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mental asylum patient stories

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mental asylum patient stories

It could make anyone cry. 2600 Center Street NE To misdiagnose a mental patient and mistakenly brand them as insane is a malpractice and a crime. He performed over 200 lobotomies during his time there. Psych ward stories have a spooky glamour to them, unmatched by any other spine-tingling tale. When they would lock her in her room, people would claim to see two small eyes peering back out. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. The history of how society has dealt with mental disorders is also overwhelmingly sad and heartbreaking. I didn’t know anybody and kept very quiet during the meal. Most of the way I rested and even slept some. The female patients defecated, ate, and slept in these contraptions. Like most patients when they first arrive, I was ill at ease. I said nothing and he went away. The few child fetish … I did, leaving my money and everything else I had in my clothes on the table there. The patient repeatedly dragged other patients to the bathroom where he would then choke them. Other times, when one patient became too vocal, they would sedate that patient and just leave him/her where he/she is for the whole day. The stigma that encompasses the subject matter of mental health and the patients that suffer from mental disorders is absolutely tragic. The following is an account published in the Sunday Oregonian June 14, 1936. One is a convicted serial killer from 1950. That place was haunted … The patient never fully recovered from the trauma and was sent to their local mental institution. So my mom turned a corner and noticed an open door. Then, during the day, she’d be tied up to face nothing but the asylum walls. I went to bed that night with a few shivers. My heart and lungs were all right. Across Center street is a modern treatment and psychopathic hospital, housing 160 patients in the receiving and hospital wards. I heard attendants running down hall and knew that some patient was having an attack. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Most patients avoid these areas due to lack of light and also that it's mostly prohibited. The facility did nothing to stop it. Esther Hannah Still, admitted in 1858 and diagnosed with chronic mania with delusions. When we arrived here at the state hospital it was early in the afternoon. Then, they would take the limp body and leave it on the floor as an example to others. The staff tried to intervene, but the nurse recalled that the facility was very understaffed and that they couldn't keep an eye on the patient at all times. Letters were sent out to family members to describe the dire circumstances of the patients, but were met with mediocre response. Had another patient who cycled through almost 100 foster homes in their youth. Like this one, ward D, is light and airy, almost like a well-regulated but not too fancy hotel. Blackburn Royal Infirmary in Lancashire, England. One young patient had her mouth sewn shut for several months. I came here not too willingly and, though I look forward hopefully to the day when I can walk forth again entirely free, it isn’t as bad as it’s cracked up to be. Facilities were soon built to house the "sick." Mental asylums were never the cleanest places. Allegedly, an asylum in the '50s hired a new doctor. The doctor would order nurses to take floss and to have it be wrapped tightly around the head of the patient to create a false smile. I thought of little on the trip to Salem. Women were treated harshly and unfairly in most mental asylums. The sun was shining and the grounds looked very green and lovely. Because it is an observation ward, the patient is allowed a good deal of rope to find himself. John Bailey and his son Thomas Bailey, both admitted in 1858 with acute melancholia. The articles have been checked and approved by the state hospital staff. Sometimes it was what he called “quick TM” that was going to be his death. There was a story about a patient who cried non-stop at witnessing the atrocities being committed in the asylum. But they found out that the patient only stopped because the patient died from grief. Dinah Williams' book Abandoned Insane Asylums references a tale of an accidental poisoning of pediatric psychiatric patients during the 1960s, but that's not a story I've seen confirmed elsewhere. Refine by tag: mental-hospital mentalhospital mentalhealth mentaldisorder mentalinstitution depression mental mentalillness hospital asylum suicide selfharm schizophrenia mentallyunstable insane anxiety crazy love mentalasylum bipolar mentalpatient. “The mentally ill w… It was just like the lights had gone out suddenly. Museum Of The Mind. She would bite her handlers and nurses every time she would be subjected to her "treatments." The inspiration for the latter doesn't fall far from reality. The doctor demanded that every time he passed by a patient, he wanted them to smile. Children were subjected to this torture, especially if they were unruly and failed to follow directions. Patients would be tied down and a metal head-piece would be placed on them, which would then administer electrodes to fry their brains. The superintendent of the state hospital is the final judge as to whether or not the case is proper to be admitted under this law. The girl, especially, starred at security guards. She was fed through a straw sometimes, or not at all. It is the story told by a patient at the Oregon state hospital. I was frightened and wondering about what would happen the next day, when I would get out, if ever. But every time the nurse would pass the door, she would recall a faint scratching sound. Jul 19, 2017 - Explore Deb Scharbo's board "Insane Asylum Patients" on Pinterest. With her was a young woman. Then two more old men came in and looked at me, just staring and saying nothing. The patient’s mouth would be forced opened and the floss would be wrapped around. I’ve seen severe delusions. You start to question the severity of the implications on human cruelness. It is his duty to get acquainted and being a mental examination, which may or may not require several contacts in order to arrive at a definite conclusion and a possible diagnosis. If the patient was ever released, an unfortunate consequence in being in this box for a long time was having your limbs being permanently paralyzed and disfigured. The doctor claimed it made him feel sad to work and that patients shouldn't make their doctor feel "sad." Patients not too far gone with syphilis are given the malarial treatment. Nobody knew of her background. Allegedly, other patients have seen Trini feel her way to a window and continue to stare out of it without her eyes. I got out and carried my own bag in. The Victorian mental asylum has the reputation of a place of misery where inmates were locked up and left to the mercy of their keepers. About 25 patients are received annually under the voluntary commitment law and the procedure in this type is for the patient to present himself or herself at the institution, generally in the company of relatives or friends or the family physician. One story was spread that if patients refused to do anything or did something wrong, they would be subjected to intense shock therapy. The seriousness of the situation was relatively unknown to outsiders. No one knew how to make her stop. They are rare. By James R. Robblett as told to Paul Hauser. Some mentally ill persons do have “insight,” they know they are ill and can talk logically about their illness. The patients inside were running wild, and orderlies, outnumbered, struggled to regain control. It took the staff weeks to remove the deranged patient. Every patient that comes to the hospital goes first to Ward C.  It is an observation ward and, according to hospital gossip, the second best ward in the institution. Some of the patients there are violently insane and even dangerous, but they are locked in. My Experiences in a Lunatic Asylum is one of many similar tales (e.g. The first person I saw was a man in a white apron. Presently I went to sleep. Like clockwork, as the nurse passed by the door, a faint scratching sound would be heard. I suppose I was accusing myself, which may have been the major element in my condition. The nurse recalled her rounds as being simple. One story says that she fell madly in love with one of her victims who enjoyed the abuse, but when the patient was removed from her ward, she became crazed and began killing patients that reminded her of her former lover. If a family member was seen as being "strange" or exhibiting any signs of unusual behaviors that were deemed unexplainable, people took the responsibility to care for their sick family members at home—hidden. Few of these cases have “insight.”. Mental-hospital Stories . She never spoke to anyone and rarely ate, drank, and slept. Sixteen percent of first admissions are of the manic depressive type. I had spent my first day in an insane asylum and I was sure I didn’t like it. The stories behind some of Sydney’s best-known asylums uncover the institutionalised horror that shamed the city for decades. I didn’t behave very well and didn’t answer his questions, but rambled on about whatever came into my head. Clarissa Caldwell Lathrop's A Secret Institution, 1890) which echoed and fed the fear rife in Victorian Britain of being falsely confined in such private asylums. I got up in time for dinner. 'Nurse Jackie', as some speculate her name to be, was a horrendous and feared person in one institution. Few people except professional psychiatrists and students of abnormal psychology know much about insanity and its causes and cures. Smile. It was only meant for 600 patients, but ended up hosting around 2,400, and of course a low staff count, and of course, there’s the usual insane asylum treatments such as … Two years ago, I wrote a post about Rockland County Psychiatric Center, an abandoned insane asylum complex that is easily one of the most haunting places I’ve ever scouted.. To my amazement, more than 250 comments have since been left by former patients, doctors and nurses, and residents who lived in the area when Rockland Psych was in operation. The National Media Museum. It’s as almost good to get away. Mental hospitals are quite large and typically cover a lot of ground. The first incident I remember was an old man, a regular patient in the ward, coming in and fussing about the bed. I had little hope and was greatly discouraged. To a person walking down Center street, the side of the building facing that way, with its barred windows, the building seems to stretch for blocks. We pulled up to the door of the receiving ward. Warm baths can really help to de-stress – … There is some bickering, of course, as are there always in when men congregate in confinement. Again, in the event the patient is considered harmless and becomes dissatisfied at an early date with the treatment accorded him in the institution, he is immediately dismissed. During World War II, many mentally ill patients were starved to death during the German occupation of Vinatier Psychiatric Hospital located in Lyon, France. Only in the last few decades have we begun to make significant strides in the field. Sufferers of but few of these types have sufficient “insight,” as the psychiatrist calls it, to understand why they are in a mental hospital or to give a logical and coherent story of their life there. The hospital authorities have considerable difficulty at times in refusing admittances of cases who are obviously chronic or violent or those who cannot be adequately treated in so short a period of time. A few hours passed, and the staff eventually forgot about the locked patient. The first thing they told me to do there was to empty my pockets. I sat up in bed. Later I learned that attendants all wear white-starched coats. When Therapeutic Warm Baths Turn Scaldingly Deadly. It’s the worst depression and suicidal ideation I’ve ever seen. I’m a nurse that worked at a psychiatric hospital for five years. The patients here were divided into crude categories - imbecile or insane, epileptic or healthy, and dental categories of good, bad and treated teeth. The doctor has nothing to smile about. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information … My first meal in the asylum was quite strange. Further back, another building is being constructed. The nurse was curious when it all stopped one day. It is the story told by a patient at the Oregon state hospital. During the Victorian era, women were left to rot in these facilities because of "hysteria," which encompassed anything from PTSD from childbirth, anxiety, to being overworked in factories, and an assortment of other issues. His main complaint was seeing patients with frowns. His ordinary observations are thoroughly normal; and it will be observed, later, that his sense of humor, fortunately for himself, has not been impaired by his illness. She remembered a corridor that she would always pass but thought nothing of. They were marketed as secondary options for those who could afford the care and treatment of their family members. She was making her routine room checks and happened upon the most horrific scene I’ve ever heard.This was during the night shift, and generally, all the patients’ bedroom doors should be closed. Even for those who have visited Oregon’s hospital for the insane, either through curiosity or a sincere desire to learn about insanity, it is impossible to get a comprehensive idea of the institution from a casual visit. While terrifying mental health remedies can be traced back to prehistoric times, it’s the dawn of the asylum era in the mid-1700s that marks a period of some of the most inhumane mental health treatments. This gradually became a pattern. I lay in bed thinking it over. Trini was different when she had to take her medication, though. The patient telling the following story is one of the rarer types that have “insight.”  He has been well educated. When patients are first admitted they are given a bath and placed in bed to await the attending physician’s visit. Photo Credit: Erin / Flickr (CC) Old Lady Speaks In Tongues. Certain circumstances in Mr. Robblett’s case have been altered to avoid identifying him as the narrator. It would be necessary to stay there for days to learn all about it. Mental Health Media, a charity that works to improve the way that people with psychiatric diagnoses are seen, set out to record the life stories of 50 former asylum patients a … Sign up for The Lineup’s newsletter, and get the strangest tales delivered straight to your inbox. I remember having a pang of regret as we passed through a little town that was the scene of my latest labors. But, over the years many a case of deafness has been misdiagnosed as mental retardation, behavioral changes because of allergies, toxicity and brain tumors have been misdiagnosed as Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia. Some children, who were left all alone with other adults and had disturbing issues, were more prone to violence and s*xual assault. Some of the stories encompass the whole staff or certain individuals. There, he tortured and physically r*ped her. “They’ll put you out at the end of Center street if you don’t watch out,” Salem people say when somebody is acting in a peculiar fashion. They were advertised like hospitals. I have worked there. I thought he was an attendant and asked him a question. When family members found out the truth and confronted the doctor for answers, the doctor didn't deny or seem remorseful of the consequences that resulted from the starvation. I imagine I had a case of claustrophobia, the maddening feeling of being walled in on all sides, to help the breakdown along. Nobody went out. Twenty types of insanity are standardly classified by the 614 state hospitals in the United States. Of course, I was given an X-ray and also a fluoroscopic examination. On her break, she grabbed a plastic bag and duster to get the dead rat out of the closet. Worked with refugees. People can be heard kicking and screaming as they went in. Inhaling the dusty ash filling the air, they're soon possessed by the souls once held within them. This is the story of a person who has stayed there for days and for weeks and for months. Physical Address: There is a certain stigma not only attached to being a patient in a mental hospital, but to the whole field of mental health to begin with. The story goes that the nurse would mentally harass the patient's friend and did so viciously to the point that the patient's friend committed suicide. I probably needed to come here. However, should any of these cases be considered violent or bad risks upon society, the relatives or friends are notified of this fact and they in turn, bring about the usual county court commitment. This depends entirely upon the individual. This process only deepens the inmate’s suspicion as he trusts no one, and causes fresh resentment. She assumed it was a trapped rat and kept walking by. It offers a unique first hand perspective of hospital life. By 1938, the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was six times overcapacity. His reactions have been checked with two other patients who also have “insight,” and some of their anecdotes have been incorporated with Mr. Robblett’s permission in his narrative. Presently I went to sleep. One guard freaked out. Finally it was decided that I should be sent to the state hospital. That is one of the most confusing things about life here. As the week went on, the scratching became fainter and fainter. Then, one day, a miracle (some nurses claimed) happened as the patient stopped crying. There are three types of commitments to the Oregon state hospital. No one knew what she was looking at. Other than that, there is no particular uniform for either patients or attendants. It will be another hospital building to relieve the overcrowding in the other two hospitals. 4 of 37. She had no family, no children, and no spouse. After the forced abstinence provided by an institution for the mentally ailing the alcoholic patient can give a clear, sensible story of his own case, other cases and the institution as a whole. The punishments and treatments were notorious. The only way out was through death. Sufferers of but few of these types have sufficient “insight,” as the psychiatrist calls it, to understand why they are in a mental hospital or to give a logical and coherent story of their life there. The main building also houses the administration offices. He must have wanted to die very badly, for he had to hold his feet off the floor until he strangled to death. Haunted mental hospitals, spirits in captivity, sadistic nurses and orderlies - it's enough to make the hardiest of hearts consider a nightlight. My room was small, but very clean and tidy; very much like a room in any hospital except that the windows were barred. “They’ll put you out in the bughouse with the rest of the nuts.”, For at the end of Center street, one of Salem’s broad thoroughfares is the Oregon state hospital. I remember I fainted when they gave me a blood test. See more ideas about insane asylum, asylum, insane asylum patients. I was rather frightened and felt very much like a stranger in a strange place, which I was of course. So far, many abuse cases that have happened in mental asylums go unreported. As we started out to town I fancied I heard the young woman in the back seat sobbing softly, and wondered if she knows the tragedy of my case, my broken elderly parents left without even the meager support I had afforded. After I had finished the conference with the doctor I went back to my room. The patient protested baths and claimed spirits came out of the drain hole, which would possess the patient. She'd stare at nurses, patients, and everyone else in between. If the child showed strange tendencies, they'd be placed in mental asylums. 911 Calls. He then killed her and left her body to rot on the basement floor. 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I was in a hopeless, discouraged state of mind. Other methods went as far as removing teeth and even the patient's tongue, so it made it difficult for patients to talk or make noise. My mom told me this story from her time at a neuropsychiatric ward while she was in grad school. It is difficult for confused newcomers to distinguish between the attendants and the patients. Twenty types of insanity are standardly classified by the 614 state hospitals in the United States. They'd tie her and chain her up at night in her bed. The patient who advised me in such an irritated fashion was just trying to be friendly and we later became great friends. At its highest capacity post-WWII, Pilgrim State Hospital housed 14,000 … She saw a staff member’s legs on the floor, halfway out the doorway.When she looked i… The malaria germs are injected into the patient’s blood, giving him a malarial fever that kills the spirochetes, the parasitical causes of syphilis. However, a long time ago, shock therapy was not administered as strictly as some would want you to believe. Some patients teased her, but Trini wasn't bothered by them. I was awakened by piercing shrieks and screams that set my teeth on edge. ... Want more creepy stories? After removal, other nurses reported that the patient kept laughing and yelling in his padded room if anyone wanted to go somewhere "fun." I was not frightened, for I know where I was going and know that I would be treated as well or better than in an ordinary hospital. The first impression o the three story main building, the original parts were erected in 1883, is one of immensity. Instead of calling the nurses, the staff members did what they were normally told to do—dispose the body down the chute. I later learned when we were in the same ward together that he was also a patient. While there were hundreds of deaths when the hospital was open, the most famous is that of Margaret Schilling. Various senile psychoses account for 12 percent of admissions and general paresis, enfeeblement of the mentality as a result of syphilis, is the cause of 19 percent of first admissions. The staff became irate with the patient and decided to lock the patient in the bathroom for a few hours. The patient would be especially vocal if the patient saw a nurse walk by to feed or sedate the patient. She was never allowed to look at anyone or anything again. Many consider abandoned mental hospitals to be scary or straight out of a horror story, but based on the stories from actual psych ward workers below, the ones still populated with patients … 3 of 37. The patient's usual caretaker was absent one day and the substitute caretaker found the constant begging annoying. People, whom society felt unfit to function, were frequently abandoned in multiple asylums. | All Rights Reserved | Design by, Retiring PSH Supervisor Recalls Major Changes. This relatively unknown historical event soon led to more serious inquiries about the maltreatment of the mentally ill during this time. They put me in a corner room in ward C, the receiving ward. Many stories include beatings, maltreatment, and other psychological abuse. Allegedly, a nurse who once worked at a mental facility remembered a patient who thought the bathroom... 14 Burning Cigarette. Naked, ill, skeletal looking patients and children from 6 months to 5 years of age were tied to beds. She mostly stayed quiet and behaved pretty well. Tuesday- Saturday 12pm- 4pm, Copyright 2012 Oregon State Hospital of Mental Health. I suppose they’re keeping it for me. Right now, four or five patients on the ward are in bed with malaria. The patients regarded him as Dr. He suffered from the delusion that he was about to die of pneumonia. This would then make it seem like the patient was smiling. The sub-caretaker decided to do something about it. In ward C you are apt to see the whole gamut of insanity. The story ran in 1968 and what he showed changed the history of the asylum. That is only one wing of a building that houses most of the institutions’ approximately 2400 patients. I had never fainted before in my life. Then there is another test to determine whether the patient is syphilitic, as many are here. He was quite rational and began berating me for the way I had answered the doctor’s questions. The box was so flat that it gave no room to twist, turn, or move comfortably in any way. Salem, OR 97301, Mailing Address: Apparently he had overheard this conference. The patient never seemed to stop crying. When certain staff members caught the act, they'd beat the patient off the child, but the patient would always return for the boy and continue the intended act. Of the various types of psychoses it is probably the alcoholic that has the best “insight.”  Unless he is far gone, the alcoholic’s trouble is mostly lack of self-control. I was weak and tired and they had me stand up for the test. Once in the asylum, no one could hear the abandoned cries or screams for help. P.O. The story of Hanwell Mental Asylum reveals that they were kinder places than we might think.

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