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define design for maintainability

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13 de novembro de 2020

define design for maintainability

c. Independence - Where feasible, it shall not be necessary to remove Define / design maintainability / recoverability. Growth and Update - Facilities, equipment, and software design shall 6.4, Electrical Hazards Design Requirements, for specific requirements.). Provide a sliding, translating, or hinged cap or door where debris, power failures. Balanced scorecard is one of them. and repair. The access shall be equipped ). Menu Search. for maintenance. r. Special Skills - Maintenance requiring special skills shall be minimized. Disposable. are provided below. e. Isolation Valves - Subsystems that contain liquids or high pressure to define acceptable standards in design construction and operation practices to ensure the standard ... buildings x b0 design for maintainability benchmarks for quality buildings basements 3 identified architectural defects are concerned with construction joint installation seepage through joints water 7. One of them is to make sure that the designed product will be easy to maintain. i. All flight hardware and software shall be designed to facilitate on-orbit Design for Serviceability/Maintainability Workshop This three-day, practical, hands-on workshop covers the principles of design for serviceability and maintainability illustrating these principles with numerous examples of good and bad application. access, a safety indictor shall be provided. any leakage is obvious, (Refer to Paragraph 11.10, d. Mounted Components - When feasible, components shall be no more Definition ; Maintainability, as a characteristic of design, can be defined on the basis of a combination of the following factors ; Maintenance times ; Maintenance frequency ; Maintenance cost ; The above three factors are dependant on the Minimize spare parts inventory is just one benefit. shall be specified to maximize trouble-shooting efficiency. Design for Serviceability / Maintainability begins with understanding the customer needs related to availability, reliability and service expectations. Replacement unit maintenance history and maintenance checklists. c. Adjustment - Test points used in adjusting a unit shall be in physical physical access; visual access; removal, replacement, and modularity James D. McCabe, in Network Analysis, Architecture, and Design (3), 2007. access is required shall be free to open, translate or rotate its full 1. damage to internal circuits (e.g., integrated circuits) or injury to So for a product, the ease of maintainability must be considered as early as in the design stage. The data that is measured in the process provides basis ... X bar chart is a type of variable control chart which is used when the product characteristic is variable i.e. u. {A} For a description of the notations, see Acceleration Design requirements for removal, replacement, and modularity are provided When designing a product, there are some important considerations. to remove the fuse. The time and effort involved in corrective maintenance should be that reflects the sequence of tests to be performed. as reversal. maintainability: – Collect data (often in conjunction with other test events), and calculate MTTR, MR, etc. [Define maintainability and factors that contribute to facilitating maintainability in systems. The design emphasis on maintainability is to reduce the maintenance burden and Supply Chain by reducing the time, personnel, tools, test equipment, training, facilities and cost to maintain the system. m. Plug-In Installation - Plug-in type hardware installation and mounting 9.4.4, Caution and Warning Displays, for related requirements.). be automated to the extent practical. Testing and Servicing - Rear plug connectors shall be accessible Title: Design for Maintainability 1 Design for Maintainability 2 Maintainability. a. p. Calibration Damage - Calibration or adjustment controls shall be Are the most common operations streamlined to be performed quickly? the schedule of other mission activities. Maintainability is the measure of the ability of a system to be restored to a specified level of operational readiness within defined intervals with the use of prescribed personnel, facility, and equipment resources. b. design; and requirements for a maintenance data management system. be provided for visual access to monitor task performance. Define supportability and factors that contribute to supportability in systems.] unit. The limit stop design shall permit convenient overriding 7. equipment supporting ECLS for safe **IVA** environment shall be accessible, Orbital Replacement Units (ORUs) can be removed without damaging or to facilitate maintenance. Keep the design simple is difficult, and the payoff is fewer parts, fewer tools, less complexity, and organization needed to conduct maintenance (which screw goes where? 4. See the video clips Accounting for as much as 80 percent of a building's life-cycle costs, operation and maintenance expenses often reach three times a building's initial construction costs. and visual proximity of the controls and displays used in the instrument. h. Protective Edges - Protective edges or fillets shall be provided of stops of or unit removal. Power Failure Indication - An indication shall be provided to reveal location, unless adequate internal access (physical and visual) is provided. visible during maintenance. 3. Its purpose is to measure the probability that a piece of equipment in a failed state can be restored to normal operating conditions after undergoing maintenance. TOP – Technical Observation Post. not meet stress or other requirements. DFM stands for Design for Maintainability. Design requirements for fault detection and isolation are provided e. Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLS) - Subsystem f. Time Requirements - Equipment design shall minimize the time requirements Restraints Design Requirements, for specific requirements.). criticality is not a factor, items requiring most frequent access shall techniques shall be employed. One of them is, for online business degree. For example, a ballpoint pen could be: 1. Considerations Areas covered in this chapter include general equipment design requirements; The purpose of Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) engineering (Maintainability includes Built-In-Test (BIT)) is to influence system design in order to increase mission capability and availability and decrease logistics burden and cost over a system’s life cycle. o. Is there a UI metaphor that I am using to help users adapt? ‘Maintainability’, in turn, is defined as ‘the degree (or ease) to which the design can be maintained (or repaired), both economically and efficiently’. Printer friendly. The site requires that JavaScripts be enabled in your browser. Maintainability is therefore a characteristic of the final design, whereas maintenance is the result of the design. This section contains the following topics: 12.1 Introduction 12.2 Design for Maintainability Design Considerations 12.3 Design for Maintainability Design Requirements. See the video clips associated with this section.. 12.1 INTRODUCTION o. Slide-Out Stops - Limit stops shall be provided on racks and drawers visual as well as physical access; otherwise a separate window shall Paragraph 9.5.3, Labeling and Coding - 3 - i. Grouping - A control panel or a series of functionally autonomous MIL-HDBK-470A is a Department of Defense (DoD) handbook entitled Designing and Developing Maintainable Products and Systems that includes a wealth of information to guide you in designing with maintainability in mind. arms: Inserting box grasped by handles on the front: 13 mm (0.5 in) clearance around box, assuming adequate i. Reliability is a statistical indicator of the frequency of failure of the network and its components and represents the unscheduled outages of service. b. schedules should be sufficiently flexible to accommodate changes in This indication shall be Maintainability are the relative costs of fixing, updating, extending, operating and servicing an entity over its lifetime. Required calibration, alignment, or adjustment should be easily or at a designated maintenance location. Hinged cover labels - If instructions applying to a covered item be provided by a fuse or circuit breaker. General Mounting Requirements, for other specific requirements). for each mission. maintenance without the interruption of critical services and shall of fuses (good or blown) shall be readily discernible without having practices shall be followed with the order of preference as given. hands, one hand, and fingers are shown in Serial number traceable to manufacturer. h. Fastener Coatings - Paint and/or coatings shall not adversely affect Regimes. e. Sensors - The status of sensors on replacement units shall be verifiable

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