again: Exotic Animals Shouldn’t Be Pets. According to scientists, domestication is a complex process that takes years. It’s in your best interest and the interest of those around you to stick with other common, less dangerous household pets such as dogs, cats, hamsters, or fish. Exotic Animals as Pets - Duration: 6:57. Or perhaps, you’ve crossed paths with a well-dressed monkey in IKEA. However, there is another problem that has not been paid enough attention to—this problem is keeping exotic animals as pets. In Egypt where cats were being domesticated, they were going through the same conflicts as we are now. Reptiles often have highly specific dietary and environmental needs. Whatever the outcome, the animal continues to suffer. Even those bred in captivity still possess the same qualities of a wild animal which make them unsuitable to be kept in a domestic environment. For example, African grey parrots can fly up to 10km a day to forage and interact with large social networks of other birds. Exotic pets might seem appealing, but the reality is often smelly, difficult, and sometimes dangerous. Together we are moving the world to protect animals. Therefore, by moving them from one place to another, comes widespread disease. Copyright © 2020 Worldwide Animal Travel Ltd. All rights reserved. Pets like cats and dogs have been domesticated over thousands of years, which means they have been selectively bred for specific traits that mean they can live with humans in captivity without fear or suffering. Your email address will not be published. Read on to find out why you shouldn't buy an exotic pet. If they do survive, they may overpopulate and wreak havoc with the ecosystem, killing native species. Required fields are marked *. Captivity limits the natural behaviour of an animal and places both their mental and physical wellbeing at risk. Wild animals present health risks. Wild animals are unpredictable, no matter how domesticated they may seem to be. )Â, In light of National Endangered Species Day on May 15th, we’d like to discuss why you shouldn’t keep exotic animals as pets (if it wasn’t already obvious.). Shockingly, as many as up to 66% of poached African grey parrots die before starting their life as a pet. Share awareness: if your friends or family are thinking about buying an exotic pet, please share this article with them. ... 25 Wild Animals That Are Legal To Keep As Pets (But Probably Shouldn't Be) - Duration: 10:35. list25 Recommended for you. As you might know, trading of exotic pets is illegal. This is because animals are often top carriers of diseases. There are both dangerous exotic pets and dangerous conventional pets. Grant, Rachel, et al. However, they have complex needs and behaviours that can only be met in their natural habitat, and most owners aren't aware of the suffering they experience. Almost no one, except perhaps the richest people, can provide a wild animal with all its necessary conditions. There is a great diversity of wild animals, so any owner can find a pet that suits her/his needs. Image: Asian Otters, an increasingly popular exotic pet in Japan and Thailand. Another reason exotic animals shouldn’t be pets is the danger they present—to the owner and to the public. The 2018 Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) report reveals that many of the world’s biggest food and restaurant brands are ignoring animal... Sign up to our mailing list and connect with us on social media. Here are five reasons why you shouldn't try to raise a wild animal on your own. Animals are cute, but not all are domesticated to own as pets. This does not include the hundreds of injuries that have been reported and gone unreported. Your email address will not be published. Tegus, pythons, parrots, sugar gliders, and many other animals sold as exotic pets can live for upward of 20 years, nearly twice as long as the average dog. They can often live for up to 60 years and outlive their owners - as a result of this, they have to be rehomed multiple time and suffer emotional damage. Always be aware of … Danger, danger! If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, you’re likely one of the few people who has yet to watch Netflix’s Tiger King. But their life as pets is one of suffering. Don’t share the “good sides”: a huge driver in the wildlife trade are the cute videos of exotic pets on social media – by sharing these, you are providing this cruel industry with free advertising. Sep 27, 2010 Jan 14, 2016. Wild animals have lived for thousands of years without the direct influence of humans. Photo credit: Fernando Machado. On the other hand, reptiles, frogs, etc., don’t have hair or feathers, and are thus, perfect for these pet seekers. If you think you’re scared coming into contact with these animals, imagine how they feel being in an unknown environment. Pets like cats and dogs have been domesticated over thousands of years, which means they have been selectively bred for specific traits that mean they can live with humans in captivity without fear or suffering. Some exotic pets have other advantages like pest control (lizards), fiber production (alpaca), eggs (quails), etc. Central Idea: Exotic animals should not be kept as pets. These incidents have often raised questions about the practice of having wild animals as pets. We were known as WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) Many owners buy an exotic pet because they want something a little more unusual than a cat or dog. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Persuasive Speech on Keeping Exotic Animals as House Pets. Honestly, it shouldn't be a problem to own exotic animals, AS LONG as you are giving them the proper care and love. Since 2016, Grey Parrots have been now protected from international trade but are still threatened by the illegal wildlife trade. Click here to see what we are doing to protect animals in the wild. Our desire to own unusual animals as pets often leads us to bring wild animals home. Surely you’d be frightened. Fear of Exotic Pet Trading. Caring for a long-lived exotic pet is an expensive and, in some cases, risky endeavour—because exotic pets are largely undomesticated, their behaviour can be … You’re Contributing to the Abuse of Animals. If you’re wondering why we say “neither”, the short answer is because keeping exotic animals as pets isn’t cool (although if you ask Carole, she owns a “sanctuary”.) Make a conscious effort not to support roadside zoos or anything similar to them. Among the animals popular as exotic, unconventional pets, which shouldn't be pets at all, are raccoons, monkeys, orangutans, chimpanzees, foxes, … However, instances of a pet chimp attacking its owner or a big cat mauling its keeper are not rare. African grey parrots are the most popular wild bird kept as a pet in Europe, USA and the Middle East. Keeping a wild animal as a pet can be demanding. These animals are often violently captured, transported and housed in gruelling living conditions until they are sold.  Many of these animals will die during transport, and their very existence as a species may even be at stake due to overexploitation. This Is Why You Shouldn’t Own Exotic Pets Bizarre, NakedLaw. Wild animals aren’t dangerous. If you’re wondering why we say “neither”, the short answer is because keeping exotic animals as pets isn’t cool (although if you ask Carole, she owns a “sanctuary”. For many of the larger wild or exotic species, the cost of feed, veterinary care, handling […] The journey for an animal in the global exotic pet trade is cruel – and often deadly. Take our pledge to never buy an exotic pet. Exotic Animals that shouldn’t be kept as pets The illegal trafficking and possession of exotic animals, in addition to causing irreparable damage to animals, can result in serious public health problems. "ExNOTic: Should We Be Keeping Exotic Pets?" However, people should not be allowed to own exotic animals as pets. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “animals can sometimes carry harmful germs that can spread to people and cause illness – these are known as zoonotic diseases.” The best way to prevent animal-to-human transmission of diseases is to admire animals from afar, and not come into close contact with them to begin with. Canadian Charitable Registration #12971 9076 RR0001. Dogs and cats were once exotic animals that we didn't want a part of. Many wild animals are beautiful and surprisingly intelligent - qualities that can make them attractive pets to animal lovers. Exotic mammals may cause some allergies, of course, but reptiles work fine with everybody. Call out the cruelty behind these cute videos. Reason #1: They are wild animals. As a result, thousands of exotic pets in the UK each year are confiscated, abandoned or handed to rescue centres. Posted: (2 days ago) Even if the wild pet can be handled by its owner, consider what may happen if an emergency occurs and rescue personnel must enter the home or the animal escapes. Exotic Animals Lash Out. 1. But very few people who do so have a good idea what they are letting themselves in for. No matter how cool, cute or interesting you think it may be to own an exotic animal, don’t do it.   Instead, be a “cool cat” and spread awareness about endangered species on May 15th by using the hashtag #EndangeredSpeciesDay on social media! You can do several things to help stop private possession of exotic animals: For the animals’ sake and for your health and safety, please do not buy exotic animals as “pets.” If you observe an exotic animal being abused, living in deplorable conditions, etc., report it to the … Read on to find out why you shouldn't buy an exotic pet. Hopefully, you’ve answered neither! Silver Spring, MD (February 19, 2009) Exotic creatures like chimpanzees, pythons, kinkajous and scarlet macaws have captured the hearts of animal-lovers looking for companions; but keeping exotic animals as pets can come with hidden costs – both for people and animals. Even though you may never plan on owning an exotic animal, you may unintentionally be supporting the trade. People should not be allowed to own exotic pets because they are hazardous and unsafe. by admin | May 4, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments, Are you Team Joe Exotic or Team Carole Baskin? Wild animals have a place and purpose in our world. Photo credit: SOS Fauna. Tel: 416 369 0044 Email: Image: Roy, a rescue African grey parrot who was being kept as a pet. Wild animals just aren’t born to live in our homes. Angel. Oct 29, 2010 7:08 am. Receive updates with our latest news, petitions, appeals and campaigns successes. Lack of knowledge about behavioral traits, social needs and proper nutrition may lead to inadvertent neglect. Many states ban rabies vectors which are canids, skunks, raccoons, and bats. © World Animal Protection You may feel a little less threatened, but perplexed nonetheless.  Regardless of the scenario, exotic animals escaping their enclosures poses a high public safety risk, and it doesn’t always have a happy ending. If they were, we wouldn’t be able to leave our homes with all those squirrels and deer running around. As some exotic pets, such as amphibians or reptiles, don't have fur they are more convenient for people with allergies. Dogs are a man’s best friend, people suggest cats are an old lonely lady’s answer to everything, and everyone has a dream to own a tiger or lion. Extremely Rare Diseases and Rabies Some state officials fear the spread of zoonotic diseases (agents transferable to humans) from exotic pets with rabies being considered the most. Although owners of exotic animals might believe they are not doing anything bad, in fact such a practice should be prohibited due to a number of reasons. 14 Reasons You Shouldn’t Keep Endangered Animals as Pets. 30, 2020. If you listened to some animal rights groups, youd think keeping exotic pets is cruel, dangerous, and even bordering on treason! Claim: More and more people every day would rather have an exotic pet than a domestic animal. Please contact your state representative and express your concerns about having exotic animals as pets kept in your state or in your neighborhood. Diseases associated with exotic animals: Salmonella (Found in reptiles) Tuberculosis (non-human primates) Herpes-B virus (found in macaque monkeys) Rabies E.Coli (everything) Hepatitis Ebola too! Exotic … A grey parrot is a highly intelligent animal and requires as much attention as a human toddler.

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